David Archuleta Streaming Concert at Billboard Live Tonight

David Archuleta’s Foxwoods Casino performance will be live-streamed on Billboardlive.com tonight (Dec. 17) at 8 pm ET.

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Jeff Daniels Previews and Talks 54 Below Show; See it Tonight!

David will be entertaining the crowd with holiday classics from his new Christmas album, Christmas From The Heart.

Get to the site little early to have time to install the Microsoft Silverlight software on your computer, if you haven’t already.

During the live concert, fans can tweet a question to @OurWorldLive. Questions will be chosen at random for David to answer during the post-show Q&A session.

Also, David will be featured on Univision tonight on the Spanish-language channel’s Christmas special, Nuestra Navidad at 10 p.m.

Watch for video of that performance later on the blog!

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. This is pretty awesome. I’ll have to check it out. Duude, I wish they’d do something like that for DC.

    Btw, what’s up with these photoshoots with Kris and Archie amongst empty theater chairs? Good pic of Archie though.

  2. Thanks MJS! We can always count on this site to keep us posted on every idol! This guy is busy! I heard he’s also going to be on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, and is still touring and doing interviews. His hard work (at 18) ethic amazes me!

  3. Excited about the news. The Billboard Live will be second best to being there!! The univison should be fun too-singing Spanish with a Youth Group which he taped not too long ago.
    David also just taped Regis and Kelly today and will be seen Dec 22.
    He is also on Today Dec 21,
    Still haven’t completely recovered from the St Paul cancellation, but these TV /computer shows should help!!!!

    I’m also amazed @ all that he has accomplished and continues to work on. It blows my mind to think of all he has accomplished since entering American Idol @ age 16!!!!

  4. LCT, David will also appear on Regis and Kelly: 2009 Holiday Special DEC 22.

    I would like to ask:
    Tonight, when you tweet PLEASE take a second to add the hashtag:


    We’ll try to get this hashtag trending on the top ten Twitter Trending Topics

    Thank you!

  5. So Excited for this tonight!! I have seen David live at three of his Christmas concerts. So this is the next best thing to being there! If you haven’t ever seen David live this is a must watch. He is soooooo good live. =)

    Thank you MJ for letting others know about this. :)

  6. Oh and LCT Hello my friend. You are the LC I met in London at Davids concert right?

  7. Can’t wait for tonight’s concert. I think I caught about five minutes of Imogen Heap’s concert on Billboard Live — so cool. It’ll be interesting to see how different the experience ‘reads’ through a computer since I went to David’s concert not too long ago.

  8. Yes gemzone, it is I that you met in London during David’s concert with McFly! Boy we follow this guy all over the world don’t we? I am flying to Florida thinking I would make it to one of his winter concerts but I’m missing him by one day! Have to see where he’ll be in the spring!

  9. OurWorldLive

    For those new to our http://www.BillboardLive.com shows, please log onto the site 30 mins prior to show time for the pre-show. 26 minutes ago from web


    “Are You a True Archie Fan?” videos will highlighted within our pre-show. 24 minutes ago from web

  10. Not familiar with his setlist here, but I hope he does OHN. That way, I can compare to Carrie’s (from her “Holiday” show), Jennifer’s (from her “Christmas” show) and now Daughtry’s version from his vlog. So far, I give Jennifer a 9.5/10; Carrie an 8.5; and Daugtry an 8. I just hope he keeps it classic and tight. He needs to explore his inner classical, operatic divo. Just a wee bit.

  11. For some reason the theater seats in this picture look familiar. Is this the same theater where Kris took his picture for his CD cover?

    We’ve already purchased David’s Christmas album and have it mixed in our IPOD Christmas playlist. Honestly, every time one of his songs comes on I pause because his voice is so angelic. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. This is awesome. Not sure I’ll be around for the whole thing but I’m hoping to catch some of the livestream since I haven’t had a chance to see Archie perform live yet (outside the Poptarts extravaganza). Great picture of him too – baby’s alls growns up now!

  13. ladymadonna, please do try to catch some of his concert. I promise you he is not the same performer you saw the summer after Idol. His banter is still awkward (we fans find it endearing) but he owns the stage and theatre when he’s singing.

  14. Carolinacharms – the first half of the show is songs from his current pop album plus a couple of covers. He transitions between the two halves with a couple of slow ballads. The second half is all Christmas.

