David Archuleta – Philippines Press Day!

photo: Melinda Bell

David Archuleta spent his day (night!) in the Philippines doing radio and press promo for his latest album, Other Side Of Down. Here are photos from David’s roundtable interviews HERE.

David performed “Elevator”, “Crush” and “Something ‘Bout Love” at today’s showcase. Watch the performances after the jump.

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Saif Ali Khan At The PC Of T20 Mumbai League

Check out a few goodies after the jump…

I’ll add any videos if they pop up.

Video Source: Rabid4David





Something ‘Bout Love


David Arrives at the Airport

David Archuleta in TV5 Live Coverage from Skydome


3 Song Live Stream Manila Showcase

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  1. skip to about 20 minutes on that live stream vid haha.

    there should be some actual vids coming of the performances.

    “He’s a Rare Kid” – @RX931’s Chico: http://bit.ly/aeJN4L <<really great write up. not sure when they'll air the interview exactly but keep a look out

  2. From twitter:

    DAVID ARCHULETA is Back in Manila!AIRPORT ARRIVAL (16 Nov 2010) This is how Filipinos LOVE @DavidArchie ! http://t.co/czDXVxP ?lots!

    ^^ really good vid from his airport arrival. The fans were like super organized with it haha. But you can see lots of the press there etc etc.

  3. I had to miss Archie’s mini-show today. It was just too hard to get a ticket (too many fans to “compete” with) and then I fell ill. Really sad because this is the first time I failed to go to an Idol show here in the Philippines and I adore, adore, adore Archie. :s

    (Good thing I saw him with Cookie last year.)

  4. Awww sad you didnt get to go.

    Yeah fans were lined up SUPER early to get the cds for the signing etc etc, since the first 400 only were supposedly going to be signed. But it looks like he stayed till he signed everyones cd who stayed to get it signed. I saw a tweet saying 600 signed and still going, and then someone saying he signed everyones cd. I read somewhere they allowed 1600 fans into the venue, SRO.

  5. Aww neat little story from yesterday after the airport:

    According to a fan, @DavidArchie went inside the hotel escorted with securities. But then he knew that his fans were waiting for him so he went outside of the hotel, running, to say “hi” to fans. Asked “Who wants signature” after everybody shouted, he said “shhh” while pointing to the securities. Haha. David! WE REALLY LOVE YOU! Awww. *teary eyes* Though I didn’t get to see him, it’s really fine with me :D [This was yesterday]

  6. American pop singer David Archuleta performs in Manila during the launching of his album- Yahoo! News Photos http://is.gd/hhQ3K

    some associated press pics there.

  7. Love how they show LOVE to David there in Asia . I am going to see him this Sunday at the Grove. Hope I can get some video.

  8. Thanks for all the info about David’s trip to the Philippines. Those are some really good photos, purplesmile. Thanks. I’ve been seeing tweets on twitter that he will be doing a tour of Asia in March and April. I hope he does. I hope this time he does a real concert in Singapore and Malaysia and finally goes to Indonesia. I also feel bad that the Filipino fans waited so many hours to see David and only got 3 songs. Its great that they were happy with that and didn’t even complain. I hope they get another concert next year.

  9. Yeah I think he’s going back in Q1 of 2011. at least thats been the rumor, even some of the asian sony twitters have tweeted about it or at least RTed

  10. Frogcooke,
    What was the reason that David only sang 3 songs? Was it a time frame thing cause they waited many minutes before he came on and it seems like that time could have been spent with David on the stage more instead of the chick who kept egging the crowd on. lol!

  11. I think he should have sung Falling Stars also. That song is up on the charts right now, there!

  12. I dunno i think thats just what Sony had planned because it was a small showcase plus auto signing and not a full on concert. He did I think 5 in singapore.

    Since it seems he plans to be going back for a full concert next year. I kinda get the length. It’s a usual showcase length set, they dont do too many songs.

    Yeah Falling stars would have been nice. The singapore fans kept chanting for that after his last song and even started singing it. Sadz he didnt do more songs.

  13. I am sure that Archie will be doing some kind of tour next year in Asia. It is great to see all the support for him in the Philippines.

  14. I’m hoping for a world tour, Latin America and South America are also anxious to have a David concert.

  15. DavidArchie
    “Tell the truth. Sing with passion. Work with laughter. Love with heart.”

    “Spend time with positive people. There will be a domino effect from them to you, and onward from you to those whom you surround.”
    about 4 hours ago via web
    He is so wise.
    Layover in Hong Kong??

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