Big Brother 17 Week 3 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is a live eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Which HouseGuest will be evicted and who will be the new Heads of Household? Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Despite several HouseGuests wanting Audrey out, Vanessa and her alliance decided to align with her instead and take out a target on the other side of the house. It has always been Vanessa’s plan to target either James or Jeff, and both are now on the block. One will be leaving the Big Brother house tonight, but which one will it be? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, Vanessa is confident she made the right choice and Audrey is happy she avoided the block again. Jeff, on the other hand, is upset to be nominated. James wanted Audrey on the block next to him, but he feels certain that Jeff is the target. He’s not worried about getting the votes to stay.

Jeff starts campaigning for votes and approaches Austin first. He is asking for his and Liz’s votes, but he’s unaware that Austin had a role in Jeff being the target this week. Elsewhere in the house, Jason asks Clay who should be leaving this week. Clay tells him that James is more trustworthy than Jeff. Meg joins the discussion and she’s torn since she likes both Jeff and James. Meg thinks James is a bigger social threat, but Jeff’s big mouth and lies have made him a target.

Jeff campaigns to Clay next, and he tells him that he’s learned from his mistakes. Clay said he has lost trust in Jeff after he said he wanted Shelli gone. However, in the diary room, Clay is unsure if he wants Jeff gone and says he believes in second chances. Jeff then goes to talk to Shelli. He cries and apologizes to Shelli, but Shelli still doesn’t think he’s trustworthy. She doesn’t want to vote him out, but she feels like she has no other choice. After their conversation, Jeff talks to Jackie and tells her that he made himself cry to pull on Shelli’s heartstrings. Jeff believes as long as he can get Clay and Shelli to vote to keep him, he’ll be able to stay in the house.

It’s time for Liz and Julia to switch again. Julia tells Liz that Jeff is the catalyst for the twin rumor spreading around after Da’Vonne left and reminds her that Jeff must be evicted. Liz reenters the house, and Austin comments on how he is forming a close bond with Liz. We see various scenes of the two of them bonding and they admit they’re developing feelings for each other. However, Jeff likes Liz too. Jeff gets into a bed with Liz and he asks her about her twin sister. She lies and says she’s not a twin, but Jeff is certain the twin rumor is true. While the two of them are whispering to each other under the covers, Austin walks in and asks “What’s going on here?” Austin is now very angry. He goes to the kitchen and talks poorly of Jeff to Audrey and then he does the same to Vanessa in the HoH room and Clay in the have-not room. He’s jealous and frustrated that Liz let Jeff in the bed with him. Clay walks out of the have-not room after Liz goes in, and Austin confronts Liz about the situation. Liz assures him that she didn’t reveal to Jeff she’s a twin and that she isn’t manipulable.

It’s time for the vote. James gives his speech and says that he’s sorry to be on the block with Jeff. He asks all the HouseGuests to vote to keep him. Jeff stands up next and says that he didn’t see this coming. He says he has had a blast and asks the HouseGuests to vote for whomever will help their individual game. Afterwards, the voting begins.

Jackie votes to evict James.

Austin votes to evict Jeff.

John votes to evict James.

Meg votes to evict Jeff.

Clay votes to evict Jeff.

Shelli votes to evict Jeff.

Steve votes to evict James.

Liz votes to evict James.

Jason votes to evict Jeff.

Becky votes to evict Jeff.

Audrey votes to evict Jeff.

By a vote of 7-4, Jeff is evicted from the Big Brother house. He hugs several HouseGuests before walking out the front door. He talks to Julie about Jackie, and she asks him why he distanced himself from Jackie. He said that was because he wanted to hide how close their relationship was. He also asks if Austin’s feelings about Liz is a reason why he’s evicted tonight and he says yes. Julie also reveals to him the four people who voted to keep him: Jackie, John, Steve, and Liz. The goodbye messages are next. Clay says he’s sorry to vote him out, but he didn’t like that he was targeting Shelli. Vanessa said the fact he questioned the integrity of the reigning HoH was a fatal mistake. Jackie says he was the only true friend she had in the house. Austin said “No one comes in between me and my twins.” And Liz and Julia together reveal the twin twist and said Jeff was blowing up their game.

It’s time for the HoH competition! They will watch a 90’s dance routine and then answer true or false questions. If they answer incorrectly, they are eliminated from the competition.

Question 1: James, Jason, Steve, and Clay are eliminated.

Question 2: Austin and Meg are eliminated.

Question 3: Jackie, John, Audrey, and Becky are eliminated. Liz and Shelli win and are the two HoHs!

After the commercial break, Julie asks the HouseGuests some questions in the living room. Liz and Shelli say they are looking forward to letters from home. James says that he’s not worried about the four votes against him. Jason said his least favorite Gronk party was the one that made him fall in the shower. John is asked what he misses the most from home and he says it’s his guitar. Audrey is asked who is the messiest in the house and she says it’s James. Clay is asked how does living in the Big Brother house compares to competing on the football field, and he compares how hectic both situations are.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back on Sunday to see which four HouseGuests Liz and Shelli nominated for eviction and which two save themselves in the Battle of the Block.


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