Big Brother 17 Week 7 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is a special double eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Two HouseGuests will be leaving the Big Brother house by the end of the hour. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Allies Shelli and Vanessa are sitting on the block together, and one will become the first member of the jury. The other will immediately compete in the double eviction with the rest of the HouseGuests and could potentially follow the other right out the door. It’s going to be an eventful night as two HouseGuests will be evicted. How will it all play out? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, Vanessa is upset that she’s on the block with her closest friend in the house. Shelli is crestfallen too, but she just plans to lay low and hopes she survives since Becky told her she isn’t the target. Vanessa goes outside to talk to Becky for an explanation. Becky tells her she was uncomfortable how Vanessa pointed a finger in her face and made her give her her word about targeting the remainder Clelli member before Clay’s eviction. She then stalks off without further explanation, which upsets Vanessa. Steve talks to Vanessa next. Steve is close to Vanessa and is disappointed that she is likely leaving the house this week. He doesn’t think he can vote to keep her, and this upsets Vanessa when he hints this to her. She takes it as a personal betrayal.

Vanessa campaigns to James for his vote. To help sway his decision, she completely throws Becky under the bus. She reveals to him that when Vanessa was the HoH when Jason went home, Becky told her that James was her target. She also exposes Becky as a rat and informs him that Becky told Clay and Shelli were the target last week before James nominated them. James then goes into the have-not room and discuss the vote with Meg and Jackie. They are now torn between evicting Shelli or Vanessa.

It’s time for the vote. Shelli gives her plea first. She gives Jason a birthday shoutout and tells her family and Clay that she misses them. She tells the HouseGuests to vote however they want and hopes that she can be the returning player. Vanessa shares an inspirational quote with the HouseGuests before asking them to vote to keep her. Afterwards, the voting begins.

Austin votes to evict Shelli.

Steve votes to evict Shelli.

James votes to evict Shelli.

Meg votes to evict Shelli.

Jackie votes to evict Shelli.

Julia votes to evict Shelli.

John votes to evict Shelli.

Liz votes to evict Shelli.

By a unanimous vote, Shelli is evicted and the first member of the jury. Shelli gives everyone a hug before walking out the door and greeting Julie Chen. Julie reminds her that Becky promised her safety and asked what happened, and Shelli says she knows Vanessa is a great player. She asks Shelli if she regrets her showmance with Clay since it put a big target on them, and she says not at all. Lastly, she asks who she is rooting for to do well and Shelli says Steve and John. Shelli is now off to the jury house, but will have a chance to reenter the game in a few weeks.

It’s now time for the double eviction. Last night, the HouseGuests saw looped videos of themselves and had to memorize them to answer the questions in this upcoming HoH competition.

Question 1: Everyone gets it correct.

Question 2: James, Liz, Meg, and Jackie are eliminated.

Question 3: Everyone gets it correct.

Question 4: Julia and Vanessa are eliminated.

Question 5: Austin, Steve, and John get it correct.

Question 6: Austin and John are eliminated. Steve is the HoH!

After the commercial break, Steve has to stand in front of the HouseGuests and name his nominees. He nominates Meg and Jackie. 

It’s now time for the Power of Veto competition. Along with Steve and the nominees, John, James, and Vanessa were selected to play. It’s a puzzle competition that requires the players to place a ball in the slots on their boards. After a few minutes, John is the first to place the three balls in the slots. John wins the Power of Veto!

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Meg and Jackie both give their pleas to John. Meg says that she has played a loyal and honest game, and she would appreciate it if John uses the Veto on her. Jackie says she’s been playing an honest game too and that she has no plans to target John. John then says that he has no idea who the replacement nominee would be, so he decides not to use the Power of Veto. Either Meg or Jackie will be following Shelli out the door.

It’s time for the voting to begin. Meg gives her plea first. She tearfully asks for all of their votes before telling Jackie she appreciates her friendship. Jackie says she hopes to return to the house and blames her current predicament on a miscommunication. Afterwards, the HouseGuests cast their votes.

Vanessa votes to evict Jackie.

Becky votes to evict Meg.

John votes to evict Jackie.

Austin votes to evict Jackie.

James votes to evict Jackie.

Liz votes to evict Jackie.

Julia votes to evict Jackie.

By a vote of 6-1, Jackie is evicted from the Big Brother house. Julie asks Jackie about her miscommunication comment, and she explains that Steve was told that Jackie was going to backdoor him. However, she says that her actual target was Austin. Julie asks if she will do anything differently if she were to return. Jackie says she will still play a loyal game, but will try to keep her eyes open next time.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Come back Sunday night to see who the new Head of Household will be and which two HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction.

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