Carlos Pena Vega & Witney Eliminated

This really sucks. I hope all four couples are proud though. Each had a fabulous season and each had a great night tonight. Not a single one can say they went out on a bad note.

Viewer votes and judges scores for the last two weeks have been combined.

Alek & Lindsay
Bindi & Derek

And we are down to two.

And in this, week 11… just 24 hours before the finale, the couple eliminated tonight, landing in 4th place is:

Carlos & Witney

DWTS 21 Finals (Night One) Live Blog and Performance Videos

Carlos thanks God for the opportunity. He has made some great friends. He has learned so much about himself. And he thanks Witney. Alexa joins Carlos as they watch the highlights of his time on the show. Aww. Sweet. Carlos, definitely disappointed is taking the elimination well. He should be proud. Everyone comes in for a huge hug.