Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 5 – POV Ceremony Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 5 - POV Ceremony Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 5 – POV Ceremony Results

On Saturday, Clay won the Power of Veto, and as expected, he took him self off of the block, as was expected. Not expected AT ALL was the drama that ensued afterward. And fans said the feeds would be boring once Audrey left…

Vanessa nominated Jason to take Clay’s place. Meg cried afterward.  Clay reassured her that he didn’t know Vanessa’s plans (Clay and Shelli both knew, and had a hand in it).  Jason, feeling defeated, told her, Clay, and Shelli  not to worry about him. He’ll be rooting for them outside of the house.  Jason also noted that making a deal with Vanessa means nothing.  Girlfriend is going to have her work cut out for her convincing people that the backstabbing game move was necessary.

The original plan was to backdoor Austin. But, after the Dark Moon alliance’s (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Jason, Jackie, James, Meg & Becky) plans for Becky and Clay to win BoB went awry, Shelli, freaked out that Clay remained on the block, became super paranoid, believing the other side had been trying to get Clay out all along. Nevermind that the “other side” is actually a loose conglomeration of floaters, and no real threat at all. Shelli and Vanessa seem to operate in a continued state of irrational paranoia.

Plans changed, and after grilling Austin and making him promise to stay loyal to the sixth sense alliance (as if that’s going to happen). The target switched to Becky.

The next order of business was to figure out who to nominate to take Clay’s place next to Becky. Vanessa became convinced that Day could not have possibly been the houseguest who received the Kathy Griffin phone booth call that allowed the winner to eliminate HGs from the eviction vote (She was).  Vanessa then embarked on a fishing expedition, grilling houseguests on What They Know. When she caught one in a lie–because Vanessa has to have “a reason” to nominate so there’s no “blood on her hands”–that would be the person she’d renom.  James was on her radar too, as she suspected he really didn’t try to throw the BoB comp. Apparently some help he gave to Liz facilitated her win.

After talking to Becky, and realizing she really wasn’t a threat, Vanessa aimed her sights elsewhere. She seriously toyed with nominating Jackie, even after they had promised each other, as HoHs, they wouldn’t backdoor the other..

Vanessa finally nominated Jason, convinced he was the Kathy Griffin phone call. Austin and Liz REALLY want Jason out of the house, after he blabbed the twin secrets Austin confided in him, outed the twin twist, and has been vocal about not wanting Liz’s twin Julia to enter the house. Shelli and Clay, on the other hand, have mixed feelings about targeting Jason. This could be a very interesting week.

Vanessa is a smart person, and has made some smart game moves. But she’s paranoid, over thinks her plans and is generally whiny and unwilling to take responsibility for her game play. Clay and Shelli are like the King and Queen of the prom lording over the un-cool kids. Super annoying, the lot of them.  I’m hoping John comes up from behind and blindsides them all. Who’s with me?

ETA: It’s dawning on James, Jason, Meg that Audrey wasn’t lying about the six person alliance she warned them about…

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