Dancing With The Stars Season 9 – Top 9 – VIDEO

I won’t be live blogging Dancing With The Stars this week, because of the So You Think You Can Dance “Meet The Top 20” special.

I’ll post video up later on, but in the meantime, those watching can chat about the show here.

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  1. :lol:

    Trying to flip back and forth between the 2 shows and it’s not working so well….

    What was up with Mya’s routine or does Len just need a nap again?

    The few bars I saw of Melissa were just horrible.

  2. Sigh lol.
    (walks out in shame)

    I love Dancing With The Stars Too!

  3. Here’s what I saw so far:

    Mark and Lacey – he was good, high energy. She was kinda sloppy!

    Melissa – meh. The judges were right.

    Mya – technically good, but not engaging.

    Dang Michael – he was graceful and touching in his waltz. I agreed with Len.

    Who am I forgetting?

  4. Just caught Kelly’s routine…. Isn’t the jitterbug supposed to be high energy/fun?

  5. Yeah, Kelly was just trying too hard to remember wasn’t she?

    And I finally got on the Chelsie/Louie cuteness train. They were really good for Louie. And Chelsie is some kind of dancer, isn’t she??!!

  6. I enjoyed the jitter bug tonight. My favorites were Donny and his partner. Very cute. He is an excellent dancer. I also loved Derek and Joanna’s waltz. The mambo dance off was fun. Aaron Carter danced well tonight I just don’t really like him. Kelly Osborn didn’t dance very well tonight. I think it is time for her to go. Louie was better than Kelly so that’s not very good. Mya is just too confident now. If I were betting on tonight alone, I would say that Kelly and Louie will be going home tomorrow night. I changed my overall pick in the poll from Mya to Donny. I really hope he wins. If I were the only voter who could pick the order of the final 9 it would be in reverse order:
    Kelly and her partner
    Louie and Chelsie
    Michael and his partner
    Melissa and Mark
    Aaron and Karina
    Mark and Lacey
    Mya and Dimitri
    Joanna and Derek
    Donny and his partner with Donny as the champion this season.

  7. Trying to flip back and forth between the 2 shows and it’s not working so well’ ¦.

    Me, too. They both ran commercials at the same time. I missed Mya and Dmitry completely. I did see the last hour which included the Mambo face-off. I could almost predict the outcome even before it started. It was so good!

    I was working two phones and couldn’t get through for even one vote for them. Did anyone else have a problem with the phone lines?

    I also changed my vote a few weeks ago. However, I would be shocked of Mya wasn’t in the final two. Donny is certainly a showman and great performer. Dmitry is so smooth but Mya may be too confident right now.

  8. …and Mya’s confidence is turning off people. She just doesn’t connect to the audience IMO. Derek and Johanna rocked the Mambo. WOW!! For a sick guy, Derek was mighty fine tonight!

    I have to give kudos to Aaron tonight as well. He truly seems to want this and I put him right behind Johanna and Donny. I predict a real shock elimination tomorrow night……or even Mya in the bottom 3.

  9. I was “this close” to voting for the first time. I would have voted for Donnie and Kym. But I think they are safe.

    It’s kind of crazy because Mya is excellent, Johanna turns me off, and Donnie is in amazing shape for a man his age. My hat goes off to Donnie. He has a great personality and charisma.

    If he is in next week, maybe I will start to vote. :)

  10. I hope Mya won’t be in the elimination round, as Dmitry is also sick. I just can’t out why his line was continually busy.

    I was pleased to see Lacey and Mark do so well. She allows her partner to do solod and feature his strengths. He has really improved.

  11. I don’t get why Dmitry keeps pissing off Len. Len’s point is simple (regardless of whether you agree): less of the props and more of the dance.
    This is my theory: Dmitri is pacing the team to peak at the right time. Mya started the competition very strong and Dmitri is trying to pull off the “clear favorite” label. That would be a smart strategy, considering that in these reality-type competitions there is always an underdog vote out there (Kradam anyone?).

  12. I didn’t really enjoy the show last night although I liked Donnie and Mark. I’m not a fan of Mya’s because I think she’s a dance professional and not just in the kind of singer/dancer type. I can’t stand Joanna but it looks like she’s in it for a while if the judges have their way. My favorites are Donnie and Kelly but it doesn’t look good for her lasting past tonight or at the latest next week. My hope is Michael and Louis go home.

  13. I thought Mark and Lacey once again stole the night. What the hell kind of fire did Lacey light under Mark? Suddenly he’s Mr. Charisma. Awesome. If he keeps up the momentum, he’s my dark horse pick.

    The whole time Joanna was dancing I was thinking how it would look with Maks instead of Derek. They’re too blond and smarmy together or something.

    Mya and Dmitri were good, but for once I agree with Len about the feather dusting taking too long.

  14. I got in a few calls for Mya last night. I didn’t want her to be a shock elimination.

  15. Thanks, Allison. I was wondering what was going on with Mya’s phone line.

  16. I agree with the phone thing. I tried for the first time to vote and never got through at all. I wanted to vote for Derek and Donnie. Well, you know not together, but with their partners. I agree with the ones that are safe so far. The bottom three are the right bottom three, I think. I’m guessing Michael and Louie are going home and Melissa and Mark will be the ones to be safe by the end of the night.

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