Carlos and Witney – Freestyle

Carlos says their freestyle will be like a hip-hop/salsa fusion. Carlos has to be just as good as the pros dancing with him. Carlos is worried about having “wow” moments that aren’t them. Witney agrees with that thought. OH. Carlos brought Hayes, Paula, and Alexa back to dance with them. That’s sweet. And yes, Carlos finally gets to dance with his wife. Okay. Fun. So, Paula, Hayes, and Alexa are barely there when it comes down to it. I think they all danced for 5 seconds tops. Carlos and Witney are getting down and dirty with their hip-hop which is fun to see. Some nice side by side dancing and even some cool salsa moves thrown in for good measure. All that being said, I am a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t bad. At all. And it was fun to watch. And I compliment them for in a way, saluting the entire season by having some favorites back. But I guess I expected more. I mean, this is it. Perhaps Carlos didn’t want to do anything crazy that wasn’t what his fans are used to but in a freestyle (especially going first), you must stand out. Once three more routines are done, will this stand out? Or will it just be remembered as that solid hip-hip routine? I’m thinking the latter.

DWTS 21 Finals (Night One) Live Blog and Performance Videos

Julianne liked it. She thought that the dance showed that Carlos is a stand up guy. So, she understood why Carlos brought back the stars. Bruno calls it fresh. He loved the cheeky fun. He also loved the bringing back of friends. Carrie Ann loves Carlos’ heart. She thought it was fresh and fly.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30