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DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Finale" - After weeks of stunning competitive dancing, the final four couples advance to the season finale of "Dancing with the Stars," live, MONDAY, NOV. 19 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) BOBBY BONES, SHARNA BURGESS

Hey Dancing Fans,

Welcome to the FINALE of season twenty-seven of Dancing with the Stars. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews host, while Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli sit on the judges’ panel. Check out all the song and dance style spoilers HERE.

It’s finale night! The four remaining couples battle it out for the coveted mirrorball trophy.

Each couple will dance a repeat dance and a freestyle.

There is an opportunity for last-minute voting tonight. Vote at dwtslivevote.com 

The competition is tighter than ever with only one winning pro (Witney) in the finale.

Best of luck to everyone. Here we go!


First up for the repeat dance, is Alexis and Alan – Argentine Tango.  Lots of AT content, this time they looked in it to win it. There was some mess up of Alexis’ footwork though.

Len: Congratulations on getting through to the finals to everyone. You pulled off a terrific dance. Lovely feeling in ballet, plenty of AT content. A few mess ups of footwork. Overall, consistently good. Bruno: gave poise and confidence of a black swan. beautiful hold and connection with Alan. Really found yourself. CAI: You’ve become so expressive. Your pointe wasn’t as strong as last time

Scores: CAI: 9   Len: 9   Bruno: 9   Total: 27 out of 30, last time they got a 25


Next up is Bobby and Sharna with their hammer time cha-cha.  Oh My God. Just no. That was not finale worthy. At ALL. Looked the same as last time.

Bruno: He was digging it. I do understand why you’re. Whatever you do is so totally you. You’re irresistible. CAI: You define the laws of ballroom dancing. You prove that hard work and determination pays off. You are doing moves incorrectly but everyone is smiling. Len: You make it so much fun out there, it doesn’t matter what you did wrong.

Scores: CAI: 8   Len: 8   Bruno: 8  Total: 24 out of 30, last time they got a 20


Dan + Shay performance


Recap from the first few weeks was shown and now eliminated couples will dance. Joe and Jenna are dancing. Time for a snack break…


Evanna and Keo are dancing their Halloween Tango.  This was the dance where she evolved and you can so see it! Yas girl.

CAI: Congrats Keo. You have brought this woman into the finale and well deserved. Evanna, you are most improved. This was better the second time. You made me proud. Len: You improved your posture and frame. Bruno: I love to see you growing. That was clear, crisp, clean. You looked like the leading girl.

Scores: CAI: 10  Len: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 30 out of 30, last time they got 29 out of 20

A special message from Emma Watson congratulating her


Milo and Witney will redo their Charleston- Robin Thicke is performing live. Milo amazes once again! Loved that the first time and loved it now.

Len: You’re 17. I have underpants older than you. You have so much confidence and maturity. I didn’t like this as much last time. I felt it lacked a bit. Tonight it was right on the money. Bruno: Even more exciting, if that is possible. It was sharper than ever. The musicality and attention to detail were sharper than ever. CAI: You are ridiculously amazing. I said it before you are the one to beat.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30, last time they got a 26


John, Juan Pablo, Milo, and Joe, Bobby, and I think they said Mary Lou will be joining the tour…. weird but ok

Juan Pablo and Cheryl are dancing now and I so wish they were in the competition still… sigh.


Tinashe is singing and the male pros are dancing


The freestyles are next!!!!

Alexis and Alan are first again. Avril Lavigne is performing “Head Above Water”. They were in hold for a bit but it was mostly contemporary. Not their best, but not their worst. It was passionate but I just thought the choreography was mediocre. The mountain concept was cool. They kept up with the song beautifully.

Len: That was such a powerful song. It did not overpower the dance. It had wonderful musicality. Bruno: You took a big risk with this one. There was a technical and emotional difficulty in this. You were on top of it all the way through. CAI: You struggled coming down from the mountain. You peaked at the right moment.

They’re kissing again….

Scores:  CAI: 10     Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30, 57 out of 60


John is singing. Who knew he sang? Emma and Sasha are dancing. Bobby and Sharna are next dancing to “The Greatest Show”. That was a circus… not in a good way… Too much talking. They flossed and that was probably the best part of the dance… He’s still so stiff…. ugh

Bruno: That was the perfect freestyle for a free spirit. Sharna, you did a stunning job with that number. CAI: I’m so confused. There were so many things. You shined so brightly. Len: Tonight, you’ve become my champion.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30, 54 out of 60. What? Really?


Milo and Witney are dancing next- “Ain’t  No Sunshine”. THE WATER AND THE UMBRELLAS AND THE DANCING. OMG! That was incredible. It looked professional. A sort of contemporary jazz.

CAI: My mind is blown right now. We’ve never had a freestyle with that much content. You have grown from a boy to a man. Len: What I loved was the mix. Full of control and drama. Both dances were brilliant. Bruno: Versatile. Incredible in everything you do. You are a star.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30, 60 out of 60


Evanna and Keo are ending season 27 with their freestyle, Keo’s first- “It’s Oh So Quiet”. It was a mix of jazz, contemporary, Viennese Waltz. That was so cute, fun, and so Evanna. It was filled with so much passion.

Len: What a fantastic evening. This was the cherry on top. I loved the mix. Keo, congrats. Bruno: It was bright, colorful, quirky. It really was your character. You shined like a leading lady. CAI: You did such a great job. There’s something so special about you.

Scores: CAI: 10  Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30, 60 out of 60 




Bobby and Sharna… I am so happy for Sharna but this is not real life. Nope.

Congrats to them though. This is now a popularity contest and not a dancing contest.

I want to know 4th, 3rd, and 2nd.

This is Sharna’s first win!!!!

Thanks for a great season, everyone. Maybe I’ll see you next weekend if I ever get over this. Have a very happy Thanksgiving. I am shocked.

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