Bindi and Derek – Quickstep

Bidni talks about how she is the only girl left in the finals. Carrie Ann is back. Derek notes how in a previous season, he broke the quickstep rules with Shawn Johnson and ended up losing that season. He won’t be doing that again. Derek is ill. Bindi is concerned. LOL. Bindi talking to the orchestra to start the routine. Cute. And here comes the fast and furious footwork. Derek is following the rules closely for this but he opted to have a few extra dancers. I’m not sure why. The routine didn’t really need it. I guess he wanted her routine to really stand out so he had her (and himself) do some cool stuff with other male dancers. On a personal level, I would have preferred just a straight up quickstep with the two of them (because they can do it and do it well). But I’m sure it is just a preference thing and most will love the decision. As for the quickstep itself, not much to add except everything was done and done right.

DWTS 21 Finals (Night One) Live Blog and Performance Videos

Julianne says the quickstep is the hardest dance stamina-wise. She calls Bindi the energizer bunny. She thought it was executed so well and was fun. Bruno calls it a gem of a quickstep. He compliments the concept and the execution. Carrie Ann says Bindi is in a class of her own. She says something about feeling like she is a better person after watching Bindi dance. A star is born, Carrie Ann gushes.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30