David Archuleta – “Nothing Else Better To Do” – Japan Bonus Track

Listen to the bonus track “Nothing Else Better To Do” from the David Archuleta Japanese release of his new album The Other Side of Down.

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The tune is written by David Archuleta, Emanuel Kiriakou, Andre Merritt and Lindy Robbins, according to ASCAP.

via JapanLovesDavid

Audio after the JUMP…

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  1. So glad I ordered the Japenese CD. Remember when Emanuel was lamenting that a song was being sent to Japan. Japan fans are hoping for a visit from David sometime. David has mentioned that he would like to.

    Still hoping something will show up from the Dream Foundation event!!

    Thanks MJ.

  2. This song is like a vacation. It makes me want to park myself on a beach with a pina colada. What a sweet song!!

  3. lol i love that he worked in a red velvet cupcake into this song. hahaha

  4. Is David saying “You’re velvet on a red cupcake”? I don’t know why but I think that is brilliant. lol

    I think he just made a food item sexy. I have to have this import..

  5. Another autotuned dull song. Sigh. Sorry Archie, I’m not sure what happened with this era.

  6. Another autotuned dull song

    You must have never listened to David sing live, or watched a good quality youtube. Where do you hear the autotune????

    This era? Listen to radio and you’ll hear what happened, the majority is filth being called music.

    I love the vibe, the simplicity, and yes the food analogy’s.

    I think he just made a food item sexy.

    I think so…lol

  7. Its kinda LQ youtube its not really autotuned. Theres a diff between autotuning and using a few effects here and there. People like to seem to confuse the two.

  8. Call it vocal effects then. You can clearly hear it in the ‘ehs’

    You must have never listened to David sing live, or watched a good quality youtube.

    I wasn’t talking about his live singing, I’m commenting on this song that is posted in this thread.

    This era? Listen to radio and you’ll hear what happened, the majority is filth being called music.

    Not disagreeing. There is a place for the effects in Top 40 radio, mainly dance songs. This isn’t one, it’s a generic little ditty in an HAC/AC style and the effects don’t do anything for it. It’s completely unecessary. SBL which was aimed more CHR, that made sense. Jive missed the boat not promoting that one heavily.

  9. Yeah, the ‘vibrating’ sound effects they used especially in the chorus and the ‘yeah..yeah…yeah’ I think are unnecessary but there they are.

    ETA: Lol, I’m a tad slow. I agree w/ you, sr4mjc.

  10. auto tune or not, who’s care ? i love this song, i enjoy david’s voice, the effect is just like spicy to make to song more tasty and sweety, i thing its okey, david prove he is a good singer through his live performance.

  11. I like the song. I really liked most of Archie’s songs on his album. There were a few songs on the album that I did not like that much. I do agree that SBL could have been a hit. JIVE as usual did miss the boat on not promoting that one. That goes for Falling Stars so far too.

  12. I really like the song–has a refreshing vibe to it. And I really don’t mind the “vocal effects”…I think they add a different texture to the song.

  13. David sounds great as usual, but this song is pretty light. I like just about every song on the US CD better. It’s not bad. I wouldn’t mind hearing it over the PA at Sears (where I recently heard Kris Allen’s Red Guitar–odd place to hear that), it’s just sort of neutral. Maybe they think the Japanese audience will like a gentle bonus song?

  14. I don’t think it’s autotuned. You can make the vocal effect using music equipments that producers have. When someone like David Archuleta uses a little effect of machine, it doesn’t bother me because I know he can sing. But if autotuning is used much for those who can’t sing, it immediately turns me off. For example, Kesha’s new song was against his song, Falling Stars on WAJK, a radio station in LaSalle. I couldn’t listen to her fully autotuned vocals.

  15. BTW, I enjoyed the different style of this song. Tell me about easy, breezy, soothing and sailing voice!! His voice changes colors for each song he sings. When he sings rocky songs, he doesn’t use vocal vibration much. On Falling Stars, Eman specifically requested certain ways to sing on different parts in the song. We all know he got strong vocal power control especially when he sings songs like Contigo En La Distancia. I also love the title song, The Other Side of Down that is smooth, quirky, fun and contemporary at the same time. He is a gifted vocalist who constantly studies the best way to express vocally.

  16. Love this. Absolutely love Archie’s voice on this track. I’m not crazy about the lyrics at all (and that’s putting it mildly), but his vocals more than make up for them for me. It’s a shame that it’s been relegated to being a “Japan Bonus Track”. I like this better than anything I’ve heard on TOSOD.

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