Dancing with the Stars – A Winner is Crowned Tonight

Brooke and Derek win Dancing with the Stars

2nd Place: Warren and Kym
3rd Place: Lance and Lacey

Video and live re-cap after the JUMP…

Brooke and Derek win. Wow, that was…anticlimactic. Do I suck at making predictions for this show, or what. I totally underestimated Warren and Kym’s fan base, even though some peeps warned me earlier in the season not to underestimate the fan bases of the football players.

As far as the finale, I thought the highlights were few and far between all of the unnecessary filler. Most of the show was some sort of do-over–including all the contestant’s routines tonight. In between stuff we’ve already seen ad nauseum, there were a couple of guest performances–Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus–and a few lame bits. The Jeffrey Ross “roast” and Cloris’s interview segment had potential, but fell flat.

I felt about a minutes worth of disappointment that my favorites, Lance and Lacey lost. Everyone will go on with their careers already in progress. I would think the win means more in terms of career advancement for the pros than it does for the stars. In the meantime, stars like Lance and Toni, who don’t have regular day jobs will go on the tour.

Then, it starts all over again in a few short months…

There’s going to be a heck of a lot of filler in tonight’s special finale. Re-cap, pointless interviews, dumb videos…yada yada. And of course, we’ll have to re-live the entire season, I’m sure. Do we have to?

After the requisite recap, Cloris Leachman conducts a man-in-the-street type interview. Well, there wasn’t much to that. I was expecting way more hijinks.

Alicia Keys take the stage to sing “I Need You” with a gaggle of dancers. Alicia’s got a little footwork of her own going on, until she gets behind the piano to do her thang.

Oh look, there’s Miley. She’s next. Yipee.

Jeffrey and Edwina, Ted and Inna and Kim Kardashian reprise a dance. Do we really even want to see these dances again? Jeffrey and Kim–Ouch.

Re-cap of Week 3 and 4 – Misty May-Treanor injures her ankle. I an’t get enough of hearing her tendon pop. Ouch. I can’t get enough of Rocco in a pink ruffled shirt! Misty May is back. She can walk now. That’s a good thing. Look, there’s Maks, and he’s answering questions diplomatically, for once.

Rocco and Karina dance the Mambo. Aww, Rocco sure is cute, but he’s got no rhythm!

Weeks 5 and 6: Four brand new dances, and it was kind of a trainwreck! Michael Flatley judges. Sort of.

Toni Braxton is here, but she’s just come out of minor surgery, and she can’t dance. But who cares about her, Cloris and Corky make their entrance. Everybody loves Cloris! Aw, Cloris isn’t going to Broadway after all, because “Young Frankenstein” is closing… Damn the economy!

Susan Lucci and Tony are back to dance the paso doble. Susan’s dramatic skills held her in good stead here…

Maurice Greene and Cheryl dance the Salsa. Aw, I thought Maurice should have lasted at least another week. Maybe he should be in the finals instead of Warren. Love this salsa…

More and more recap. We’re speeding through the weeks now, to make time for Jeffrey Ross and his roast of his fellow contestants. This is a little corny. But then, he’s got to keep it PG for the kids.

Cody and Julianne dance their Lucy and Ricky jitterbug. Maybe my favorite from them.

The judges assess the competition. For the nth time. The Pop Star, The Hero, The Hot Momma–guess who is who!

Oh geez, presenting the competitors standing on pedestals with blowing smoke to the strains of the Star Wars theme? This show is so cheesy! They’re all cracking up.

The last leg of the competition finally begins…

Warren and Kym – The Hustle – As it turns out, Warren’s football footwork translated to dancing. Kym wants to cuddle Warren! Warren tells Kym he loves her. Aw. Warren’s footwork here is a bit clumpy, but the lifts are really nice. Len says he may not be the judges champion, but he is the people’s champion. Bruno calls him the craftiest hustler of them all. Carrie Ann calls it, “Too cool for school.” Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 9 Bruno – 9 – 2780

Lance and Lacey – The Jitterbug – Lance wanted to bring something different to the dance floor. Lance loves Lacey like a sister, and calls her a friend for life. Lacey says Lance is a little butterfly that came out of his cocoon. Lance feels so much more confident! The jitterbug is a total crowd pleaser. Will Lance keep his shoe on? Yes, he does. Bruno tells Lance he’s become a great showman. Carrie Ann nitpicks some mistakes, and adds that they both deserve to be here. Len says they sparkled the last few weeks. Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 9 Bruno – 10 28 81

Brooke and Derek – Viennese Waltz – Brooke says Derek was her favorite dancer. Derek says Brooke was born to dance. They admit to having problems during the competition, but ultimately came to respect one another. They fully intend to win. They are dancing beautifully. If they don’t get another perfect score, it will be close. Carrie Ann is crying. No sh*t. She calls Brooke a star, and Derek an incredible teacher. Len thinks it was the dance of the season. Bruno says, “Belissima” Aw, Brooke’s husband is tearing up. Carrie Ann – 10 Len – 10 Bruno – 10 – 3088

First couple to be eliminated: Lance and Lacey!

OMG. Color me shocked. I was sure they’d come in second.

Miley Cyrus sings her craptacular hit “Fly on the Wall”. This song is really terrible, and Miley can’t sing at all. I predict the end of her adolescence will be the end of her career.

Samantha interviews Brooke and Derek and Warren and Kym backstage.

Ten minutes to waste. Really, they should just hand out the damn thing now. Tom is out in the audience interviewing the eliminated contestants, who plug, plug away.

Finally, the winner.

Brooke and Derek win Dancing with the Stars….

Aw look, they have their mirror ball. What a prize!

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