Celebrity Big Brother 3 Recap: Episode 5 Elimination Live Blog

A new episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The third season of Celebrity Big Brother premiered last week. Miesha Tate won the first HoH competition of the season, and she nominated Mirai Nagasu and Carson Kressley for eviction. Carson won the Power of Veto and saved himself from the block. Todrick Hall persuaded Miesha to shift the target to Teddi Mellencamp. Miesha named Teddi as the replacement nominee, and Mirai and Teddi faced the first eviction vote of the season. However, the Mon Won twist flipped the game at the last minute. The Mon Won label on the hat was turned upside down to say “Nom Now.” The celebrities passed around the hat, and the last person holding the hat would be nominated for eviction. Todd Bridges was left with the hat, but he was able to choose whom to replace. Todd took Mirai’s place on the block, resulting in Todd and Teddi facing the first eviction vote of the season. After a 5 – 3 vote, Teddi Mellencamp was the first celebrity evicted from the house.

Chris Kirkpatrick won the second HoH competition of the season. Chris chose to nominate Mirai Nagasu and Chris Kattan for eviction. Mirai is his target, but there is still the Power of Veto competition. Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save Mirai or Chris from the block? And who will be the next celebrity evicted? Let’s find out!

The episode picks up after the Nomination Ceremony. We hear from some of the celebrities in the Diary Room. Chris Kirkpatrick is threatened by how close Mirai is to Miesha and Todrick. Mirai is disappointed to be nominated again, but she’s not a quitter. Chris Kattan is having a great time and doesn’t want to go home yet. Miesha is disappointed Chris Kirkpatrick isn’t targeting Carson instead.

Carson and Cynthia are relieved to not be nominated. Carson plans to lie low this week. However, Cynthia is concerned about being a possible replacement nominee. Meanwhile, Shanna and Chris Kirkpatrick talk game. They are a tight duo, and they are playing both sides of the house. They have game relationships with both Carson & Cynthia and Miesha & Todrick. Shanna believes Mirai is a minion of Miesha and Todrick. We see a scene of Mirai reassuring Todrick that she will be loyal to him and Miesha. Todrick hopes Mirai wins the Power of Veto. Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna talk more game. They say Miesha acts like she is running the house. They ponder whether they should make a move against Miesha & Todrick should the Power of Veto be used.

Miesha still wants to persuade Chris Kirkpatrick to target Carson instead of Mirai. Miesha wanted to cash in on the deal she made with Mirai last week. She hopes Mirai wins the Power of Veto and Carson will be the next target. Chris Kirkpatrick tells Miesha that he does not trust Mirai as much as she does. Chris Kirkpatrick explains in the Diary Room that he will not play Miesha’s game during his HoH week. Miesha and Todrick keep pushing for the target to shift away from Mirai, but Chris Kirkpatrick is not receptive to their idea. Later, Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna talk game. They are both bothered by how hard Miesha and Todrick are trying to push their own agenda this week. Shanna suggests naming Todrick as the replacement nominee if the Power of Veto should be used. Chris Kirkpatrick says he will consider his options, whether naming Lamar or Todd as a pawn or targeting Todrick.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. The competition is taking inspiration from the upcoming Jennifer Lopez movie Marry Me. We see a trailer of the film before the competition begins. Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia were randomly chosen to compete along with Chris Kirkpatrick, Mirai, and Chris Kattan. The competition is a memory quiz to identify a sign that says “Marry Me” in an image of a crowd. They must identify where the sign is for each image.

Question 1: Everyone but Chris Kirkpatrick is correct.

Question 2: Everyone but Chris Kirkpatrick is correct.

Question 3: Mirai, Todrick, and Cynthia are correct.

Question 4: Chris Kattan, Mirai, Todrick, and Shanna are correct.

Question 5: Shanna is correct.

Question 6: Everyone but Chris Kattan is correct.

Question 7: Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia are correct.

Todrick and Shanna are tied. They must answer a tiebreaker question to the nearest hour without going over. They must say how many hours was the moment between the Mon Won hat reveal to when Todd was named as a nominee. Shanna says 72 hours. Todrick says 180 hours. The correct answer is 175 hours. Shanna wins the Power of Veto!

It’s time for the Veto Meeting. Shanna chooses to not use the Power of Veto.

It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Chris Kattan and Mirai will each get one more chance to plead their case. Chris Kattan says Chris Kirkpatrick was right that he doesn’t know much about the game, and he thinks it’s time for him to move on. He wants Mirai to stay in the house. Mirai says Chris Kattan has been one of her dearest friends. Mirai says she’s been trying her best in the house, and she wants to be a representative to people who look like her. She mentions the Cookout alliance from last season, and she wants to continue to pave the way. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Cynthia votes to evict Mirai.

Miesha votes to evict Mirai.

Carson votes to evict Mirai.

Lamar votes to evict Mirai.

Todrick votes to evict Mirai.

Todd votes to evict Mirai.

Shanna votes to evict Mirai.

By a unanimous vote, Mirai has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. She gives everyone a hug before walking out the front door. She sits down for her interview with Julie. Mirai admits she was prepared to be evicted tonight. She says it was really lonely in the house and she didn’t relate to anyone. Julie points out how she was the youngest person in the cast. Mirai says she also was never was the only Asian American in a room before. Julie asks Mirai about her friendship with Chris Kattan, and Mirai says she looks forward to reading his book and seeing him do standup. Julie asks Mirai what’s tougher between the Olympics and Celebrity Big Brother. Mirai says she likes to prepare and train, but she wasn’t mentally prepared for the game of Big Brother. Mirai will be back on finale night to help vote for the winner of the season.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Thanks for reading, and come back next time for another live recap.

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