Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 8 – HoH Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 8 - HoH Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 8 – HoH Results

Liz won the HoH competition, which took place after the CBS broadcast. Vanessa is already working on Liz to backdoor Becky. Vanessa, Austin and the twins scheme to put up John next to Becky, because he’s strong enough to win the Veto.  If Becky comes down, they’ll put James up in his place. In addition, they hope to make a deal with Meg and James to target Steve and John in return for safety.

Jackie’s surprise eviction at the hands of HoH Steve in the double eviction left  Becky,  JohnJames and Meg completely blindsided. Steve claimed that “somebody”–they’d all guess who it was (Vanessa) told him that Jackie was gunning for him. Also, he went for Jackie because he had no relationship with her, and no time to make an informed decision.

Feeling that they have  to woo Steve to their side, as the numbers in the house dwindle, Meg, James, Becky and John forgive him for evicting Jackie, and urge him to talk game with their group. They all expected he would target Austin if he got the chance.  Later, in a one on one chat, Steve thanks John for helping him sooth hurt feelings, and apologizes. John says more or less, what’s done is done, and is ready to move on.

After the disappointing double eviction results, Meg and James wondered if they should have gotten rid of Vanessa instead of Shelli after all. For all intents and purposes, Vanessa is back in charge. She’ll get the houseguest she wants evicted, making sure the blood is on other’s hands. She told the twins and Austin that she feels fairly confident now that they’ll all be final four.

John, James, Becky and Meg said they all have to stick together to survive, now that Liz won HoH.  But John tells Steve he’s sure the Goblins will throw him under the bus if they have to in order to save themselves. Steve says, “me too.”

Steve told Vanessa, Austin and the twins that he hoped he earned their trust after tonight’s HoH. Of course, the minute he left the room the group plotted to throw him under the bus.

Overnight Update: The twins had a chat with Meg and James, who are receptive to aligning with them. At this point, they feel they may need to distance themselves from Becky to stay safe. However, Becky had a long talk with the Austwins, explaining to them what a manipulator Vanessa is–that she ditches allies when they are in trouble and runs people’s games. For now, they’re thinking of keeping Becky safe, going after John now, and teaming with Becky to ditch Vanessa later. Austin realizes that Vanessa wants him final 4 because she thinks she can beat him (Duh. Vanessa is likely thinking final 3 with the beatable twins, who would ditch Austin in a hot second.)

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