Paula & Louis – Samba

Time for a “Gilligan’s Island” dance. Paula talks about the difficulties of being on the show- physically and emotionally. A bit of excuses during rehearsal. Louis tells her to go rest. Damn. Talk about easy choreography. That may have been the easiest samba steps I have ever seen in my life. Louis really went easy on Paula in this one. And even though it is simplistic, some of it is still messy. This would be a routine you see from someone learning the samba day one in rehearsals. A few missed steps from time to time as well. The dance is fun in terms of getting into the feeling of the show they are honoring but I think we have hit that stage in the competition where we have seen the best that Paula can do.

Julianne felt like the choreography may have gotten away from Paula. She wants her to remember her steps more. Bruno says the samba got a bit stranded. He also said that the bounce action was not there- it was too flat. Carrie Ann did love the spirit of the television show. Alfonso is proud of Paula.
Carrie Ann- 5
Alfonso- 5
Julianne- 5
Bruno- 5
Total: 20/40