    The current set list (unless he does something special for tonight) is:

    Waiting For Yesterday
    A Little Too Not Over You
    My Hands
    The Riddle (Five for Fighting cover)
    Zero Gravity
    Fields of Gold (His take on Eva’s Cassidy’s version of Sting’s song)
    Prayer of the Children

    Melodies of Christmas
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    Ave Maria
    Pat A Pan
    The First Noel
    Riu Riu Chiu
    Silent Night
    Feliz Navidad

    He occasionally will throw in What Child Is This


    O Holy Night

  15. Oh wow. I think I need to watch this tonight. I think it will be awesome.

  16. I hope we get live strings tonight. Some concerts have had them and some not.

  17. I watched Daughtry’s Billboard Livestream not too long ago. It’s cool but the sound was not so good. I think it depends on the venue. I sure will be watching this. It’s the closest I can get to watching a live concert. Just make sure you click the”fullscreen” icon to enjoy a view better.

  18. Not familiar with his setlist here, but I hope he does OHN. That way, I can compare to Carrie’s (from her ‘Holiday’  show), Jennifer’s (from her ‘Christmas’  show) and now Daughtry’s version from his vlog. So far, I give Jennifer a 9.5/10; Carrie an 8.5; and Daugtry an 8. I just hope he keeps it classic and tight. He needs to explore his inner classical, operatic divo. Just a wee bit.

    went to see david last night in baltimore at the lyric opera house, and ”o holy night” was downright soul stirring… david put on one fantastic show up there, and i hope tonight’s broadcast captures the essence of him, and these songs, in all their power, reverence and glory… i think you’ll be in for a treat, and it may be best just to forego comparisons, and just listen, and enjoy…

  19. Damn I live in West Coast.. i won’t able to watch it live , still at work around that time.

  20. carolinacharms: I went to the 2 concerts in SLC last month. O Holy Night is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! David sings it with reverence and is very, very moving.

  21. Where do we start? Has anyone installed the silverlight application, free software to watch the show?

  22. Thanks MJ. Pix show a lavish theater, tweets say strings. I am
    so excited, my closest thing to actually going to a concert.

  23. Benton is almost finished with his set.

    Tweets say:

    There’s a lot of guys too. Quite a bunch of younger folks too. Good mix!

    hahahaha ahhh they have strings! STRINGS.

  24. oh my gosh saw a pic of the crowd!!
    can’t wait and hope he goes into the crowd for Feliz Navidad!
    He did at Baltimore when I was there and the crowd went wild!
    almost time!

  25. Wow, this is really great. Not quite as good as being there, but close. The camera work and audio is wonderful. I’m settled in for the whole concert.

  26. Nice big crowd at this show. David looks like he’s really enjoying himself and so is the audience. It’s great to be able to view this show live.

  27. Having the audience sing doesn’t work as well when people are further away.

    Now fields of gold. Heavenly….

  28. My sound is weird.

    My internet connection keeps fluctuating.

    But, how cool! I’m still loving it. It’s better than YouTube. hahaha!

  29. I’m watching. David just performed Fields of Gold with Steve accompanying him on the guitar. So, so beautiful. I got teary.

    Prayer of the Children now.

  30. #DavidArchuletaLive is in the top 10 of trending twitter topics. Currently #7.

  31. Jason’s sister Jackie is also watching:

    TheJackieCastro: can someone give me the link to see #davidarchuletalive??

    TheJackieCastro: thanks guys! :) what a cutieee. miss that kid

    BTW, did you guys know that Frogcooke is at that concert tonight?

  32. David looks great in the photo. I bought his Christmas cd and play it all the time. I was so glad he made a Christmas cd. Archie is perfect for holiday listening.

  33. Until he comes to Toronto, this will have to do.

    Very interesting with the alternate camera views.

  34. can i just say wow! that feliz navidad was fierzzee! lol…wasn’t expecting that…

  35. I love David’s version of Feliz Navidad. LOL

    O Holy Night encore was awesome. Just awesome. That live orchestra really adds to it too.

    David’s being interviewed backstage now.

  36. david was simply awesome on the billboardlive broadcast… he has shown the world how formidable a talent he possesses. he is simply a star, and he wears his growing greatness as lightly as a feather. bravo bravo.

