Celebrity Apprentice Alum Teresa Giudice Sentenced to Jail


Remember back when Clay Aiken was on Celebrity Apprentice? One of the cast members that season, way back in 2012 was Teresa Guidice, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She came across as a nice, mild mannered lady in competition, but apparently, she’s pretty crazy on the show.

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in p...
R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison

Last year, she and her husband, Joe Giudice, were indicted on wire and bankruptcy fraud. Basically, they forged documents in order to obtain loans on their property. They also failed to file income taxes and attempted to hide money as they went through the bankruptcy process (prior to being on Housewives).

It was such a big old mess that the two pleaded guilty back in March to several counts of bank and mail fraud.

Teresa’s husband was sentenced today to 41 months in jail with a restitution payment of $414,588.  Later, despite pleading for leniency, citing fears of abandoning her 4 young children, Judge Esther Salas sentenced the housewife to 15 months in the slammer, with a restitution payment of $414,588.

Teresa had pleaded her case:

“Thank you for letting me address the court today. I wrote this last night because I get nervous when I speak. I speak as a wife, a mother, and a daughter. Today I am blessed but I am also humbled. I hear you and what you are saying, and it is time for me to wake up.”

“My daughters are my life. I don’t care about the TV show, or materialistic things. My daughters are all that I care about, and I feel so bad that my 13-year-old has any idea what is going on with all of this. I am more sorry than anyone will know. The silver lining is that I can learn and show my daughters. I know everything happens for a reason, and I hope I can find that reason.”

The Giudices have 4 daughters:  Gia, 13, Gabriella, 9, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 4.

An attorney for the prosecution asked that Teresa serve at least 21 months, arguing that dishing out a light sentence would send the message that famous people can get away with committing crimes. However, if the couple had been honest on their financial disclosure forms to the court, Judge Salas might have cut them a break.

“For a moment I thought about probation, until I read the government’s report,” said the judge. “What you did in the financial disclosure really sticks in my craw.”

According to North Jersey.com, Teresa will serve her sentence first, after which Joe will serve his. The back to back sentences allow for at least one parent to be home with the kids at any given time.  Both parents will spend the holidays at home. Teresa is set to report for her term on Jan. 5.  After Joe’s jail time is finished, the government will likely deport him back to Italy, where he is originally from.  He’s not an American citizen.

Read more at US Magazine, NorthJersey.com

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  1. I’m nervous I’ll be the only person commenting on this, because I’m not sure the RH franchise is popular around here. But, I’m an addict. I’ll watch any of them… New York, Atlanta, Orange County, Miami. New Jersey is by far my favorite of the bunch. For that reason, my heart breaks a little for Teresa. There is something dimly sweet about her, and I’m not totally convinced she had any real understanding of it all. But, that might be me falling for her television persona.

  2. LOL a Maserati, a Kawasaki, a kitchen with $100,000 dollars of wall to wall marble and she was carrying a $2,000 bag as of last week. Nah she’s not into materialistic things.

  3. Well it looks as if they had better find a place to live in Italy when its all said and done.I certainly won’t missed Teresa and her sleazy gross husband Joe.Everyone gets what they deserve when in the wrong.They should have been fired before the new season started

  4. I have zero sympathy. Whatever happened to being honest and hard working? She got a slap on the wrist. Shameful. And she gets to spend Christmas with her girls before going to jail. This is so outrageous. The whole reality t.v. thing makes people immune to this kind of disgusting behaviour. They are criminals!! Ugh.

  5. If her children meant all the world to her, she would have conducted herself in a manner that would not hurt them. She and her creepy husband had everything but their children’s best interest in mind.

  6. I watch the series too and although Teresa is oddly endearing, she is a criminal and doesn’t deserve sympathy. Their love of material things is what led to all of this. I feel sorry for their girls but quite frankly, they probably got off lightly.

  7. I can’t argue with most of what you say, but I’m not sure Teresa got a slap on the wrist. The prosecution asked for 21 months, which is probably the maximum the judge could have imposed. She got 15 months. That’s hardly a free pass.

  8. I understand that you like her or have a soft spot for her. I just don’t like dishonest people. To me being dishonest is the first step to corruption in general. I do feel bad for the little girls who are totally innocent. Too bad the parents didn’t think of them first??

  9. The judge can give any sentence. The sentencing guidelines were 21-27 months. So the prosecutor was already going easy on her with the request.

  10. Prison time is not a slap on the wrist especially to people who are use to the lavish lifestyle. Teresa and Joe wanted probation and the judge was almost going to grant that until he read further, THAT would have been a slap on the wrist. Even 1 week in prison for someone like Teresa will be pure torture. Just having to go without her weekly Botox and salon visits will kill her.

  11. I agree. I only watched an episode or two, several seasons ago, but as a mom, I just can’t relate. They allowed those cameras into their homes. They knew they were under investigation. They thumbed their noses at the authorities. I gave up alot when I decided to become a mother. I sacrificed. I stopped doing shit I would be ashamed of if they found out. I quit smoking cigarettes. Partying. If you value your kids, truly, you don’t do stupid shit. They thought they were smarter, slick. So now they have to pay the price. My pity is for the kids. This tacky, nouveaux riche lifestyle wasn’t worth it. I hope if anything Teresa learns that.

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