David Archuleta Vlogs on his Trip to Central America, Haiti and Songwriting

David Archuleta vlogs about his experiences in Central America, the Hope for Haiti telethon (he answered phones) and his plans for the near future.

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S2 E29: Experience the FOOD that BEAT Andrew Zimmern. Taipei, Taiwan Travel Guide

David will be back in Los Angles in a couple of days to do some co-writing with Eman Kiriakou (“Crush”) and is s excited about some upcoming collaborations, he can’t reveal just yet.  David’s next album is due out later this year

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Im excited that he’s excited about collaborations! Cant wait for him to start working on the song writing again :D

  2. I can feel David’s compassion and concern and I’m inpired. David has had a New Year full of meaningful experiences so far. I’m so glad he’s getting back in the studio this coming week and am so looking forward to his next album. Hoping they” release a new song soon like they did with Crush. I’m hoping they’ll release more singles throughout this coming year. ….and promote them. Mostly looking forward to the LIVE concerts this new album will prompt. Nothing like hearing Archie LIVE.
    Love this blog -thanks for posting MJ
    PS Looking forward to a posting Monday on MTV of a song that David sang to the producers behind the scenes@ Hope for Haiti.

  3. After watching David’s vlog, I couldn’t get over how he touched/inspired me to the core! How many 19 year olds feel quite that deeply about the conditions in the world?! He’s simply a phenomenon (sp?)…no other way to put it! I’m so elated that I watched Season 7 of Idol and discovered this beautiful person (inside & out)…what a journey he has taken us on! 2010 will be out of this world…can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future…every day is a new experience. Thank you, David for being the person you are…for keeping it real…for simply being yourself!

  4. Well, I certainly hope its not a ‘phenomenon’ for a young man to care so deeply about others. It is a beautiful trait to admire and also to nurture in ourselves and those around us. Haiti is hurting so badly right now, and I’m glad to see so many around the world responding to their pain and helping in any way they can. It feels like a nearly universal response which definitely warms the heart and helps ease the pain somewhat. Hopefully this connection will last for years as the needs there can’t be addressed in a week, month or even a year.

    It was nice to see Dave talking about subjects beyond himself and his world. It’s clear that he’s a sensitive soul. I am concerned to hear of his continued troubles with his voice. I hope it doesn’t hinder his musical career too much.

  5. I looked up the definition of phenomenon: “extraordinary person or thing: somebody or something that is, or is considered to be, truly extraordinary and marvelous”

    This is what I meant to express in my earlier comment ..sorry if I was misunderstood. I have the utmost praise for David & what he stands for.

  6. LOVED the vlog!

    So much….
    Central America and his charity work
    HopeForHaiti telethon and how he was able to help out with phone calls
    New music coming up shortly

    Also I think @jambajim said there may be a video of him posted Monday singing backstage at the telethon? Can’t wait and oh what did he sing?!

  7. thank you david for this wonderful vlog…i could really feel your sincerityas i was so touched with every words you said and it was really moving,ahhhhhhhh….i really admire your good spirit….you are so compassionate and so giving…i am sooo proud of you…i admire you soooo much…….you’re so beautiful, inside and out…!!!thank you for sharing your heart with us….my prayers go with the people of haiti and to those who are suffering at this very moment….!!!

    thanks for posting!!!!

    happy silent sunday everyone!

  8. A young man of 19 years of age, who works hard, puts his family and people in need first – is a rarity these days. I hope that one day he will earn the respect he deserves. David, thank you for giving me faith that this quality is not lost in our youth today.

  9. opppsss, it should be sincerity as i was……….!

    love you david archuleta!!!!!cant wait to have your next cd…i bet it would be amazing…..as always!

  10. “A young man of 19 years of age, who works hard, puts his family and people in need first – is a rarity these days. I hope that one day he will earn the respect he deserves. David, thank you for giving me faith that this quality is not lost in our youth today.”

    very well said LCT…cheers!

