Canadian Idol 6! Episode 4 – Top 200 Part 1 – VIDEO

In tonight’s episode, the Top 200 begins in Toronto. Video here.

Ok, y’all who aren’t watching Canadian Idol with us yet? Get your ass in this thread and start watching! This is some awesome stuff, and with the Top 22 just about to be chosen (Tonight!) it’s about to get REALLY REALLY good. I’ve already got several singers that I have my eye on, and the great thing about CI is that they gravitate towards artists. They are way ahead of AI in that regard. And CI loves the quirk–maybe a bit too much (OMG get Nicholaus Gordon and his crazy-ass earrings off my screen NOW!!!).

The Top 22 will be revealed tomorrow. But you can take a peek at some possible spoilers from Vote For The Worst here. I’ll post the official list tomorrow night.

Some notable moments from tonight’s episode:

VIDEO After the JUMP…

Quotable quote from judge Flex Farley, “You have to have some kind of image of yourself with confetti and balloons falling on your head or you shouldn’t be here.”

I can’t believe some of these people who made it. Having said that, there are some extremely talented people–as talented as anyone you’d find on AI:

  • Adam Castelli – Performed a kick ass version of “What I’d Say”.
  • Dan Young – He’s the kid whose mom died right after the auditions. He was cut during the groups, but I did like his version of Our Lady Peace’s “Innocent”–I laughed when he tagged on “we are most likely guilty, guilty” at the end.
  • The Piggot brothers, Oliver and Sebestian are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Oliver was outstanding performing a lovely version of Sting’s Fields of Gold.
  • Omar Lunan – Whoa. Kinda reminds me of Seal. Awesome soul chops. Terrific.
  • Lindsay Barr – She’s likely gonna be my favorite rocker chick. Love her. Great vibe.
  • Martin Kerr – He sang Coldplay’s “Yellow” and totally won Zach over.
  • Carly Campbell – Very soulful
  • Lindsay Robins – Really great version of “The Show Must Go On”.
  • Theo Tams – “Arms of An Angel ” – Holy Sh*t, is all I gotta say. Incredible interpretation.
  • Kristine Lankinen – I have no clue why they kept giving her chances. She’s not all that. Plus, she’s kind of annoying.

CI still does the group rounds, and they spend a lot of time covering them. There seem to be more good groups than trainwrecks here. In fact, there are some knock-out performances in this round.

  • One of the best: Martin Kerr, Shaun Francisco, Paul Clifford and Lindsey Robbins singing Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.
  • OMG–the group that could’ve cared less that one of the members was having chest pains. She leaves in a car for the hospital–and they are pissed. They allow her back in the group grudgingly when she returns, but are really bitchy about it. Maybe they are pissed that she sings better.
  • Carly Campbell, Gary Morrisette, Earl Stevenson, Theo Tams, Katelyn Dawn, Jenna Rae Walker–all stars in their groups.
  • Oliver and Sebastian Pigott, Tetiana Ostapowych and Mookie Morris blow ALL the groups out of the water, however, with their folksy, radically reworked take on “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.
  • Taylor Abrahamse and Nicholaus Gordon really sucked, how did they make it through the round?

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