Bindi & Derek – Freestyle

Oh, switching up the order for the final two? I wonder why. Derek and Bindi discuss the end of the season. Aww. Derek is crying. Derek wants his routine with Bindi to feel authentic, without the extra pops and stuff. Bindi feels like Derek put the feeling into the freestyle like 3 people are dancing, her dad included. Oh man. Keeping in mind Nick still has to go, I think Bindi may have just won the competition regardless of what he does. Derek (in the same fashion as with Kellie Pickler a few seasons ago), opts for just dancing. No gimmicks whatsoever. And the result is a spellbinding feast for the eyes. Just gorgeous movement that you really have to watch and be glued to in order to see the beauty in it. Everything in there was just on point and perfect. You can’t really top dancing from the heart. When you dance from that special place, there’s nothing else to be said. A picture of Bindi and Steve appear behind them to close out the dance and the tears start flowing. Yes, I would be legitimately shocked if Bindi was crowned tomorrow nigh

DWTS 21 Finals (Night One) Live Blog and Performance Videos

Carrie Ann called it a dancer’s freestyle. She thanks Bindi’s mom and dad for creating her. She rambles on a bit but basically, she loved it. Julianne feels the difference with Bindi is that she has taken everyone on the journey with her. Bruno says Bindi showed us the power of dance. Bindi goes to hug everyone.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: /30