America’s Got Talent Results Quarterfinals Week 3 (VIDEO)

Hey everyone, it’s Adam back again to recap tonight’s live week 3 America’s Got Talent results! Being in the audience the past 2 performance shows was an amazing experience, but I am still super eager and excited to find out the results. The show starts soon so grab any last minute snacks or pets to cuddle up with, because results are starting at 8!

And we are live!

First off, we are kicking off tonight’s show with a recap of last night’s performances. The show gives us a montage of the good, the bad and the (very) ugly that went down last night. Of course the show decides to skim over the horrible comment Howie made that pissed off the internet. #sigh. Oh and if you were wondering the regurgitator was just as disgusting live as it was on TV.

Now it is time to reveal the acts who came in 6th, 7th and 8th place. Of these three, 2 will be saved. One by the instant save that you can vote for now by searching America’s Got Talent, the other 2 will be decided on by the judges. And the bottom three are… Daniella Mass, Benjamin Yonnatan and Gary Vider. Wow, I’m shocked by Benjamin being there. I have an idea who should move on, but it is up to you guys. Get to voting!

Back from the commercial and Daniella has a tiny lead in the poll. After we get some product placement involving coffee, it is time for some results! Mountain Faith Band and Selected Of God Choir are called forward. One will move on. There is a right and wrong answer here. Moving on is…. MOUNTAIN FAITH BAND! Hurray! They were my favs last night!

Next result! Alicia Michilli and Chapkis Dance Family are called forward.. This is obvious. ALICIA IS MOVING ON! I thought Daniella had a better voice, but I can’t argue with Alicia’s talent. She starts crying as she finds out she is moving on.

After the commercial Daniella is still leading in the poll by 2%. Next, we have a short clip about pointless judges banter about how much they know each other. This was clearly pre-tapped.

Next, we get a cool performance from Le Reve. They do acrobatics, strength and dancing. Very impressive stuff! I would have voted for them.

Oz Pearlman and The Professional Regurgitator are called forward. Both are moving on, but UGH at the regurgitator advancing. Happy for Oz though. Howard says he think The Regurgitator will be in the final 2 with Paul Zerdin. I can see half of that happening, Howard.

Time for the last result before the saves! Freelusion, Daditude and Metal Mulisha are the last 3 called forward. Of course, Freelusion is the act moving on. Obvious result is obvious.

Time to find out who got the save from America. It is… Gary Vider. I really wanted it to be Daniella or Benjamin… :-/

Now the judges will pick between Daniella and Benjamin. I’d go with Daniella, personally. What do you guys think?

Heidi votes to save Benjamin

Mel B votes to save Daniella

Howie votes to save Daniella. He calls Benjamin during his decision Jonathan. Way to go Howie, you always ruin everything!

Howard votes to save Daniella!

Daniella Mass is moving on!

There is a great batch of contestants next week! I’m super pumped to see it all! I’ll be back later this week with my rankings, so look out for that. Without further ado the acts moving on are-

America’s Got Talent Top 7 Advancing:
1- Mountain Faith Band
2- Alicia Michilli
3- Oz Pearlman
4- The Professional Regurgitator
5- Freelusion
6- Gary Vider
7-Daniella Mass

Thanks for joining me tonight guys! I’ll see you here next Tuesday for the first semi-final round! As always, if you liked what you read and you want to show your appreciation you can follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel. Have a great night, guys!

This is AdamSLM logging off…

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