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Austin is the Head of Household, and he nominated John and Steve for eviction. Tonight the Power of Veto competition will take place. Will the Veto be used to save one of the nominees? Let’s find out.

Austin admits that nominating Steve and John was what he believed was the best move for his game, but he’s still considering backdooring Vanessa. John and Steve are upset that Austin went back on their deal. John believes he’s the target while Steve gives Vanessa credit for her game play. The two of them speak in the comic book room and they know that one of them needs to win the Veto.

Vanessa is happy to not be nominated and believes that she can rebuild the bridge with Austin and the twins. However, she is unaware that she’s still a possible backdoor option. Steve talks to Austin in the HoH room, and Austin tells him John is the target if nominations stay the same.

We next see a scene of James pulling another scare prank on Julia. He hides in the closet and pops out in the dark. Julia screams and runs out of the bedroom. Afterwards, it’s time to pick players for the Veto competition. Austin draws Vanessa, John draws Meg, and Steve draws Julia. Even though Steve knows Vanessa leaving is the only way he and John can survive, he goes up to Vanessa and hugs her. He’s glad she’s playing in the Veto. Meanwhile, Liz and Austin talk about the plan for the week. Liz does not want Vanessa to go and would rather see John leave this week. She reminds him that Vanessa has been on their side since very early on in the game, but they have no idea where John’s head is.

Before the Veto competition begins, Zingbot walks out of the diary room. As usual, he starts zinging the HouseGuests. He tells James that Meg will take him somewhere special – the friend zone. He tells Liz that’s she’s less attractive, less intelligent, and less charming than he thought before saying that that’s actually just Julia. He asks Steve what’s less cool than a trombonist who cries for his mommy? Nothing! He next says that the trash needs to be taken out since it stinks – but wait it’s just Austin. He tells Meg (from New York) that her game play is very “sucks in the city.” Zingbot then tells John that the only thing less attractive than his laugh is his back hair. He next tells Vanessa that she has been playing a masterful game, assuming that the game is the crying game. Lastly, Zingbot tells Liz that she’s been getting very close to Austin and asks if she’s more excited to meet Austin’s mom, dad, or girlfriend. Liz is very upset about Zingbot’s zing, even though she already knew Austin had a girlfriend back home before she hooked up with him.

It’s time for the Veto competition. It’s the classic face morph competition. They will be shown an image of a face that is composed of the facial features of three HouseGuests. The player that correctly identifies all the faces in the shortest amount of time will win the Power of Veto.

Julia is the first to compete and she finishes in 4:45. Steve is the next to compete, but he doesn’t beat Julia’s time. Liz, James, and Julia are watching a live stream from the HoH room and celebrate that Steve lost. He joins them afterwards. Austin is the third to compete, but he also doesn’t finish in time. Liz is angry that Austin thought that Meg’s nose was hers. “He doesn’t even know me!” she cries. Vanessa is the next to compete and she finishes it in 2:51. She joins the others in the HoH room and takes the Veto away from Julia. Next to compete is John, but he is unable to beat Vanessa’s time. He goes up to the HoH room (where the floor is littered with popcorn due to James and Austin tossing it around) and is sad to see Vanessa in possession of the Veto. Meg is the last to compete, but she is unable to identify her own nose. She is unable to beat Vanessa’s time. Vanessa wins the Power of Veto.

The next day, Vanessa and John talk outside. She asks him he’s over the thing with Becky and Clay. John tells her that he is over it since he is alone in the game and all of his allies (Clay, Shelli, and Becky) have left one after another. Vanessa says it would be dumb of them to keep going against each other. John agrees. He realizes he is completely alone in the game and he needs someone to work with, even if that person happens to be Vanessa. Vanessa says she will be willing to use the Veto on John. She goes talk to Austin and brings up the idea of getting rid of Meg or James. He pretends to go along with Vanessa’s idea, but he says in the diary room that Vanessa would be selfish to use the Veto since it would put his and the twins’ games at risk.

Vanessa later tells John it would be too risky for her to use the Veto and she has to do what is best for her own game. John then reveals to her that there was a five-person deal made last week between him, Steve, Austin, Liz, and Julia to target her. Vanessa was unaware of this and is now concerned. She then talks to Liz about this five-person deal that was made last week during Liz’s HoH reign. Liz reluctantly reveals that this deal did happen, but she throws Steve under the bus and says he was the one who orchestrated it. Vanessa is now extremely upset with Steve. She is very passive aggressive with Steve in the bathroom before she pulls him into the have-not room. She asks him about the deal against her. He admits it was something that was discussed, but that he did not orchestrate it. Vanessa calls him out and says everyone else told her it was his idea to target her. She tells him that he doesn’t have her vote and says “I’d be breathing heavy too if I were you – goodbye!” before she walks out the door.

At the Veto Ceremony, Vanessa gives John and Steve the opportunity to tell her why they think she should use the Veto. Steve congratulates Vanessa on her win before saying he will respect whatever Vanessa decides. John tells Vanessa that him asking her to use the Veto would be like a gazelle asking a tiger to hang out. He tells her not to use the Veto on him. Vanessa then calls Steve a hypocrite before she says she will not be using the Power of Veto.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow night for the live eviction.

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