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THE VOICE -- "Live Top 13" Episode 1515A -- Pictured: Kennedy Holmes -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 15 LIVE Finals begin tonight. The Top 13 will perform for your votes. And finally, iTunes studios are available for each performance and will count as votes! But while songs are available to download, only Apple Music streams will count as votes. The Top 11 will be revealed on Tuesday’s results show. 

Tonight, coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton are on hand as team members sing songs chosen based on a “Dedication” theme. As always, Carson Daly serves as host.

The Voice Season 15 Top 13 Song Spoilers 

Vote for your favorites via and The Voice App. Or listen to streams on iTunes HERE. For more click The Voice Rules. Voting is OPEN beginning at 8 pm ET

NOTE: The online Vote Window closes at 7 am ET. The iTunes voting window closes at 9 am. 30 seconds of a song counts as a FULL STREAM. And instead of the Top 10 chart bonus, this season the MOST STREAMED ARTIST OF THE NIGHT will have their stream totals multiplied by 5.

The show opens with the contestants sharing to whom they are dedicating their first final performances.

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake Shelton – Let it Be by The Beatles – Chris is sure he got through to the finals because many of his small town Wisconsin peeps were voting for him.  He is dedicating his song to the folks in his small town, where a tragedy appears to be unfolding A 13 year old girl from from the town has been abducted and is still missing. He’s wearing a green ribbon on his guitar, which represents hope. Blake notes that Chris is able to sing all kinds of music, and make listeners believe it. He begins his performance a cappella, which highlights his unusual voice. It’s raspy, but flows effortlessly at the same time.  His take on the Beatles’ classic is a sweet guitar driven version of the song. Unless it’s sung horribly, it’s hard to go wrong with the beloved “Let it Be.” Adam loves Chris’ version. He’s jealous of his “ability to scream with that rasp.” Blake compliments his work ethic.

Tyke James – Team Adam Levine – (Everything I Do) Do it For You by Bryan Adams – Tyke brings his mom along. He’s only 17, so he still needs a chaperone. He’ll be dedicating his song for her. He’s on a first name basis with her…or something. Adam has a bright idea. Sing the song with a ukulele. OK then. Adam calls Tyke a “total weirdo” as a compliment. Ugh. I really dislike the way he slurs his words. DICTION DUDE IT’S A THING. And this uke accompaniment makes the song even cornier than the original. Performing in the death slot, Tyke is probably toast.  “That was so great!” gushes Kelly, “You stand apart. This is my favorite thing you’ve done.” She notes they are both wearing their hair up. Heh. Adam is “so proud of you dude” and calls Tyke “an amazing artist.” He loves the way Tyke stripped it down.

Shania Twain is in the Sky Box with Carson. Oh wow. She’s here to pimp her own competitive reality show on USA Network. It’s part of the Universal family, so I guess it’s cool. Blake warns her NOT TO STEAL HIS COUNTRY ARTISTS. The show is called Real Country, and it debuted last Tuesday. There’s more about it HERE. Jake Owen and Travis Tritt sit on the panel. 

DeAndre Nico – Team Adam Levine – I Can Only Imagine by Mercyme – He’s dedicating his song to his girlfriend Crystal. Sadly, she got pregnant during the time he was taping the Knockouts, but lost the baby. Adam compliments his unique tone. For the song, DeAndre accompanies himself on an electric piano. His tone is so gorgeous. His voice flows effortlessly, with an impressive range. It’s such an emotional, impactful performance, only appearing early in the show would might hinder his chance to advance. Jennifer says, “You can sing anything, I love the spirit you brought to that song.” Adam calls his voice “identifiable…that’s the vehicle you have to drive you through the competition.”

Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly Clarkson – Diamonds by Rihanna – Kym had to be saved by Kelly, who couldn’t imagine a Top 13 without her. She’s dedicating her song to her little sister–wants to show her barriers can be broken. Kelly urges Kymberli to use her head voice, which impresses her more than her big chest voice. The singer is determined to “bare my soul” to America. Kymberli is the kind of pro vocalist who can sing ANYTHING. She effortlessly traverses her big range. Her tone is gorgeous wherever it lands. It’s a pitch perfect performance. Aw. Sis is in the audience in tears. Her brother is there as well. Kelly notes that she sings it different every time, comparing her performances to a Broadway show. “You just love to sing…it’s so beautiful to watch.” She calls her runs “insane.”

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer Hudson – Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler – Jennifer shares that she sang Wind Beneath my Wings during her eighth grade graduation. Kennedy is dedicating the song to her parents. Jennifer suggests she think of the song as an “emotion.” The parents join them in rehearsal. Jennifer is sure the song will be an emotional moment. I’m not crazy about this old fashioned song pick. It’s too Miss America for my tastes. Her rendition is solid, she’s hitting those high notes beautifully. It’s nice, but still short of fully inhabiting the song’s emotion. All four coaches are on their feet. Jennifer feels Kennedy was born to be a star, and knows that her parents must be so proud.