  37. And David tweets – right on schedule. haha!


    Wow!!! had soo much fun!! Thanks everyone for coming in CT! Great crowd! And thanks Billboard Live and those who watched online!
    4 minutes ago from txt

  38. That was SO great! David is such a wonderful person.

    I wish one of the questions at the end would have been ,”When is your Eagle Scout court of honor?” LOL Yes, I really am that dorky! (and impressed)

  39. Nobody can sing “Oh Holy Night” like David– the emotion, the passion….

    Someone who saw David live in the past few days said that David’s Oh Holy Night is not a song: It is a prayer, and we prayed with him. I agree.

    stella- that would be a good question for someone to ask him at a VIP.

  40. Loved the concert. David seemed more nervous than usual (I think) when he spoke, but when he got into the songs… wow. And the little interview afterward was so hilarious… he was so jumpy!

  41. The concert is already on repeat except now I can FF to my favorite parts. lol Fields of Gold was the first song to make me tear up but I was surprised by how much I liked David’s cover of The Riddle as well.

    The post show interview is hilarious. David was so hyped. I’m watching David intro the band again. “Isn’t that nifty?” LOL

    The Univision special is on now.

  42. fANTASTI SHOW!!! Loved the singing and chatter. Especially liked the hostess interview at the end and David seemed so happy and enthused. He’ll be singing Ave Maria on the station Univision shortly. He sings it with a school choral group. Lots of David joy tonight!

  43. Just beautiful. I had computer issues but can watch again on
    BillboardLive.com starting tomorrow. I hope it includes the
    interview! Was their server overloaded? I kept getting

  44. You can actually watch now. Can have the whole thing come up, then go forward and back as you wish. I’m relistening to songs that came in and out the first time around. Not sure why the stream was so crappy.

  45. You can actually watch now.

    Thanks. I’m going to run and do that. We had guests tonight so I only saw part of Riu Riu Chiu and O Holy Night. Sounded great. And the video quality, though jerky at times, was so much better than home videos posted to youtube.

  46. Kathy – I think the streaming problems depended on your internet connection. I kept watching mine go up and down. Frustrating. And I thought the sound mix was a little off, but might be my computer.

    I also noticed that when he went to the audience to sing you couldn’t hear them singing along (front row was too far way!) until Feliz Navidad. I think they bumped the sound there once they figured out he likes to do that.

    I wonder how many were connected? I know a lot of international Archies were watching.

  47. Yeah it depends on your connection. I watch the whole concert and it was incredible. I had to refresh a few times. Archie sang his ass off and I loved every minute of it. OH wait, just saw Archie on the Spanish channel, sweet! LOL…That was cool and I like the interview after the concert.

  48. Well, that was short. Looks like they cut Ave Maria on the Univision show.

  49. I am glad I turned on the tv toward the end of the show to catch David. Ave Maria was short. He should of sang Feliz Navidad, the kids would of loved that. lol He also help Santa deliver presents to the kids in the audience at the end. He look so happy.

  50. Univision was one hour here in Iowa. David’s singing of the Ave Maria with the children’s choir was beautiful. He came out with Santa at the end and handed out presents to the kids in the audience right after Pee Wee sang.

  51. His Ave Maria was beautiful on Univision (:52). Guess they just
    put one of the two songs they recorded on the show. At the end he is playing Santa with a huge smile.

  52. Sue – By “cut” I meant “shortened”. lol It wasn’t the full song.

  53. I was lucky enough to see David’s Christmas concert and his voice was so beautiful. Every song was phenomenal. He put on an amazing concert. He has really matured. He took command of the stage and gave the packed venue a night to remember.

  54. “I wonder how many were connected? I know a lot of international Archies were watching.”

    I watched from Brasil and the streaming was magnificent! Maybe it depends on the quality of your Internet server/velocity’ ¦ thank God mine is very good!

    ‘Someone who saw David live in the past few days said that David’s Oh Holy Night is not a song: It is a prayer, and we prayed with him. I agree.’ 

    I also agree and this song is my second favorite Christmas song, after ‘Ave Maria’ , which IS actually a written prayer for the Catholic people. You Catholic people are used to pray the same words, but instead of Latin, in English:

    English: Hail Mary/Full of grace/Our Lord is with you/Blessed are you/among women/and blessed is the fruit/of your womb/Jesus./Holy Mary/Mother of God/pray for us/sinners/now/and at the hour of our death/Amen.

