Blake Shelton Starts Controversy After Amplifying Q Covid Conspiracy

Pictured: Blake Shelton — (Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC)

Blake Shelton really stepped in it Sunday night. REALLY REALLY stepped in it. In his defence, it’s pretty obvious that the veteran The Voice coach doesn’t follow politics. Otherwise, would he be amplifying false Covid-19 information from Q conspiracy theorists?

It started when the president returned a tweet from a Q conspiracy theorist that contained FALSE information regarding Covid-19. (If you don’t know what Q is you’re lucky check out this explainer).

The claim from tweeter “Mel Q,” copied from someone else’s Facebook post, was that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had “quietly” updated its numbers “to admit that only 6%” of people listed coronavirus deaths “actually died from Covid,” since “the other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses.”

But, it’s a serious mis-reading of the numbers. The 94% includes people whose death certificates listed both Covid-19 and obesity, diabetes and heart disease. People can live long lives with diabetes, or asthma or high blood pressure–many of the comorbidities that can render COVID-19 a death sentence.

Twitter took down the original Tweet, but MelQ did a screenshot of the president’s retweet and posted it. More or less getting around Twitter’s mod.

Enter Blake Shelton who tweets, “I’m not even sure which side(politically) this would land on. But am I the only person who sees the new CDC update as some actual good news? Just that. Not left or right… Just updated info that’s better than we thought. I mean does everything have to be a fight these days?”

Whoo boy. Somebody needs to do his research before firing off a tweet.

Unsurprisingly, Blake’s mentions erupted into a political war. One poster thought he was talking about the CDC’s decision to test less. (That’s a WHOLE NOTHER UNFORTUNATE THING.)

What’s funny, is Blake commenting on some conspiracy crap retweeted by the president, and thinking it could even POSSIBLY be apolitical. Oh, Blake. You sweet summer child…

A poster tried to set Blake straight: “Do some actual research, Blake. A majority of the damn country has pre-existing health conditions. A lot don’t even know they have them. So, if they contract COVID, it’s okay because those without will probably live? If you don’t understand the info, just don’t say anything.” Yeah. Pretty much all of that.

Eventually, Blake gets that he stepped into a political minefield and backs off. “Whew… I can see that there’s no way a fight won’t erupt about this stuff. No matter how you slice it. And that’s last thing I wanted. Stay healthy and safe everyone.”

After agreeing with a poster who advises him to tell his followers to mask up, Blake was off to film The Voice season 19 Battle Rounds!

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