The Voice 4 – Battle Rounds Pt 2 – Recap, Videos, Result

I’m not terribly impressed with tonight’s battles. The best singer to come out of tonight’s round, is Danielle Bradbery, who has a preternaturally powerful voice. She’s on Team Blake, which has an abundance of country types at this point. She’s also pretty, and has a very commercial sound. Blake picked up Caroline Glaser. Young, and inexperienced, I expect her to flame out pretty quickly.

So. On to next week.

The Battle Rounds continue! I’ll be live blogging them right here.

Michael Austin Vs. Warren StoneTeam Adam – “My Kind of Party” by Jason Aldean – Two country singers from Adam’s team face off against each other. Only, Warren had 3 chairs spin for him, and was clearly the star the night of his audition. Chubby Mike Austin doesn’t stand a chance. Adam warns Warren that he’s falling off some of the notes. Michael reveals that he had a tumor removed from his sinus cavity. Uh oh. Adam feels them falling out of the pocket rhythmically. Warren continues to fall off of the notes in rehearsals. Hillary Scott is the mentor.

Warren really shines on the big emotional ballads, but he’s doing fine here. Better than Michael, who really is a mediocre singer. But I wouldn’t call this a stellar battle. They aren’t really singing together, and there is a lack of energy. Blake dubs Michael “Stone Cold” because of the way the big guy barreled into the ring. Michael embodied the song’s outlaw vibe, while Warren was smoother. For that reason, Blake picks Michael. Warren gave country “swag,” notes Usher. He picks Warren. Shakira liked them both. “Looking to the future,” Adam chooses Warren. This song was definitely not Warren’s vibe. I agree with Adam, overall, Warren will probably be more versatile and prove to be the better competitor. Warren Stone Wins the Battle

Michael Austin vs Warren Stone – The Voice 4 by IdolxMuzic

Jeff Lewis vs. Josiah HawleyTeam Usher – Roxanne by The Police – Jeff had a major label deal, but was dropped before he released an album. Josiah is not as experienced. He was a male model, though! Pharrell is Usher’s mentor. Usher put them together because they are both confident. Pharrell advises Josiah to sing with conviction. The song is a bit of a reach for Jeff, vocally. He’s having trouble with the high notes. At the final run through. the duo seem unrehearsed. They laugh afterward. “WHAT’S FUNNY,” demands Usher. “IS THIS FUNNY TO YOU?” He’s pissed. Joe Pesci is going to make an appearance at any moment. “You got to take this serious.” Usher likes the personality that Josiah put in his voice. Jeff and Josiah fight for the mike–an exercise Usher suggests. He intimates that Jeff lacks charisma and star power. And that it’s something you can unlock–but not teach.

Usher was bagging on Jeff during rehearsal, but I find Josiah kind of shouty. Shakira thinks it’s a difficult song. She wasn’t impressed overall. Adam thought it fell flat. Adam would choose Josiah. Blake didn’t think it was too bad. Josiah looks like a rock star, but Jeff had the better vocal. I bet he’s unfamiliar with the song. Sting writes rhythmically tricky songs, and neither really caught the groove of the original. Usher was expecting a fiercer performance from both–mentioning inappropriate smiling. Eh. Neither  singer was outstanding, but I would have given the win to Jeff. Josiah Hawley wins the Battle

Jeff Lewis vs Josiah Hawley – The Voice 4 by IdolxMuzic

Three quick battles

Grace Askew Vs. Trevor Davis – Team Blake – Grace Askew wins the battle. – Really? We’re blowing right by the quirky Grace Askew? I hope that’s not an omen for her prospects in the knockout rounds.

The rest of these people, I barely remember.

Audrey Karrasch vs Jamila Thompson – Team Usher – Audrey Karrasch wins the battle

Tawnya Reynolds vs Mark Andrew – Team Shakira – Tawnya Reynolds wins the battle

Three Quick Battles – The Voice 4 (1st Battle… by IdolxMuzic

Caroline Glaser vs Danielle Bradbery – Team Blake – “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae – Both are teenagers. Caroline is a young country singer. Danielle is a singer/songwriter type. Mentor, Sheryl Crowe, notes Caroline’s unique voice. But Danielle can hit those big notes. Caroline takes direction really well, while Danielle struggles a little. Both girls are really nervous. Blake feels like a coach getting them ready for the big high school game. The singer with the most confidence is going to win, he says.

Hands down, Danielle has the pipes. She can belt and hit the high notes. She’s a naturally better singer than Caroline, whose tone and phrasing are an acquired taste. It really comes down to what you prefer. I find Caroline a little precious myself, but that’s just me.  Her distinctive tone will help separate her from the pack–if she doesn’t fall apart first. They both came up really confident, says Usher,  but there were some shaky harmonies. Shakira compares the girls’ performance to tangerine ice cream. Refreshing! Adam loves them both, but Caroline’s voice is ethereal, special–if not perfect. Blake is blown away by Danielle’s natural singing ability, and indeed, she wins the battle. Another country singer for Blake. Immediately after, Adam and Usher try to steal Caroline. Adam kicked himself for not spinning for her to begin with. He BEGS her to pick him now. Usher says he can teach her things. Oh yeah? Ha. He also says, “I think I can introduce things to you.” Hm. Blake insists that whomever she chooses needs to understand her as a singer songwriter. That becomes the gist of the argument between Adam and Usher–who has more cred, basically. Ultimately, she chooses Adam. Danielle Bradbery Wins the Battle, Team Adam Steals Caroline Glaser.

Caroline Glaser vs Danielle Bradbury – The Voice 4 by IdolxMuzic

Adam Steals Caroline Glaser – The Voice 4 by IdolxMuzic

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