Dancing with the Stars – Season 16 – Week 5 Results Show

Welcome to the fourth live result show of the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we have special guest performances by Selena Gomez, The Band Perry, and Kerli. I assume we will get an encore dance tonight and either a Macy’s Stars of Dance or AT&T Spotlight performance. And when all is said and done, the fourth couple that had the lowest combined total of audience support and judge scores will be eliminated.

Our poll here at MJ’s suggest that the time is up for D.L. & Cheryl. Also with a nice amount of votes are Andy & Sharna and Victor & Lindsay.

I am inclined to agree with that. I think one of those couples will indeed exit and two out of three will be the bottom two. I have been saying this for a few weeks now but I’ll go with Victor & Lindsay yet again for the boot. I think Andy has another week in him and until he actually goes, I will never predict D.L. to leave. I know he will go eventually but with his supporters out there, who knows when that will actually happen. Last night was a really solid night for Zendaya, Kellie, and Jacoby. Aly recieved good scores but I thought it was her weakest dance. Regardless, she is safe. Sean should be safe, coming off his best dance of the competition. We might see Ingo in jeopardy tonight (going first, being rather average and forgettable) but never count out the soap stars on this show.

I really did enjoy the side-by-side challenge. It exposed the weaker dancers and gave the stronger ones a chance to really shine. It also made for some great choreography and who doesn’t love watching the pros do their thing. It was like a mix of a performance and result show all in one. For a show that usually has less than exciting theme weeks, this one was a success. So let’s start our segment by segment recap. Enjoy :D

Segment 1
The show opens with the pros (both regular and troupe members) dancing a very cool futuristic astronaut inspired routine. The stage looks like a meteor, as if they are getting ready to go to a different planet. Some really cool contemporary (not the style) moves in this routine. I see a mix of some hip-hop as well. Very nice. Mark Ballas and Derek Hough choreographed that. Nice job!

We now get a look back at the judges leader board from last night followed by a sample of what happened last night. And now, time for some results…

The first couple safe is… Kellie & Derek
The first couple in jeopardy is… Ingo & Kym

Segment 2
We now get some filler. It is dedicated to how the pros and celebrities love to be campy and mug for the camera in funny ways. Sean giving a “rose” to Tristan. LOL. Anyways… now it is time for the encore.

Jacoby & Karina get the opportunity to do the encore. Len basically said Zendaya got 10’s but since Jacoby had a wish last night to do an encore, he is making his dream come true. Just as fun and good as last night. A big party feel good dance if there ever was one!

Another bit of a filler. Carrie Ann and Bruno making fun of Len last night.

Zendaya & Val and Victor & Lindsay are talking with Tom. We see a package of how Zendaya learned what Mamma and Papa Maks/Val require of their children- for Maks to take care of Val. By the way, Zendaya & Val are safe!

Victor is feeling good tonight. A package airs about how Victor needed to use the bathroom last night. Very funny as he rushes to the bathroom. However, Victor & Lindsay are in jeopardy tonight!

No surprises thus far.

Segment 3
The Band Perry takes the stage to perform “Better Dig Two.” Witney & Tristan are out to dance as the group sings. This is a pairing I would love to see do a proper routine together. Love them both! This is a pretty catchy tune from the folks that brought us “If I Die Young.

Oh lord, more filler. Now we get a package about Len giving the couples a pep talk. The show is really lacking with finding things to fill up the time tonight.

Time for some more results, thankfully.

The next couple safe is… Jacoby & Karina.
The next couple safe is… Aly & Mark.

Segment 4
Next week, Stevie Wonder night with Hunter Hayes.

In the back, Kellie and Zendaya are revealed to be team captains. Since they are the highest scorers, they get to be team captains. They will pick their teams right after the show.

Team Paso will dance to “Higher Ground“.
Team Samba will dance to “Superstition“.

Andy is getting comfortable in the “jeopardy” box but if he had to pick, he would be on Team Kellie so he is on team “PicklerDick” – HYSTERICAL.

It is time for the Macy’s Stars of Dance Performance as Kerli performs “Love Me Or Leave Me” as Tyne Stecklein and Jeremy Hudson dance a lovely contemporary routine. Stacey Tookey (yes, the choreographer from SYTYCD) put this routine together. It is really pretty and works perfectly with the song.

Segment 5
Selena Gomez is now out to perform “Come & Get It.” It looks as though this is a Bollywood inspired dance. Yes, Selena is doing a few dance steps as she “sings.” Quotes because I don’t think she is singing live. Catchy song, though!

We now get a look back at the final 3 couples and how they did last night with some unseen footage. Now, more results…

The next couple safe is… Sean & Peta.
Also, coming back next week and safe is… Andy & Sharna.
D.L. & Cheryl are in jeopardy
. – First time for them, though they could of course be safe.

Segment 6
Final results of the evening now, folks.

The final couple that is safe is… Ingo & Kym.

The remaining couples are indeed the bottom two.

In this fifth week of competition, the fourth couple exiting the show is…

D.L. & Cheryl

Wow, I know you guys predicted it but considering his safety, I am a bit surprised. Make no mistake though, this was the right call. D.L. was definitely the weakest dancer left and this exit makes sense. Beware Victor- the supporters are obviously not all there so you need to really improve.

Please join me next Monday night as Week 6 brings us Stevie Wonder night with special guest Hunter Hayes. We will have team dances and every routine will be danced to a Wonder classic song- as he performs. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s shows! :D