David Archuleta – My Kind of Perfect – Skate from the Heart

Tune in this Sunday Jan. 16 at 4 pm for NBC’s Skate for the Heart featuring David Archuleta and Ruben Studdard.

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As a preview, check out David’s performance of “My Kind of Perfect” via DavidArchuleta.com. More to come on Sunday!

Video after the JUMP…

My Kind of Perfect

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  1. Love that video of his performance!
    woah and lol even though an uber fan noticed he is looking older lately… very nice!!

  2. David looks and sounds great in that video. I think he may also be singing another song on the show. It is nice that they posted a brand new video on his official site finally. I am going to watch this. David and Ruben on TV will be nice to see.

  3. I’m liking this song more each time I hear it. A very nice performance. It must be rough for David to be hugged by pretty women all the time.

  4. Great performance by David and Joannie. This is a show that is special, especially to Joannie who lost her mother suddenly during last year’s Olympics. She is so inspirational to all of us. I’m so glad David got to sing My Kind of Perfect for the first time LIVE for her. Fans that were there loved it when she gave him the hug!! There was also a picture of the two of them that Joannie posted on twitter. David also sang Something Bout Love for a couple skaters.
    The fans were also thrilled that David sang both songs over @ the end.(wanted to do them better)
    I’ll be watching Sunday on NBC 4 p.m ET

  5. MKOP places David’s vocals front and center. There is definitely no hiding one’s talent on that song. I think I would freak out if I had to sing that song for millions of people. lol

    I don’t know why, but it warms my heart to see David acknowledge a new element in the performance… in this case Joannie. David gives Joannie a sweet smile and watches her as she begins her routine.. and at the end of the song his eyes gravitate towards Joannie as much as he fights it. lol He’s just always making a human connection and I love that about him. If I were Joannie, I would have hugged David too. He’s too sweet to pass up.

    Beautiful performance!

  6. i showed this for my 6-y-o daughter. She liked the song and thought the skater was beautiful, but wondered what was wrong with the singer’s arm. Ha, ha. (Does he ever use a mic stand?)

    I thought that was lovely; what a beautiful romantic set-up. And those two looked pretty cute together at the end.

  7. Ah David, why are you so cute and talented?! Thanks MJ for posting the video. We international fans appreciate it!

  8. i showed this for my 6-y-o daughter. She liked the song and thought the skater was beautiful, but wondered what was wrong with the singer’s arm. Ha, ha. (Does he ever use a mic stand?)

    Ha! Suzanne! I’m sitting here cracking up that you said that because just this morning I was going through some old favorites on my Youtube account to clean up the ones that have been taken down (guh, whyyy do people do that??) and came across this video that I hadn’t watched in almost a year. There is indeed a time that he uses a mic stand…and still manages to work some arm movement in there lol ;)


    I love that song.

    Love that performance of MKOP too — can’t wait to watch on Sunday.

  9. That was a beautiful performance by David…and Joannie!! They did look cute together. Can’t help but smile at the end….David’s smile is infectious.

  10. Good choice of video example, music78girl! It made me laugh too. It is well known in the Land of the Archies (archieverse, whatever), that he knows perfectly well how to use a mic stand and that video is a great example, ha.

  11. I LOVE the sparkle in his eyes at the beginning and his constant passion in every song he sings. What a great song this would be for a wedding video- the part where you show the pictures of the girl. . . .

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