Dave Matthews: Phil Phillips Should Kick My Ass

When The Vulture blog ran into Dave Matthews at a movie premiere this week, they couldn’t resist asking him about Phil Phillips, who has been compared to the musician all season long.  Last week, Phil covered DMB’s “The Stone”.

Vulture wondered if he had heard it.

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“I haven’t seen him yet, but I keep my head in the sand,” Matthews admitted. “More power to him, I don’t mind. I wouldn’t imagine that imitating me would bring any quality of popularity, but that’s okay if it does.”

Vulture asks: “So this town is big enough for the both of them? ”

“Oh, I don’t feel threatened. I am what I am,” Matthews laughed. “Maybe I paved the way for him. I wish him the best of luck! He should kick my a**, [then] maybe I can retire and he can take over my band.”

Do I detect a bit of sarcasm from Dave? Actually, I don’t think he cares, one way or another. At least he cleared the song.

Via The Vulture

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  1. I think there may be a hint of sarcasm there but otherwise, I don’t think Dave Matthews cares really one way or the other.  Heh

  2. Dave must know something about P2.  He wouldn’t clear his song for Lee, but he did for P2, I doubt that decision was just random.

  3. Dave Matthews seems to be nonchalant about the whole thing. But I bet he’s flattered that Phillip is a fan and that is why he allowed his song to be covered. Also, it’s pretty good publicity for him and his music.

  4. Wow, what a ringing endorsement LOL. Dave M. is absolutely right, Phillip imitates him, I mean the facial expressions, the way he holds his guitar, the leg twitching, and yet he’s supposedly “the artist” of this season, PLEASE.

  5. He accused Phillip of imitating him, that’s not a compliment, especially since Phillip considers himself to be an artist.

  6. I don’t think Dave cares. 

    I also don’t think that any of Phillips physical tics are “copied” from Dave Matthews. It doesn’t feel the least bit studied, faked or put on. I don’t see why two people couldn’t manifest the same sort of organic movements.  There have been a lot of singers with weird tics over the years. 

    Lee actually sounded more like a Dave Matthews clone than Phillip does. 

  7.  He says he has never seen phillip, so how can he accuse him of imitating him if he has never even seen him?

  8. Phil could do the same song every week we’d never know the difference.blah,blah.
    i’m pulling for Hollie and Josh!!!!! 

  9. Dave came across self-deprecating to me about the whole thing. He seemed to like the idea of maybe “paving the way” for a younger musician. I’m not finding any sarcasm, just joking. Dave’s bass player, Stefan Lessard seems to tweet Phillip a lot and seems to approve of him. We all have our own musical tastes. He may even be pleased that young guys like Phillip like his music. What musician wouldn’t be pleased to still be relevant and current to another generation? Dave is getting older, mid-forties. A true musician/artist would be pleased and supportive of another musician. If anything, it would be the Idol stigma than tithe Phillip stigma, if he seemed aloof.

  10. “He says he has never seen phillip, so how can he accuse him of imitating him if he has never even seen him?”

    His friends and family probably watch more tv than Dave.

    He didn’t sound all that accusatory to me, though. I’d say this is a pretty low-key response to questions that there’s really no good way to answer.

  11. I’m having a hard time believing that Dave Matthews hasn’t had just a little bit of curiousity about the Idol contestant who has been compared to him all season and covered his song last week.  You know he’s heard about it from friends and family who don’t keep their “heads buried in the sand.”  I think he likes to appear nonchalant and disinterested, but I’ll bet he’s seen just a bit of Phillip Phillips.  Color me a skeptic.

  12. Lee Dewyze also wanted to be Dave Matthews on the show. But it wasn’t in such a obvious way like Phillip is on the show. Speaking of Lee….does anyone know if he still wants to be DM? Anyways, Dave is known for having a “I don’t care/nonchalant” vibe. I do wonder how idol cleared a DMB song? Was it Dave? Or Stefan? Their manager?

  13. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think Dave is flattered.

