Gary is completely lost in rehearsal. Anna wants Gary to breathe. She admits teaching him is a bit of a challenge. Oh man. LOL. LOL. I mean, come on now. Gary is such a hot mess but this is so damn entertaining. The cha cha cha content is weak. The dancing on a whole is weak. There’s nothing really exceptional here to talk about except the fact that this is something I can’t take my eyes off of. I just want to watch it on repeat. Gary seems like he is having a blast and it shows. Of course, this can get tiring after a few weeks if Gary doesn’t improve (and I’m not he can) but for week one, I was smiling. Too funny people. Too funny.

Bruno thought it was crazy but he had to watch. Carrie Ann thought Gary gave it his all. Julianne calls Gary larger than life. She doesn’t know how much of a cha cha cha it was but she was entertained.
Carrie Ann- 5
Julianne- 5
Bruno- 5
Total: 15/30

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