  11. I love that he called out the OTT crazies (if the shoe fits, just sayin’) for rating the vLog before they even watched it. haha!

    Man I just uploaded it and it already has ratings?? You need to watch it first before you can have an opinion about it! lol.
    about 14 hours ago from web

  12. David has and will always inspire us to do more and think more about helping others — to always be there for anyone in need. Even when David did his recent holiday tour…he took a couple minutes out of each show to thank fans or anyone for helping someone else out …especially children who only want the simple things in life like toys, family & a roof over their head. People has always shown us that giving to others can be one of the most rewarding experiences for oneself. David is an amazing person…and his vlogs are just the best!

    I’m excited about his new album and am excited for him that he gets to work with some amazing songwriters! This “Crush” will never go away ay ay ay ay ay for David Archuleta!

  13. Someone tweeted Eman about making a new hit song for David and he responded…

    gloie: @EmanuelKiriakou @jesscatesmusic @hodgesmusic how about writing another hit like Crush for @DavidArchie? We love Crush & David of course!
    1:36 PM Jan 22nd from web in reply to EmanuelKiriakou

    EmanuelKiriakou: @gloie that’s whats up!!!
    1:37 PM Jan 22nd from web

    I sure hope David can have another hit song or two on his next album.

  14. We all love to hear about what David is doing, but I also love how he is always concerned about other people.

    I have a son David’s age and I know a lot of great 19 year old kids, but David IS extraordinary for his age and for that matter, any age. He is definitely an inspiration to me.

    I really look forward to what he and Eman come up with this time.

    Thank you MJ for posting this.

  15. David has a way of putting a smile on my face just watching him. He is such a loving and giving young man. He is truely an inspiration to me. He is wiser than people give him credit for. This is a young man that anyone of any age can learn something from. I know that he has taught me much. Thank you David for just being you!

    Mj thank you for posting Davids Vlog. :)

  16. David is a very sweet and sensitive soul. You could tell from the video how much he really cares about those who are hurting and suffering. You can’t help but love him. :)

  17. Love this vlog. While I do think it is normal for teens to care about the world, David habitually takes the extra steps to “do something.” I love that about him. Hope he never changes.

  18. David believes that he was given his talent to serve a greater purpose. He was led to try out for Idol and instead of worrying about winning, he wondered what he was supposed to learn from it. I believe this is being revealed to him more and more. Now that he is realizing that he can be of service and inspire others because of the recognition he has received and continues to receive,he sees that he can make his little corner of the world brighter and reach further and further. I have given to more charities in the last two years than I have in my lifetime because of David and his angels.

  19. Do all of Archie’s vlogs ramble on and on like this, lol? He’s obviously a sweet and caring person, no disrespect intended, but that was a long a*s video for what he actually said. Still, he’s young, and kudos to him for making the effort. Here’s hoping he gets another big hit like Crush. I do like his voice.

    Did anyone hear about an earthquake in Guatamala last week? I remember reading something like that and wondering if Archie and his family were still there at the time. Probably not, or he would have mentioned it in the above video, lol.

  20. sylvanaire,

    Yes, all of David’s vlogs do ramble on, but this one was probably a little more rambling than others. Haha! His fans love it.

  21. Yup, a David vlog would not be the same without a little rambling and a few technical idiosyncrasies. haha!! It sounds like the telethon had quite an impact on him. I’m glad he’s been able to contribute in some way to such things–they seem to mean alot to him.

    Really looking forward to hearing more about the collaborations. Hoping for some great material on the upcoming album.

  22. David’s vlogs make me :) happy, but this one makes me kinda sad. :( When he talks about the ones that are still being found in the rumble it makes me want to cry so much for them. David was so serious and he really, really cares.

    Then he talks about his music and makes me :) smile again. The bouncy, bouncy was so funny. ha ha

    David always gives us something to smile about, but I really like serious David to.

  23. He continues to delight.

    But “continued troubles with his voice” is not accurate. Never seen the boy disappoint with that voice.

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