Big Brother 17 Episode 33 Recap and Live Blog

Big Brother 17 Recap Episode 33 Live Blog

Previously on Big Brother…a double eviction resulted in the eviction of besties Meg and James. Six houseguests remain: Vanessa, Austin, John, Steve, Julia and Liz.

Vanessa is thrilled that the last person targeting, her, James, is gone. She can breathe a sigh of relief. Steve is also relieved.  In diary, John thanks them for evicting a houseguest who wasn’t a threat. “Now it’s time for a blood bath” he promises.

Liz is crying. Austin comforts her. They did the right thing evicting James.  Austin is thinking he’ll throw the HoH. No blood on his hands! Vanessa advises him to throw. It’s in her best interest, she admits in diary. She wants John or Steve to win. She promises to keep Austin safe.

Vanessa and Steve whisper: One of them need to win HoH. It’s time to take a shot at Austin and the twins. “Austin is an idiot!” says Steve when he learns Austin is willing to throw the comp.  “Austwins YOU ARE SCREWED,” he says in diary.

It’s time for the HoH competition! It’s baseball themed. Players will be shown a starting lineup of BB17 playing cards. They see a montage of photos that flashes by quickly at first, but then slows down enough to see individual faces clearly.  The players have to figure out which houseguest isn’t pictured, put together a puzzle, and then hit their buzzer.  The competition is played in rounds. The last player standing wins “Starting Lineup.”

The Austwins want John to finally go. He’s the odd man out–not a member of the 5 person scamper squad. In diary, Austin says he’s rethinking his decision to throw the HoH. It’s too risky not to win.

First Inning: Steve is the first to buzz in. Julia is second. John is third. Austin and Vanessa are last. Vanessa has the answer–Jason–correct. But she’s having trouble with the puzzle. She’s dead last. Eliminated.

Second inning: Davon is the answer. John is first to buzz in. Julia is second. Steve is third. Austin is eliminated. It’s down to Steve, John and Julia.

Third inning: Steve is first to put together a puzzle of Jeff. John is second. Julia is eliminated. The Austwins are screwed. Liz thinks her only problem is John. Think again. Steve is determined to win.

Fourth inning. Steve has no problem winning, because John throws it. He wants to be free to win next week. Jace is the last missing face.

Steve wins HoH.

Vanessa is thrilled, she says in diary. She’s going to get her way, with no blood on her hands. Plus, she’ll be sitting between two duos who will likely go after each other, rather than here.. Austin realizes that Steve is a numbers guy, and that he’ll come to the conclusion that keeping the Austwins alliance intact isn’t best for his game. You would be correct, sir.

Julia is disappointed to learn from Vanessa that Steve won’t put up John. She says in diary “Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister.” The remaining twin will go after Steve with a vengeance, she says.

Steve explains to Austin that he’s the low man in the scamper squad alliance. In diary, Austin says at that point, he realized Steve would come after them. Austin is ready to lose Julia. If Steve keeps him safe this week, he’ll keep Steve safe next week, and convince the surviving twin not to go after him. Steve reminds Austin of that time he broke a deal. Austin says “I didn’t shake on it.” (WUT?) In diary, Steve admits that he’s sceptical. Why would Austin throw away is game to protect Steve at this stage of the game?

Austin is convinced Steve won’t go after him. He tells Julia he’ll probably put her up with John. Liz is really disappointed to hear this news. She says in diary that she realizes only her twin will have her back. The twins are pissed that he’s looking out only for himself.

WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HoH room! Steve got a teddy bear, a photo of his little nephew, and his high school grad photo posed with his parents. John notices that the twins are all over him–sucking up to Steve to stay safe this week. John hilariously mocks the twins’ whiny voices in diary.

Steve wants to put up the twins. Vanessa tells him that’s a bad idea. Leave the weakest of the three–Julia–off the block. Because if the potential replacement nominee wins, they are screwed. Julia could win Veto–but she’s least likely of the three. IF Julia won Veto, she’d take down her sister, and Steve would be forced to put up either John or Vanessa.

Lolz break: The twins have no idea who Sigmund Freud is. They confuse him with “Siegfried and Roy.” Are they for real? The conversation started when Steve claimed that he didn’t love his mommy in a Sigmund Freud kind of way. Good to know? The twins. lounging together on the hammock, cat about Austin. Liz says he’s a lousy kisser. He doesn’t know what to do with his tongue and lips. TMI.

Steve confabs with John, who agrees putting up Austin is the best move.  He points out the potential for Austin and Vanessa to align next week. That seals the deal for Steve. In diary, he confesses he has been working with Austin a long time, and dreads putting him up. He owes him a warning.

Steve paces nervously, he impatiently waking Austin from a deep slumber. A bleary Austin hears the news that Steve feels he can’t put the twins up together. “It’s too much of a slap in the face,” he says. Austin wants to know if Liz is his target. Steve is non-committal, but says “I don’t want you to go this week.”

Austin figures that Liz is the target. and says in diary that he hopes she understands. He wants to leave the game with the money and her. Steve’s excuse “Putting both girls up together is too much” is kind of lame, and Austin knows it. He asks if Steve he talked to Vanessa. “We have the votes,” says Steve, evading the question. In diary, Steve admits that he likes Austin, but doesn’t think he can bring him any further in the game. “He hasn’t even been on the block,” he adds.

The nomination ceremony is next! The Austwins are realizing that Steve’s loyalties are not with them, but with John, who is not even a member of the scamper squad.

The first houseguest nominated is Austin. The next is Liz. Steve nominates Austin and Liz. He’s had some great times with both, he says He genuinely likes them both. He’s making the move that’s best for his game. “I’m sorry,” he says. Liz gets up and leaves the room crying, “I’m such a baby.”

Diary Room Confessions: Austin says, “If I win that veto, the boy is going to have to become a man real quick. Because your mommy’s not here. Only Judas is.” Liz says, “Being on the block next to my boo is the absolute worst. I feel really betrayed by Steve because I have been really close with him this entire game.” She and her sister have tried to be nice to him and make him feel like he’s not a socially awkward nerd. Steve realizes that he’s essentially killed the scamper squad. But he feels he can’t contribute to an alliance that has nothing left to give him. Vanessa is happy Steve took her advice, because targeting the Austwins will increase her chances of making final 3.

Targeting the Austwins is the right move for Steve. The trio should have seen it coming from the get go. They are the only strong unit left in the house and are a huge target for anyone playing the game seriously.

On Wednesday: More fall out from the nominations and the Power of Veto competition and ceremony! Check out Big Brother Spoilers if can’t want to find out what happens.

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