Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 4 Power of Veto)

Find out who won the Power of Veto this week and whether it was used to save one of the nominees:

Cody is the HoH. He nominated Brittany and Victoria for eviction.

Victoria won the Power of Veto. She saved herself, and Cody named Donny as the replacement nominee.

Brittany is definitely going to get evicted on Thursday. What’s a shame is that Brittany really wanted to work with Cody in the game, but Cody is blinded by paranoia and is nothing but Derrick’s puppet in the game. So Cody is sending a potential ally out the door this week. What makes matters even worse is that Cody was almost going to name Caleb as the replacement nominee. He had impassioned pleas from both Zach and Donny about how it would be better for Cody’s game to get Caleb out this week. However, Cody decided to be a coward and put Donny on the block next to Brittany instead. I doubt the vote will go back and forth this week. Amber is the only person who wants to keep Brittany. Jocasta is close to Brittany too, but she’s closer to Donny.

I sure hope the power shifts on Thursday during the next HoH competition. The best possible outcome is if Donny and Amber/Jocasta win HoH. Victoria would be an interesting choice for HoH too, but Derrick can probably convince her to do whatever he wants. However, if the same people continue to stay in power, then the next people walking out the door will be Amber, Jocasta, Donny, and Victoria. So hopefully the power will shift on Thursday and the people running the game thus far will finally have to scramble.


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  1. The best scenario is for Donny and Jocasta to win HOH and each put up two guys. No matter who won BotB and POV they would keep each other safe and could put up a 5th guy as a replacement.

  2. Cody is such a wuss. If Donny, Jocasta or Amber don’t win the next HOH this season will go to sh**. No one wants to see certain group of ppl or one particular person Derrick just controlling the house all the time. There needs to be some balance.

  3. The key to the game is that someone is controlling the house, but the others don’t know it, which is kind of what’s happening.

  4. I agree, it’s the strongest I’ve seen this year, and the rest of them don’t know it yet.

  5. I watched Big Brother After Dark the other night, when Cody was trying to decide who to put up. It seems like the reason he didn’t put Caleb up is because Caleb votes with them, and thinks he is in the alliance with them. The one they want to get out is Brittany, so if she went out, Caleb would know that he isn’t really in an alliance with Cody and Derrick, and go after them, and he would be strong enough to win competitions. If they voted Caleb out, the other side would have more votes, especially if one of them won HOH. So Cody kept Caleb in because they still need his vote. Also, the rest don’t like Caleb either so he will be an easy target.
    I think that’s what the reasoning is it’s kind of confusing.

  6. BB is only amazing when there are shifts in power every few weeks, like when Helen won HOH last year or when it went back and forth with Danielle’s group/Rachel’s group a few years ago. I hope that happens this week.

  7. Caleb is being a real @ss in the house at the moment continuing to make racially charged comments in the BB house today. He doesn’t even seem to realize that what he is saying can be offensive.

  8. It’s still a group controlling the house that revolves around Derrick and no one wants too see one group dominating the game. Donny actually said he thinks Derrick is running the house.

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