So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Billy Bell Leaves Competition Due to Illness, Brandon Dumlao Joins Top 20!

So You Think You Can Dance finalist, Billy Bell is leaving the competition due to illness! Brandon Dumlao is taking his place.

From a press release

Top 20 dancer Billy Bell has left SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE due to illness and will be replaced by Brandon Dumlao, 21, a Hip Hop dancer from Concord, CA. Dumlao will join the Top 20 this week as they compete on the first two-hour performance show Tuesday, Oct. 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

‘We are disappointed that Billy cannot continue dancing in the competition on the advice of his doctor and wish him a speedy recovery, ‘  said executive producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe. ‘However, we are fortunate that Brandon Dumlao has agreed to return.’ 

The Top 20 special airing tonight was filmed in advance, so I don’t think we’ll see Brian dancing tonight, unless the producers edit something in quickly….

  • Billy Bell’s audition – VIDEO
  • Billy Bell brings Adam Shankman to tears – VIDEO
  • A brief glimpse of Brandon DumlaoVIDEO

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  1. Bummer! He was one of my favorites. I hope he recovers quickly and can come back next season.

  2. Oh no. I am so sad to hear this news. Billy was also one of my favorites. He seemed to be an incredible dancer. Here’s to a speedy and complete recovery.

  3. Nooo!!! He was my very favorite. My interest in this season just took a nosedive. :( I hope they still show him tonight.

  4. nooo! i totally saw him going to the finals. Hope he’s back for season 7.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this! I am glad that they will put in another hop hop dancer, but still…

    I hope he comes back next Season (which won’t be till next summer). I also had him in my Top 4. :(


    I am beyond bummed. He ruled. The SYTYCD geeks at MTV News called him “Billy Belliott.”


  7. Dang nabit…. I liked Billy. :(

    Good luck to Brandon, from the little clip he dressed hip hop but the dancing looked more contemporary to me.

  8. I am beyond bummed. He ruled.

    Jim! Thanks for messing up my format! j/k.

    I hear ya, Billy is a beautiful dancer. Bummer.

  9. That’s Jim C again posting.. I guess there’s not much Idols news for him to blogs these days.. LOL ..

  10. So sad to hear that Billy won’t be part of the show this season. His dancing took my breath away, and I was so looking forward to seeing more :(
    I wonder if he’ll go back to Juillard for now and come back next season…

  11. What great dancer Billy is. This really is a bummer. Here’s hoping he can make a reappearance next year and most of all for a speedy recovery! :)

  12. This is such a shame because Billy was TOP 10 material and a favorite by many. Wishing for a speddy recovery!

  13. Jim! Thanks for messing up my format! j/k.

    Sorry MJ. [embarrassed face]

    So….do we think Billy Belliott has the swine flu? [inappropriate rumor mongering]

  14. I hate that – he was far and away my favorite. I think it has to be something more serious than flu. I hope I can stay interested now.

  15. I decided to have no favorite at all this season and then suddenly I stumbled into this guy. My interest in this season is almost zero now. I am so upset.

    Hope he gets well soon.

  16. hmmm. sad to see billy go, like many of you have said, he was one of my faves going into this week. had top 4 potential. but why replace him with a luckluster hip hop dance and not another contemporary guy? and silly kids, it was SARS, not the swine that go to poor billy.

  17. What are they going to do with his partner and his partner dance scheduled for tomorrow? Give the girl a free week and start over next week? It still seems unfair, though, since presumably the others have had more time to get used to each other. And now his partner not only gets a new guy, but a guy who has a totally different style than the last one.

  18. something as simple as mono perhaps? can’t risk rupturing his spleen…

    i hope it isn’t serious :(

  19. Oh man, he was my favorite, too. I might have even voted for him and I’ve never voted before. I hope he is OK and they let him come back next season (if he wants to)

  20. smartcookie, you are so right. I don’t recall who Billy’s partner was, but do we really need another Hip Hop dancer?

    Now, we’ll be hearing about the lack of personality in Season 5. May this group have as much personality and talent as they did. I have a bad taste in my mouth over this season.

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