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This past Thursday, Da’Vonne was evicted and Austin and Vanessa were crowned this week’s Heads of Household. Which four HouseGuests did they nominate for eviction and which two saved themselves from the block? Let’s find out!

Austin and Vanessa are glad they’re the Heads of Household, especially since they’re close allies. Vanessa is especially happy about all the information she’s been getting recently. This includes Julia revealing to her that the rumors about her being a twin is true. We see a flashback of Julia telling Vanessa she is a twin and that her real name is Julia. Afterwards, Vanessa goes up to the HoH room and tells Shelli and Clay that the twin rumor is true. Vanessa is also working with Shelli and Clay, so she’s comfortable sharing this information with them. She also points out that when Julia gets to enter the game as herself, that she’ll be an extra number for them. The alliance would consist of Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Clay, Liz, and Julia. However, Julia won’t be able to enter the game as herself until after five evictions. In the morning, Julia also confirms to Shelli and Clay she’s a twin while Vanessa tells Austin about Liz and Julia. Austin didn’t even know about the twin rumor, so he’s very shocked about the news.

Back to post-HoH competition, Julia says she is very happy that Austin and Vanessa are the Heads of Household since she knows she can trust them and won’t target her for the twin twist. Meanwhile, the rest of the house is convinced that Audrey will be the target, but they’re worried who the pawns will be since a lot of them don’t know where Austin and Vanessa stand in the game. While they’re all worrying, Vanessa and Austin talk strategy in the bathroom. They both agree that Audrey is a big target for the rest of the house, so it wouldn’t make sense to take her out themselves. Instead, they want to target James, Jason, or Jeff.

After the HoH room reveal, we see Julia and Liz switch in the diary room. Julia tells Liz that Vanessa, Austin, Clay, and Shelli know the truth and she has to stay away from James, Jeff, and Jason. Liz goes upstairs and greets Vanessa and Austin, and she’s excited they’re the HoHs. Clay also goes upstairs too, and Liz is being assured that she has a group of people on her side. They want to help her keep the secret and will do what they can to protect her. Shelli also goes up to the HoH room and is excited about working with her and Julia. Austin also comes up with an alliance name for the six of them: The Sixth Sense.

James, Jackie, Jeff, and John talk in the bedroom about the Twin Twist rumors. John is convinced Liz is a twin because he noticed one had a crown on her tooth, but the other denied it. They then go up to the HoH room to try to get Liz to smile, but she knows what they were trying to do. She doesn’t show off her teeth, but John is still convinced that she is a twin. Later, Jeff goes to Austin and tells him about the twin twist rumor. Austin already knows, but he plays along and pretends he’s hearing this for the first time.

Austin and Vanessa then discuss nominations with Liz present. They want Vanessa to remain HoH, so she wants to nominate someone who will throw the Battle of the Block for her. So once again, John is approached about throwing the Battle of the Block. John did the exact same thing for Shelli last week, and he agrees to do it for Vanessa too. Vanessa promises him that she and Austin won’t nominate him again and will try to keep him safe past the jury portion of the game. John isn’t excited about throwing the competition again, but agrees to it since the Heads of Household are asking him to do so.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Austin has nominated Meg and Jason for eviction. Vanessa has nominated James and John for eviction. They both wish the nominees luck in the upcoming competitions. None of the nominees are happy about being nominated, but John takes it well. Despite being nominated every week thus far, he jokes that he is only annoyed that his picture wasn’t the first nomination picture shown like it has been the previous two weeks. Meg, however, is very upset. She is in tears and says she doesn’t want to be a pawn the whole game. Austin then talks to Meg and Jason and assures them that Audrey is still the target, but he’s lying to them. James then talks to John about the competition and how they need to win, but he’s unaware that John will once again be throwing the Battle of the Block competition.

The HouseGuests gather in the backyard for the Battle of the Block competition. There’s a foam party with people there. The nominees must go through a maze in the foam to match the patterns of fabrics in the lost and found section to the clothes of the people in the foam. Once they make a match, they can bring that person to the VIP area. The first duo to bring ten people to the VIP area wins. John is once again throwing the competition, but James somehow manages to do worse than him. It’s very similar to John’s situation last week when Da’Vonne did so poorly that John didn’t have to put much effort into throwing the competition. James is clueless, allowing Meg and Jason to do much better than him and John. By the end of the competition, Meg and Jason got all ten of their people while John and James only got three people. Meg and Jason win the Battle of the Block competition. Austin is dethroned and Vanessa remains Head of Household.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back on Wednesday for another live recap.

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