Bindi has so much energy and Derek loves it. Bindi wants to make her dad proud as well as everyone down under. Lots of fun rehearsing from these two. So much energy and fun during this dance. Nice kicks and flicks and enough smiles to keep even the grumpiest dentist happy. What a joyous jive. That’s the best way to describe it. Bindi definitely has the potential to really soar in this competition if she’s that good in week one. I don’t really have precise notes for her because the dances tonight are so darn short but from what I saw and know of a jive, Bindi did it. Strongest of the night so far!

Julianne thought Bindi had the best performance of the night. Bruno calls her the wonder from down under. He says she has adorable charm. Carrie Ann calls her a superstar. She loved the energy.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 8
Total: 24/30

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