Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 – Nomination Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 Nomination Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 9 Nomination Results

HoH Austin put up Steve and John at today’s nomination ceremony. John had volunteered to be a pawn, but Steve was completely blindsided. That, despite the new alliance the Austwins and Steve formed just the night before, called “The Authority.” Earlier, he had declined Austin’s request to be a willing pawn this week against John. Austin had vacillated all night on his decision regarding who to put up. The Goblins were out of the question, after he had made a deal with James while they were battling for HoH not to put him and Meg up.

Austin has said over and over again that he wants Vanessa out of the house, and seriously considered putting her up. He was ready to do it, too. Interesting, there has been dissension among the Austwins. Julia supports keeping Vanessa in the game, while Austin was going to put her up next to John. Behind Austin’s back, Julia spilled info to Vanessa regarding how the house was gunning for her. Right before today’s nominations, Vanessa got Austin’s ear and convinced him not to put her up. She admitted that she threw the BoB a few weeks ago (something she’s been lying about all along). She also swore on her mother and a stack of bibles yada yada yada that she didn’t run to Shelli and Clay about the 8 person alliance. Steve was the only person she told, throwing him thoroughly under the bus. Also, she promised Austin that he was her Number 2. Yeah, right.

Austin bit. After all of Vanessa’s lies and scheming, he still lets her get to him. He’s just plain scurred of her. At the moment, he says that he plans to backdoor either James or Vanessa, but I don’t see him having the guts to put up Vanessa. Taking out a Goblin would be the easier and less scarier route. That’s what I expect him to do. Or, he’ll shoot to keep the nominations the same, and target John. “She’s good,” said Steve about Vanessa, after he was blindsided. James is super nervous, now that the house knows he threw the BoB for Vanessa. He’s worried she’ll use it against him–and rightly so. Because she probably will.

Along with ditching Vanessa, somebody has got to break up the Austwits. Send Liz out of the house. Austin and Julia would probably turn against each other at that point.

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