SandyRedd – Team Jennifer Hudson – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men – Sandy is dedicating the song to her late mother. “I definitely understand that as well,” says Jennifer.  Sandy lost her mom suddenly and regrets she didn’t get the thanks that she deserved. “Keep the emotion, but don’t let it interfere with the singing,” Jennifer advises her. The two bond over their mutual losses. Sandy is typically working the stage, but tonight she’s singing a big ballad and it’s different. I like her doing the rock/soul thing better, honestly.  Her phrasing is a little odd and she sounds nasally in parts, especially in her lower register. But she’s tapping some deep feelings, and it is affecting, especially as she builds to a crescendo. Blake loves seeing her emotional side and compliments her lower register. Jennifer calls her lower register a “powerful thing.”

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Clarkson – Little White Church by Little Big Town – Kelly notes that she’s the only country female in the Top 13. She’s dedicating the song to her dad, who loves classic rock. They are best friends, even working on cars together. Kelly wants Chevel to show her sassy side tonight.  The young singer has an authentic sound. Her raspy tone and ability to scoop up into her head voice are classic country. Being the only female country singer could really help her. “You are so magnificent!” gushes Kelly. Adam is “obsessed” with her. “You’re so awesome, you’re so talented.”  She’s so tiny standing next to Carson!

MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer Hudson – I Am Changing from Dreamgirls – She wants to show people that she’s more than riffs and runs. And nobody does that better than Jhud, she says. So, MacKenzie is dedicating her song to her coach. Jennifer urges her to approach the song in her own way. Whoa, she’s channeling JHud big time here. If I close my eyes, I can hear her. MacKenzie’s pipes are MASSIVE and impressive. But Jennifer is correct. She’s got to find her own approach, and I’m not sure that’s happening here. In short, while I’m impressed with MacKenzie’s vocals, I want to see more ARTISTRY. That big high note near the end is a crowd pleaser, but I want more. Jennifer calls her skills “bananas. “You make me proud,” she says.

Jennifer and Blake are reading the special edition of People about The Voice. Everyone in the audience gets a copy!

Sarah Grace – Team Kelly Clarkson – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John –  She attends a performing arts high school. To get in, she auditioned on trumpet! Sarah plays many instruments and is very musical. She’s dedicating the song to her fellow “dreamers.” Kelly suggests not relying on riffs, because everyone else is doing that. Kelly is in tears. Sarah performs at the electric piano. This is a very hard song to sing and a departure from Sarah’s typical classic blues. Her dusky alto is compelling and surprisingly rangy. She adds her own spin to the verses. It’s a beautifully understated performance. Not sure it’s the kind of thing that gets folks to vote, however. Kelly calls her a musician and vocalist at heart. “I learn so much just watching you,” she says.

Dave Fenley – Team Blake Shelton – Hard to Love by Lee Brice – Dave is feeling humbled because Blake had to save him. He’s dedicating his performance to his wife. He says the song is like a page out of his life. Dave jokes that he picked a new song this week to give the kids something they know. He plays on an acoustic guitar that is well-worn. That’s Dave–he’s a road warrior who performs like he’s seen it all. His vibe is world weary, nakedly emotional. Smart to pick a popular song this week. Adam calls Dave one of his favorites. He loves what he does. Blake calls that an important performance, establishing him as a “rock solid” vocalist. He insists that Dave is NOT hard to love!

Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly Clarkson – Wolves by Selena Gomez – Unlike the rest of her team, Kelly is just getting to know Lynnea, the Comeback Stage artist. The Voice audience doesn’t really know her either. And of course, there are die hard fans mad that she got through instead of a favorite. She’s got a lot to overcome at this stage. Lynnae’s mom is in prison due to drug charges. She’s dedicating the song to her. Kelly compares her to Erykah Badu and John Legend and believes she’ll shock everyone. She’s an interesting vocalist, with a beautiful tone. On the chorus she hits a huge note and later hits some gorgeous tones in her head voice. Solid, solid outing. But is it enough to prove her place in the finals? I’m not sure. Jennifer is “blown away” by her star quality and presence. She compares her to Rihanna. “You’re the comeback kid who is killing it tonight,” says Kelly.

Kirk Jay – Team Blake Shelton – I’m Already There by Lonestar –  Blake says country fans are picky, but he has struck a chord with them. Blake promises Kirk will meet his favorite, Gary Levox sometime. He’s dedicating the song to his mom, who has never seen him perform live. Kirk is such an earnest vocalist, he could make the corniest ballad seem heartfelt. He’s a good storyteller–not afraid to be vulnerable on stage. That’s on top of a beautiful voice. The coaches give him a standing ovation. Jennifer wanted to throw her notebook. She calls his yodel “anointing.” She’s his biggest fan. Blake says he knocked it out of the park. “I love you,” he says.

Reagan Strange – Team Adam Levine – You Say by Lauren Daigle – She’s dedicating the song to her grandparents. She recently sang the song for the first time in church. Her grandad is her pastor. Adam calls her a “snarling beast” with depth and soul. Danielle Bradbery calls to thank her for singing her song last week. It’s a pretty version of the song. The pimp spot + Jeebus song = Reagan is going nowhere this week but the Top 11.  “You epitomize what the show stands for,” says Adam. “You are truly an amazing artist,” he says.

Kelly and Adam sing with their teams tomorrow night. TWO singers head home. The instant save is back. 


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