Dancing With The Stars – Season 18 – Week 6

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Hey guys!!! Amanda (Celebrity Bug) is back in action and here to recap another exciting week of Dancing With the Stars. Last week, the contestants danced and recreated characters from Disney, and James Maslow topped the leader board with the first perfect score of the season.

Tonight, the remaining contestant take on Party Hits. The contestants and the pros open the show with a fun routine to “Party In the U.S.A.”. After this, Tom and Erin welcome us and guest judge Redfoo of LMFAO to the show.

Opening Group Number – Entire Cast – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic
NeNe and Tony are SAFE and dancing first.

NeNe & Tony (Salsa)

The duo shed some tears behind their tiff last week and it seems to have brought out the best in their partnership (at least in rehearsals). Unfortunately, that is where the good begins and ends. The dancing is borderline hideous in my opinion. She is still restricting her movements too much for her body and its likely because she already towers over him and doesn’t want to bring even more attention to it. This, however, is not working.

Len says she needs to work on her technique, Bruno calls her “one of a kind”, Carrie Ann thought it was the most comfortable she has ever danced (I disagree) and Redfoo thought she owned it.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8 & Redfoo-9 = 33/40
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Nene Leakes & Tony – Salsa – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

James and Peta are SAFE, while Candace & Mark are IN JEOPARDY.

Candace & Mark (Cha Cha)

They realize that she is over-thinking it and not letting the dance come to her. She struggles trying be naturally sexy and decides to rely acting chops. Let’s just say if this was a movie, she would easily garnish a Razzie nomination. The dancing isn’t bad, but she is still over-thinking it way to much.

Bruno says she was like a switch going on and off (I agree), Carrie Ann had the reaction that Mark wanted the guys to have, Redfoo comments on her dress and agree with Bruno, and Len thought her leg action was terrific.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8 & Redfoo-8 = 32/40
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Candace Cameron Bure ?& Mark – Cha Cha – DWTS… by IdolxMuzic

James & Peta (Quickstep)

They didn’t expect the perfect score and this week is the most frustrating for them, because of the expectations that are now on them. They are dancing to “You’re the One That I Want” from ‘Grease’, and there are some timing issues. Not to mention the footwork (Yikes).

Carrie Ann calls him a leading man and notes that he has the perfect mix of athleticism and charm. Redfoo says something annoying, Len thought the footwork was bad and Bruno thought it was wonderful.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9 & Redfoo-9 = 35/40
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James Maslow & Peta – Quickstep – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

The contestants talk about their struggles in the competition and then we are treated to another spectacularly choreographed Macy’s Stars of Dance performance.

[HD] Macys Stars Of Dance – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

Meryl and Maks are SAFE, while Danica and Val are IN JEOPARDY.

Danica & Val (Cha Cha)

Danica finally believes they are contenders and they are dancing to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, by the legendary Whitney Houston. It is hard to believe this girl has never danced before, because her lines are so clean, and once again, Val gives her some tremendous choreography to work with.

Redfoo says a lot, but nothing at all. He liked it though. Len thought it was the best dance of the night (I Agree), Bruno thought she handled the difficulty well and Carrie Ann thinks she finally blossomed.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9 & Redfoo-9 = 36/40
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Danica McKellar & Val – Cha Cha – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Meryl & Maks (Tango)

Meryl was surprised by the four 9’s after her performance and thought they would get better scores based on comments. Maks is frustrated and rehashes Julianne’s comments a couple of weeks ago about him phoning his performance in. I get it. All of these seasons as a pro and no mirror ball trophy to show for it. As for the dancing, it is superb. The chemistry! The intensity! Whatever they are selling… I’m buying it!

Len says she is the first celebrity that has been able to match Maks’ intensity (Mel B was great with him as well), Bruno thought the choreography was incredible, Carrie Ann thought it was magical and Redfoo thought it was out of this world.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10 & Redfoo-10 = 40/40
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Meryl Davis & Maks – Tango – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

Drew & Cheryl (Tango)

Drew thinks this is his last week. Well, he is the worst dancer left in the competition, but that doesn’t mean he is going home. He will be playing a pimp and promises that we will see the best Tango that he can do. He is literally walking through the movements without a care in the world and to put it simply, it’s bad.

Bruno thought he pimped it to maximum effect, Carrie Ann though he was the “life of the party”, Redfoo rambles on about him being a swagged out and Len loves his commitment.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Bruno-8 & Redfoo-9 = 32/40
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Drew Carey & Cheryl – Tango – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

Those are some generous scores, to say the least. Redfoo performs.

Charlie & Sharna (Cha Cha)

He has a difficult schedule this week and Sharna has prepared another challenging routine for him. No need to worry, he delivers a glowing performance. The guy’s moves are as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Carrie Ann calls it sexy and funky, Redfoo says it made him want to dance, Len thinks his musicality is tremendous and Bruno thought he maintained the style.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9 & Redfoo-9 = 36/40
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Charlie White ?& Sharna – Cha Cha – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Amy & Derek (Jive)

Derek tells her the halfway mark is when the claws start to come out and they are taking on the Jive, which is one of the fastest dances out there. They recreate a Wedding Crashers scene and there is a minor slip-up, but this is still amazing. This girl is astonishing!

Redfoo continues to be a useless seat filler, Len loves watching her dance, Bruno calls her a real-life superhero and Carrie Ann thought her kicks were great.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10 & Redfoo-10 = 38/40
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Amy Purdy & Derek – Jive – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

Amy and Derek are SAFE. Charlie and Sharna are SAFE. Drew and Cheryl are IN JEOPARDY. Either Drew, Candace or Danica are going home.

Danica is SAFE. Candace is SAFE. Drew and Cheryl are ELIMINATED!

Final Results & Elimination – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic


Meryl & Maks – 40/40
Amy & Derek – 38/40
Danica & Val – 36/40
Charlie & Sharna – 36/40
James & Peta – 35/40
NeNe & Tony – 33/40
Candace & Mark – 32/40
Drew & Cheryl – 32/40

This ends week six of the competition.

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