    I’m not a Phillip fan or Dave fan but there is another imitator of famous people on this show anyway. Look at Jessica she’s a Beyonce imitator but not to the extent that Phillip imitates Dave.

    I do think it’s sad that Phillip has to imitate rather than make it on his own merit.

  14. I do think Dave was sort of joking and acting in an I don’t care attitude. I don’t think he was trying to diss Phillip. He’s just nonchalant about the whole thing. There seems a bit of self-depricating humor.

  15. You’d have to ask Dave Matthews that, but I would guess that he’s heard the claims that there’s a guy on AI who is copying him.

  16. Sounds to me like he’s kinda neutral about it. Truthfully, why should he care?

  17.  Firstly how can you say he claimed P2 was imitating him when he actually stated he hadn’t seen it therefore he wouldn’t know! He obviously just doesn’t really care one way or another ;-) I don’t get what all the P2 hate is about. He is a talented artist and has actually brought songs to our attention that we probably wouldn’t have bothered listening to! I actually love The Stone now and as for that Maroon 5 one….well the original sucks! P2 made it awesome! What I don’t get is all the Jessica love…..the girl screeches! Yeah she is going to win because of a number of reasons that I won’t even bother going into but still, did you not hear how badly she murdered that Luther Vandross song? Sadly, this year I can see we will be having an idol that will be forgotten :( but at least we know the singers that don’t win seem to do the best!

  18. Dave Matthews is quoted as using the word not me.  Read what he said above:


     I wouldn’t imagine that imitating me would bring any quality of popularity, but that’s okay if it does 

    I don’t think that any artist wants to be accused of doing an imitation.  It’s one thing for people to say that Phillip has been influenced by Dave M., but another to say that he’s doing an imitation.

  19. Dave Matthews has more important things to do than to worry about who sounds like him. There are hundreds of impersonators filling casino show rooms nightly. 

    My disliking of P2 has been known for a long, long time. But I do love the Dave Matthews Band. I personally think P2 sounds nothing like him and I feel sorry for Phillip that they keep trying to compare the two. 

  20. P2 cannot escape it anymore because any artist/critic looking at his music style have all labeled him as Dave Matthews Dave Matthews. And Dave Matthews isn’t that relevant anymore in the industry so good luck with that, P2.

  21. Dave Matthews seems like a nice guy. After Lee won Idol, he got invited to watch a Dave Matthews concert from backstage, and got to meet Dave and get career advice from him. Lee was excited to spend time with one of his musical Idols, but I don’t think he copied Dave onstage.
    If Dave says he hasn’t seen Phillip on the show, I’ll take his word for it-I’m sure people have told him that Phillip sings in a similar style to him.
    As for why the song was cleared now and not in Season 9-someone probably made a bigger effort this year. Since Nigel returned, he’s revved everything up, including getting celebrity endorsements for the various contestants.
    I think Phillip’s stage movements and style are natural to him and not an attempt to copy somebody else. He really seems to feel the music, and what he’s doing is connecting with a lot of the audience.

  22. I don’t actually consider Jessica a Beyonce imitator. If it were true, then imagine Beyonce with a better voice – Jessica would cruise through AI so easily. 

  23. I agree. From his comments, it seems to me that I that Dave doesn’t care one way or the other about any of this. The comment about retiring is kind of funny, but I don’t think that he dissed P2 at all.

  24. Dave Matthews seems indifferent to the whole thing. Since he says he’s never seen Philip perform, he can’t comment on whether he thinks PP is actually any good. The funniest line is about how imitating him isn’t likely to result in great popularity for Philip.

  25. You know, I appreciate those who like P2, but I personally just don’t get it.  I especially don’t get the tongue bath the judges give him every time he sings praising his originality.

    Is it just me or does everything P2 sings sound exactly the same?  I mean, who could sit through a whole album of this?  A 2 hour concert would have me unconscious in the 1st 15 minutes.

