Big Brother 17 Week 6 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is a live eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Who will be the sixth HouseGuest evicted from the house? Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Shelli and Clay are nominated for eviction and one of them will be going home tonight. Which one will be evicted and which will stay to go after James and his allies for revenge? Plus, who will win HoH tonight? Let’s find out.

After the Veto Ceremony, Clay and Shelli are both upset that they’re about to be split up. They go to bed, and Shelli cries and says she will miss Clay. They both agree they will not campaign against one another. James wants Shelli gone, but Vanessa would rather keep Shelli. She believes Shelli is a better player and would be more beneficial to keep around.

James tells Austin that Shelli and Clay threw him under the bus, and Austin goes tells Vanessa this. Vanessa is worried that their alliance is being exposed, so she talks to Shelli next. Shelli tells her that she did not expose the alliance; she just told James about Austin’s alter-ego Judas. Shelli says she won’t campaign against Clay, but says that she’s a better strategic player than him. Vanessa admits she wants Shelli to stay and will campaign for her to stay. Shelli does damage control with Liz, Julia, and Austin too, and they are all on board with keeping Shelli.

Shelli and Clay spend some alone time together outside. After being in a showmance for over six weeks, the two finally share their first kiss. They both plan to continue their relationship outside of the house.

Meanwhile, James gathers Jackie, Meg, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia in the HoH room. James makes it clear he wants Shelli gone, but Vanessa is fighting against the idea. She’s trying to argue that keeping Shelli could be a good move since she is already a target. After she leaves, Jackie and James talk and they are bothered by how hard Vanessa is trying to save Shelli. They say if she saves Shelli, they know they definitely cannot trust Vanessa. Afterwards, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia discuss the vote for the week. They are aware they are the swing votes and are now considering evicting Shelli to not upset James and his allies.

Next we see a segment of last year’s winner and runner-up Derrick and Cody. They’re still best friends today and hang out often. They also share their thoughts on the season. They are rooting for James and appreciate that he made a big move by targeting Shelli and Clay this week.

It’s time for the voting to begin. Clay stands up to give his plea. He gives several shoutouts to his family before saying Shelli has his heart completely and asking the HouseGuests to vote to keep Shelli. Shelli gives her plea next and expresses to Clay how much he means to her and that she is looking forward to living in the outside world with him. She also tells the HouseGuests she is a loyal player and someone worth working with instead of trying to take out. Afterwards, the voting begins.

Vanessa sadly votes to evict Clay.

Meg votes to evict Clay.

Austin sadly votes to evict Clay.

Jackie votes to evict Clay.

Liz votes to evict Clay.

Julia votes to evict Clay.

Steve votes to evict Clay.

Becky calls Clay an incredible guy before she sadly votes to evict Clay.

John votes to evict Clay after saying it’s been a weird day.

By a unanimous vote, Clay is evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives Shelli a long hug and kisses her before walking out of the house. He talks to Julie and is teary-eyed as he explains he didn’t think it would be right to take away Shelli’s dream. He also admits that he believes he and Shelli are the real deal. Julie asks if he loves Shelli. He says love is a big word, but he does love her more than $500,000. He also takes responsibility for the way the week played out. The goodbye messages are next. John says he and Shelli were adorable together, but that is why they’re being split up. Austin says he hopes there are no hard feelings. Meg says that she will miss Clay’s beautiful face and watching him spend five hours fixing his hair. Shelli gives a heartfelt message about how Clay is her light and that she is looking forward to their first date outside of the house. Before the interview ends, Julie asks Clay about Meg being tipsy and all over him in the bathroom the other night. He replies that Meg “has had her fair share of showmances in the house” and there is nothing between him and her.

It’s time for the HoH competition. They must race across a slippery lane back and forth and transport liquid from one barrel to a round container. Once the container is filled, they have a choice to win HoH, $5,000, or to never be a have-not again. As well, Julie congratulates the HouseGuests that everyone evicted from this point forward will be a part of the jury. In addition, she hints that an evicted jury member could reenter the game at some point in the future.

And that wraps up tonight’s live eviction episode. Come back Sunday to see who wins HoH and who gets nominated, Wednesday to see who wins the Power of Veto, and Thursday for the first double eviction of the season.

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