So You Think You Can Dance 12 Top 14 Power List

So, next week we lose FOUR dancers. Two from each team. This is the real deal. Hopefully you voted.

Team Stage:
1. Hailee- I think Hailee has emerged as a frontrunner, namely because she’s really been the most consistent. Sure, Jim rebounded, but Hailee didn’t need to rebound. I’m not sure she’ll win the whole thing, in fact, I’m pretty sure she won’t. But for right now, I think she’s the safest contender on Team Stage.

2. Jim- I think he definitely did what he needed to do in order to rebound this week. His routine was my favorite, and I think he did something truly special. It was almost enough to overtake Hailee, except Hailee had the benefit of performing against Jaja, and showed her technical prowess. Jim’s gonna need another home run to overtake Hailee.

3. Gaby- Gaby’s never been in danger, and I thought her Broadway routine was highly entertaining. Gaby’s got fans. She’s just had a hard time elevating herself to frontrunner status.

4) Alexia- I’m not sure Alexia has done anything wrong in the competition so far. I think her dark horse status makes her vulnerable, as it suggests she started with less fans than anyone else. I think she’ll make the Top 10, though Nigel’s willingness to cut Marissa immediately could spell the end for Alexia if she popped into the bottom.

5) Edson- I think Edson had a fantastic dance last week. He might be regaining his momentum. I still have to rank him low, since Hailee, Jim, Gaby, and Alexia have avoided the Bottom so far. Of the three dancers who have been in danger before, I expect Edson to be the one to make it through.

6) Derek- The fact that America saved him over two girls that actually danced suggests he has fans. But, the judges won’t save him again, and I can’t see him defeating Edson or Alexia for a second Twitter vote in a row (depending on who saves this week)

7) Kate- Girl, you lost to a dude who didn’t even dance, and you danced with Asaf last week in what was definitely the worst routine. Nothing can save you. It’s your time to go home.

Team Street:
1) Virgil- The fact that Virgil has been drawing comparisons to Fik-Shun highlights his likeability. He always gets good feedback from the judges, he gets great packages, and I think he’s emerging as the frontrunner. He’s also proving to be quite versatile, and one hell of a performer.

2) Jaja- The comeback kid is having to deal with another comeback kid (Virgil), and another female powerhouse (Megz). The kind of feedback that Jaja gets leads you to believe that she’s on a different level, but really… I saw a weaker Jaja this week, and a stronger Megz. I almost ranked Megz a little bit higher, but I think there was some strategy to putting Jaja with Hailee. It’s like saying “These are your frontrunners.” I think she’s still polling and voting really well.

3) Megz- She’s nipping at Jaja’s heels. Her contemporary piece this past week was sublime. She’s done great work on the stage, and gets better every week. Even though she’s in third, with her trajectory, Megz could take this whole thing.

4) Neptune- Trying to predict the rest of the Top 7 Team Street is rough. I think Neptune has been given the “dark horse” train that Alexia is on, with the not-so-subtle pairing of the two. If you don’t think some of those pairing were planned, you’re crazy. Neptune helped carry Alexia in his own style, and I think he’s gonna dark horse his way to the Top 10.

5) Yorelis- Despite their best efforts to save Ariana, she just is not connecting with America. I don’t know why. I don’t know what it is. I expect Yorelis, who had an average hip-hop routine, to knock out Ariana, who had an exceptional contemporary routine last week. Yorelis has never been in danger, and predicting her elimination is something I’m just not going to do.

6) Ariana- There’s a slight chance that Ariana might have found enough new fans to be safe next week. She’d have to find enough fans to poll in the Top 4, because I don’t think either the judges or the fans would save her for the 5th spot. She’s been in danger too many times. We’re looking for America’s favorite dancer, not the dancer that America “just doesn’t get, but really should.”

7. JJ- I think her pity vote for having to dance solo only extended to the twitter save. I don’t think JJ did enough to stay out of the bottom three again next week, and I’m fairly certain the judges will let her go over Yorelis and Ariana. She doesn’t feel like a contender to me, or even a dark horse. She feels like an “also ran”, and do you put effort into an “also ran”?

Join me on Monday and see if my predictions are right.

Sound off in the comments below with your power lists. Remember. These are power lists. This is not actually how I feel about the dancers on a personal level. For the most part, I vote on a dance-to-dance basis, but I’ll admit to always at least throwing Jaja a vote or two no matter what. I’m such a fan of her pre-SYTYCD stuff. It’s a shame she doesn’t get to solo more. I think I’ve voted for most of the remaining dancers at least once. Probably only two or three I’ve never voted for. And I vote for both teams. I’m not #TeamStreet or #TeamStage just yet. The field is too deep for me to declare a team just yet. There are dancers I love on both teams right now, and a few choices I’d be happy with if they won.

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