    Latin: Ave Maria/Gratia plena/Dominus tecum/Benedicta tu/in mulieribus/et benedictus fructus/ventris tui/Iesus./Sancta Maria/Mater Dei/ora pro nobis/peccatoribus/nunc/et in hora mortis nostrae./Amen.

    Spanish: Dios te salve, Maria/Llena eres de gracia/El Seà ±or es contigo/Bendita tu eres/entre todas las mujeres/y bendito es El fruto/de tu vientre/Jesus./Santa Maria/Madre de Dios/ruega por nosotros/pecadores/ahora/y em la hora de nuestra muerte/Amen.

    David version of this song is def. the better I ´ve ever heard. He did justice to this moving prayer, he is tender, totally reverent, the voice is amazing (of course) and the pronunciation/accent are perfect, much better than other american/english/irish male or female singers! Differently from others, he doesn ´t sing the vowels as in English, but as in Latin language, as it is meant to be, and he also takes care of the ‘r’  consonant sound (among other things). In Latin the sound/pronunciation is completely different from English, his native language, but he is a perfectionist and manages to sing perfectly! Kudos, Archie!

    Loved, loved, loved the concert!!! *happily dancing*

  55. What a great show that was! I had lots of “reconnecting, please stand by” (little grrrr), but it was still worth it (BIG YAY!). And I have no words to adequately describe David singing “O Holy Night”. NO. WORDS.

  56. some tweets from the concert… not just from those attending, or in the us watching via stream, but there are lots of tweets pouring in from the international fans who are ecstatic that billboardlive was able to bring david to them….

    naty_lore @DavidArchie i ´ve seen your concert from chile…you ´re amazing :) and the concert was great! 29 minutes ago from web

    PattyBToronto @DavidArchie Your Ave Maria was SPECTACULAR David! Plus I chatted with all the fans fr South America! haha Gracias por tu voz! about 1 hour ago from web

    juli_85 @DavidArchie thank u so much for doing this to all your international fans, it’s means a lot!! LOVE YOU kisses from ARGENTINA!! 14 minutes ago from web

    aisimchan RT @hollyrefod: @DavidArchie yr international fans R ovr the top excited that they got 2 watch U 2nite. gr8 idea! #DavidArchuletaLive 32 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    NickM9387 @DavidArchie GREAT show tonight at the MGM Grand in CT. No idea it was being taped for Billboard Live, but was so much better in person. 37 minutes ago from web

    annisathopia @DavidArchie come to indonesia soon. We’ll be waiting for you. about 1 hour ago from mobile web

  57. I loved his growls in Feliz Navidad, too. Seldom do we get the growls, anymore. LOL.

  58. I thought What Child Is This with the orchestra was beautiful. That song shows his pure and vulnerable side of voice so well. That little blond girl in the orchestra must be a really good instrumentalist.

    He didn’t do the triple axel when he sang Zero Gravity. Maybe he was a little bit aware of broadcasting live internationally ? haha.

    Then Feliz Navidad was so much fun to watch. He swept the floor all over and his dance moves…. Everyone sang and danced!! FUN!!

  59. I was really impressed with Riu Riu Chiu. It was a very compelling song and performance . . . and I have no idea what he was singing about.

    (How cute was he in that little interview at the end?)

  60. I went to David’s concert tonight with my 12 year old daughter, two of her friends and my husband. I wanted to do something festive and bought tickets when I saw Archie was going to perform his Christmas music. Plus I love the MGM Grand. I have always loved David’s vocals, but my preference in music is more Alt/acoustic/pop/rock (in plain speak — all kinds of rock) — so my favs were David C. and Kris A.

    I knew David would be sensational singing his Christmas songs. Ave Maria moved me greatly, the crowd as well, giving a rousing standing “O”. O Holy Night — gorgeous! David sang his heart out and his banter was adorable as usual. I think he is the sweetest kid and really was touched by the audience’s love for him.

    It was fun to actually see him perform his songs from his CD. ALTNOY sounded so much better live than when he performed it on IDOL. I really think the sound is faulty on that show because hearing David perform tonight, he was pretty much flawless. Lovely, lovely vocals.

    Everyone had a great time. A wonderful evening of beautiful music.

