Carrie Underwood: Sneak Peek of ‘Mama’s Song’ From Play On

Billboard has an exclusive sneak peek of “Mama’s Song” a track from Carrie Underwood’s upcoming album, Play On.

“Mama’s Song”, an ode to Carrie’s mom, was co-written by Carrie and Kara DioGuardi, Martin Frederiksen and Luke Laird.

The album, Play On was produced by Mark Bright. Carrie is also working with Mike Elizondo and pop hitmaker, Max Martin.

  • Listen to the clip at Billboard, HERE.
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  1. Well like the song love her vocals and it is a more Traditional Country song. I think this will be a huge country song. Not sure if it will cross over like Just a Dream. Her Album is going to be HUGE. This girl can really Sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There’s something very “Butterfly Kisses” feeling about this song.

  3. Carrie’s voice sounds amazing there but the song itself sounds like an ol’ country theme (Americana like mom, apple pie and Chevrolet federal bailouts) that has been recycled about ten thousand times. I’m not sure that will fly without a bit of humor or edge…it just seems too earnest. Think: Don’t Forget To Remember Me

  4. This makes me so excited for her album. What a really nice song…there’s literally nothing Carrie can do to make me not love her.

  5. Some backstory: Carrie is in a serious relationship right now. During songwriting, Kara was asking her about that and this song came about. So it’s more of Carrie reassuring her mom that she has found the man her mom has been praying for for her; that man who will take good care of mama’s little girl.

    I agree that lyrically, the song is far from brilliant. However, even with just a minute-long clip, I can hear Carrie’s sincerity and her voice is just as beautiful as always. I also like the simple, toned-down production which is uncharacteristic for Mark Bright.

  6. Also, all the songwriters have now been figured out with the help of Brian Mansfield, who has listened to and has an advance copy of, the album. He also reveals that Max Martin produced the track he co-wrote, ‘Quitter.’ 

    Complete tracklist with writers:

    1. Cowboy Casanova (Mike Elizondo, Brett James, Carrie Underwood)
    2. Quitter (Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Johan Schuster)
    3. Mama’s Song (Kara Dioguardi, Martin Frederiksen, Luke Laird, Carrie Underwood)
    4. Change (Katrina Elam, Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins)
    5. Undo It (Kara DioGuardi, Marti Frederiksen, Luke Laird, Carrie Underwood)
    6. Someday When I Stop Loving You (Hillary Lindsey, Steve McEwan, Gordie Sampson)
    7. Songs Like This (Martin Dodson, Jerry Flowers, Tom Shapiro)
    8. Temporary Home (Luke Laird, Zac Maloy, Carrie Underwood)
    9. This Time (Hillary Lindsey, Steven McEwan, Gordie Sampson)
    10. Look At Me (Jim Collins and Paul Overstreet)
    11. Unapologize (Chantal Kreviazuk, Hillary Lindsey, Raine Maida, Carrie Underwood)
    12. What Can I Say (featuring Sons of Sylvia) (David Hodges, Steve McEwan, Carrie Underwood)
    13. Play On (Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird, Carrie Underwood)

    “Look at Me” is a cover of an Alan Jackson song, which you can hear here:

  7. I love this new Carrie. I think first she whips out a big cross over type of song to appeal to the Shania fans and sound catchy and belty at the same time. She then releases a song to appeal to the family based fans which celebrates their moms and pick her album up. I think Kara is going to be forcing as many Idols as she can to record her songs to just keep her job secured and to make up for No Boundaries. I still wish she would record some of the covers she’s done like “Alone,” “Crying,” and any of the Guns & Roses songs she’d done on tour. I till love Carrie Underwood and think that she’s still going to be HUGE many years later.

  8. For some reason I was expecting Kara to co-write a more pop song, guess not. Seems like a nice pretty song. She sounds good, but this is not really the kind of thing I like from her.

  9. I am not a country music person, so I doubt I’ll buy the album. But I have to say I was curious when I read about this track. There are so freakin many variations on the whole angry chick/grrrrl power song released in pop music these days (Avril, Beyonce, Jordin, Kelly, Carrie, and now Allison Irraheta, I’m lookin at you) that it’s kind of refreshing to see a sweet simple song about a sweet, simple relationship that isn’t all “girlfriend, let me tell you bout this man who pissed me off…”

  10. “it’s kind of refreshing to see a sweet simple song about a sweet, simple relationship that isn’t all ‘girlfriend, let me tell you bout this man who pissed me off’ ¦’ ”

    ITA sunchick. Lyrically this isn’t setting up to be the greatest song but there’s something powerful about the “he is good” part. I can’t explain it but maybe it’s just the way Carrie sings it. It’s the joy and the sincerity leilamaurizia mentioned. You can hear it in her voice. Since I’m already a fan I just feel happy for Carrie that she’s got this feeling in her life. I don’t know how it’ll play for people who aren’t invested but the clip is very pretty and gives me hope for how the album’ll sound.

  11. Killer vocal, but I agree that the song itself is kind of dull.

    So, who’s the lucky guy? :)

  12. Mike Fisher, hockey player for the Ottawa Senators :)

    Yup, she’s gonna be Carrie Fisher.

  13. leilamaurizia
    October 11, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    Mike Fisher, hockey player for the Ottawa Senators :)

    Yup, Carrie Fisher.

    ROTFLMAO…..Well Underwood is as Pretty as a Princess! ;-)

  14. leilamaurizia
    Thanks for posting the Alan Jackson video of ‘Look at Me’  I am hoping that sweet ballad won’t become too sterile in Carrie’s hands.
    “What Can I Say” (featuring Sons of Sylvia) is the other one that I am interested in because I remember when they won Next Great American Band as the Clark Brothers. Those guys played with a real passion and emotion so I am hoping that comes through into the song. I appreciate the technical beauty of Carrie’s voice but I’ve never found it interesting. This time I am at least curious about 2 of them. But so far that is all.

  15. I love this mama’s song, although it is only a minute clip, I cannot stop listen to it repeatedly :). Carrie’s crystal clear voice is so sweet and beautiful and gives the emotion to this song that made me in tears. Maybe this song is just a ‘bleh’ or ‘meh’ song for some people, but for me this song is a beautiful honor song from a daughter to her mother. Thank you mom for your love and take good care of me.

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