    I don’t really call what P2 does “singing” actually.  It is more like “lyrical phrasing with a beat”.  Then again, DM isn’t my cup o’ tea either.  Who knows, P2 may win this thing and sell 8 million albums, he just won’t sell one to me.

    P.S., I think he gets a certain amount of mercy voting due to his illness.

  26. Dave is 45 years old and had a successful 20+ year career. He isn’t going to feel threatened by an Idol contestant OR be petty enough to be angry with a fan for being influenced by his music.

    Especially when he claims to not have even heard him sing yet, soo, haha.. I believe his statements.

  27. One thing is for sure – none of us has to wonder what face P2 makes when he is taking a dump – we get to see it every week :)

    No offense, just a joke.

  28. I see how P2 could be compared to Dave Matthews – but P2 has his own style.  Frankly, he reminds me more of Joe Cocker than Matthews – with a little Aaron Neville thrown in for good measure.  I like Phillip.  I like his sound as well as his ‘style’.  I know this is the age of the manufactured, stylized clone (Rihanna, anyone?) – but for me, ‘uniqueness’ is the key (with a wink and a hat tip to Rupaul’s Drag Race and its own brand of  “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent”).  I hope P2 makes all the way to the finale.

  29. Dave Matthews hasn’t cared about mainstream anything in years.

  30. I will try to enlighten you, Mitchell. Like you say, it isn’t your thing and that’s cool. I’ll buy that. But just to answer some of your questions… 8)

    I mean, who could sit through a whole album of this?

    A fair amount of people, sir.

    A 2 hour concert would have me unconscious in the 1st 15 minutes.

    A concert would actually end up more preferable to listening to the album. I shall explain why.

    The style is alt-rock with blues and sometimes folk influences, incorporating string instruments, the sax, etc… rest assured, this vibe has a real following. The vocals aren’t always up to a high technical standard but that isn’t really the point.

    DMB, for example, is more about their lyrics and the band’s musical creativity than solely being about Dave’s voice. The ambience of their live shows draw people in with really talented musicians, songwriting ability, and with a unique vocalist, as a whole it is a different experience than just listening to one person sing really high, amazing notes for an entire set.

    Which I am not diminishing by any means, but that’s what sets P2 apart in this group. With that said, I don’t believe that the style is really right for Idol, but it still isn’t anything to sneeze at when it does have a fanbase.

    If he found the right people to back him, he could probably have a shot at a decent band. Huge sales? Sold out tour? Doubtful. It doesn’t mean that he lacks potential and credible talent in some form, though.

  31. Dave Matthews isn’t relevant anymore?! tell that to my high school age and college age children who, with their friends, NEVER miss a concert and who actually go into a store to purchase his album when he comes out with one because just downloading it to their ipod isn’t good enough. no other artist prompts that kind of devotion from them. my friends and i are pretty much mesmerized by him also.

  32. If he actually **heard** P2, he might not think it’s a compliment that anyone would find them similar. Eeps.

  33. I too don’t get all the negative comments about Phillip, I also don’t think he is imitating Dave Mathews,#1 he is drop dead gorgeous, Dave is not, He has a great smile, Dave does not. I have not seen Dave Mathews that much, but I like his music, Now for Phillip I enjoy watching him, he makes me smile, and I feel like JLo said you want to get up and do that little dance step with him!!!!!! I hope he wins I am voting like crazy!!!!!

  34.  “And Dave Matthews isn’t that relevant anymore in the industry”

    Is that some sort of joke?  He’s one of the greats of my generation, Sowsyalite.  I know PLENTY of people that still pay GOOD (read: inordinate) amounts of money to see this man perform with his incredibly talented band.  And when I heard Phillips do “The Stone”, it was obvious he was imitating Dave Matthews, y’all.  Listen to his other tracks on youtube.  Sounds nothing like Dave.  He’s good, but he’s no Dave Matthews.  And the man is no liar.  If he says he hadn’t seen the guy, my bet is he hadn’t seen him.  Dave tells it like it is, nonchalantly, or otherwise.

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