  61. OK, I signed on just to say I’m so honored to be a fan of David. I need to gush for a second, because that was simply stunning tonight, and it’s hard to check my emotions at the door when I see him do this. The first few songs were a tiny bit rocky, but as soon as he warmed up, he was rarin’ to go! I’ve never met anyone who puts so much feeling and intensity into his music; who can move ppl emotionally and literally connect them with the words. It’s like he’s living the lyrics and takes the listeners with him. A sweeping orchestra doesn’t hurt a bit, either. Between tonight and my Dec 8 concert, I’ve used up half a box of Kleenex already.

    David is far from perfect. But he doesn’t just sing words. And he doesn’t need to put on an show. He just does what comes naturally and is completely true to himself. That’s good enough for me.

  62. I loved the interview after the show. He was soooooooo feeling the adrenaline. hahaha!

    and, O Holy Night is killing me. Gah! Can’t quit playing that one over and over.

  63. What a glorious day yesterday was. Counting today, we’ll have David for 6 more days (3 concerts & 3 TV appearances). Then we have to wait a week for the Sun Bowl halftime performance. Such a busy bee isn’t he.

    David is a student of music (perfectionist), so he would’ve trained the foreign language songs so he pronounced everything correctly and they were authentic sounding. Benton (opener) speaks French and David’s pronounciations in Pat-a-Pan have definitely improved during the tour. MasterClassLady said bravo to David for singing ‘Gratia vs Grazia’  like alot of opera types do; famous opera types too.

    All over the net, people are dissing the CD because its not ‘pop-ish’ , it doesn’t have the newer fad songs, and its too traditional. David just has too much love and respect for the holidays and for the meaning behind each song to do that. He would’ve never put out a ‘popish ‘“ made for money’  type Christmas CD. I’m happy he didn’t either. I finally have a reverent CD without it being a church choir CD.

    Before the first concert, I made a list of the songs I’d like to hear on tour and he does most of them. Only Joy To The World is missing. I never thought he would do both Ave Maria and O Holy Night because of the difficulty of the songs. I worried about his voice holding up. He does a great job of protecting it when he goes for the ‘Noels’  at the end of OHN and that one pesky high note in AM. BRAVO David BRAVO. We are so very lucky to be fans of this human being; beautiful voice, beautiful soul.

  64. per the fans of david web site….

    A-List Promotions To Cover Westbury Concert This Sunday

    A-List Promotions is a company that works to bring fans ‘closer to their favorite artists, as well as introducing them to the next big things in the music industry. Here, we will provide exclusive contests, concert-footage, and interviews for all of your favorite stars, and up coming bands/artists.’ 

    Guess what? They are covering David’s concert in Westbury, NY on Sunday.

    What does this mean? As via their tweets from last night, they will be posting pictures on Twitpic, taking HQ pictures and HD videos. They have a ‘photo pass’  for David’s concert, but they did not mention an interview.

    Follow A-List on Twitter here…


    and look on their website after the concert here!



  65. I never thought he would do both Ave Maria and O Holy Night because of the difficulty of the songs. I worried about his voice holding up. He does a great job of protecting it when he goes for the ‘Noels’  at the end of OHN and that one pesky high note in AM. BRAVO David BRAVO.

    he nailed it perfectly in baltimore, and last night in foxwoods… so many facets to his vocal prowess it kinda leaves you slack jawed the way he weaves in and out of pop, r and b, and these christmas tunes… he’s a singer for all moods and seasons. the only good thing i can say right now about idol is i’m glad they gave him the opportunity and the platform to show and share with us what is undisputably a remarkable talent.


  66. “… and I have no idea what he was singing about.”

    IF you are interested, I can give you the lyrics and the translation of ‘Riu Riu Chiu’ . You can email me: gys.white@yahoo.com and ask.

  67. David was on fire last night, the man’s steaming up my glasses with Riu Riu Chiu…go David! ha,ha,

  68. I’m listening to the whole thing again today. He was so good on some of those songs. I haven’t realized how much I loved his bluesy version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas last night.

  69. David was on fire last nite! It was fun to experience the Billboard concert but the technology needs tweaking to truly sound live–I’ve been to some of David’s concerts and hearing him live is unbelievable! Soooo…live is best—but I’ll be rewatching this for a while :)

  70. I’m still in an Archudaze from last night’s concert but that is not going to prevent me from going back into the BB’s #DavidArchuletLive vortex.

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