Big Brother 17 Week 10 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is a special live double eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Which two HouseGuests will be evicted tonight? Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Either Meg or Julia will be evicted tonight, but another HouseGuest will be walking out the door by the end of the hour. Who will be the victim of the second double eviction episode of the season? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, Meg doesn’t feel good about her chances since she’s sitting next to Julia on the block. John, on the other hand, is glad that he’s not on the block after being evicted last week. James points out how even though Julia isn’t a threat, she’s still a member of a tight three-person alliance. He hopes people will take a shot at the Austwins now that the opportunity has finally presented itself.

John and Vanessa talk game in the HoH room. The want to continue their secret alliance, and the two of them say they are willing to go to the final 2 together. Afterwards, John goes to the have-not room where Meg and James plead their case to him. In the diary room, John admits he wants the Austwins to be broken up, but he knows Vanessa wants Meg gone. He is torn, so he then talks to Steve about the vote. He asks him if they should flip the vote and evict Meg.

Steve then talks to Vanessa about the vote. Steve presents Vanessa with a strong argument about how dangerous it is to keep a three-person alliance in the game, but Vanessa is adamant about evicting Meg. She is certain that leaving James and Meg together in the game will only hurt their chances. She believes Meg and James would just team up with Austin and Liz and go against her, Steve, and John.

It’s time for the vote. Julie announces that tonight is a double eviction and all the HouseGuests are surprised. Afterwards, Meg and Julia give their pleas. They both give shoutouts to their families before asking the HouseGuests for their votes. Now it’s time for the vote.

Liz votes to evict Meg.

James votes to evict Julia.

Steve votes to evict Meg.

John votes to evict Meg.

Austin votes to evict Meg.

By a vote of 4-1, Meg is evicted from the Big Brother house. She gives a hug to everyone before walking out the front door. Julie asks Meg what does she mean when she said she felt played. Meg says that she feels like James was the target, but she was taken out just because he won the Veto. Julie asks if she regrets keeping Vanessa instead of Shelli, and she says no. She believes Shelli would have targeted her and James too. Lastly, Julie asks her if there is any chance for a romance between her and James, and Meg says no. She and James are just good friends.

It’s time for the HoH competition. It’s a quiz competition where they will have to answer true or false after seeing pictures of the first six evicted HouseGuests.

Question 1: Everyone gets the question correct.

Question 2: Steve and James are eliminated.

Question 3: Austin and John are eliminated.

Question 4: No one is eliminated.

Question 5: No one is eliminated.

Question 6: No one is eliminated.

Question 7: Julia is eliminated. Liz wins HoH.

After the commercial break, Liz decides to nominate James and John for eviction. She tells them both she is simply staying loyal to the people she’s been with since the beginning.

It’s time for the Veto competition. They will each roll two balls on a boomerang-shaped table that will fall into a numbered slot. The HouseGuest with the highest score will win the Power of Veto.

Steve’s score is 0.

John’s score is 0.

Austin’s score is 15.

Liz’s score is 15.

Julia’s score is 17.

James’ score is 0.

Julia wins the Power of Veto.

At the Veto Ceremony, James and John plead their case. James tells them all that he appreciated the friendships formed and he understands if the Veto is not used on him. John simply says it would be awesome if Julia used the Veto on him. Afterwards, Julia tells them she will not be using the Power of Veto. She wants to honor her sister’s nominations, and she doesn’t want anymore blood on their hands.

It’s time for the vote. They both ask the HouseGuests to vote to keep them before Austin, Julia, Vanessa, and Steve cast their votes.

Austin votes to evict James.

Julia votes to evict James.

Vanessa votes to evict James.

Steve votes to evict James.

By a unanimous vote, James is evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives everyone a hug before walking out the front door. Julie talks to James, and she asks him why he threw in the towel after he lost the Veto. He said that no matter what he said or did, he would’ve been evicted regardless. She then asks why he didn’t play a more aggressive game after his last HoH reign. He said that aggressive players are the ones who get targeted. Lastly, Julie asks about Meg and if anything can form between him and her. James says that if nothing was formed in over 70 days, he should just throw in the towel.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back Sunday for another live recap.

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