Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 7 – HoH Results

8-7-2015 12-43-50 AM

First things first. Becky won tonight’s endurance comp. YAY. The plan now is to backdoor Vanessa. DOUBLE YAY.

The vote to evict Clay was unanimous, but the house didn’t come together until earlier today when there was a huge blowout, started by Vanessa.  Clay was also making rounds, asking people to save Shelli. BECAUSE HE’S SO IN LOVE AND WANTS TO DO THAT FOR HER. Snerk. He’s a fool.  Maybe he understands, deep down, that Shelli would have done ANYTHING to remain in the house, even campaign against him.

There was a ton of back and forth Wednesday night. Austin, the twins and Becky were thinking they’d evict Shelli. All the while, Vanessa schemed to make sure Shelli was safe, without of course, making it seem like she was the manipulator.

On Thursday, Meg, James and Jackie found out from Austin  they had the votes to evict Clay, and that was news to them. James was pretty upset. He said he would have just taken the 5 grand instead of the Veto if he’d known things would turn out the way they did. Or, in hindsight, he would have taken Clay down and put up Vanessa. DING.

In any case, despite the house having pretty much settled on voting out Clay, Vanessa panicked, and began riling people up. She pulled James aside and demanded to know why he told Johnny Mac that Vanessa was in Shelli’s head. He denied it and demanded to have Johnny Mac brought in to confront. That gave Vanessa pause, so she just came right out and said that Clay told her. James rushed off to confront him, telling him to keep his name out of his mouth. Clay replied with a “shut the f*ck up.”

John was in the room, admitted he said it (true), rather than James, which spoiled Vanessa’s plan. She kept insisting that he’s lying and finally Clay copped to saying it, halfheartedly, because at that point, he didn’t care. Vanessa called him a liar. Her plan to throw him under the bus working so far–except not with John who TOTALLY HAS Vanessa’s number at this point.

Vanessa was also accusing James of bullying houseguests to vote his way, and James denied it. She also accused John and Clay of being “related or gay lovers.” Why else would they be sticking up for each other? It was loco, and completely unnecessary. And to put it in poker parlance, Vanessa is now overplaying her hand. Hence, the houseguests are turning against her.

The competition, which begun during the CBS broadcast (Read the Recap!) was an endurance thing, and had the HGs sliding down a slippery ramp to fill up a big fishbowl. Becky won, with Julia, John and Jackie behind her. She was so far ahead, she grabbed all 3 balls, winning the $5,000 and never-Have-Not prize too!

UPDATE: Becky will put up Steve & Shelli, with Vanessa as the Backdoor target. She and her allies will say John’s the backdoor. Vanessa will like that, because now she’s gunning for him after Thursday’s argument.

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