Big Brother 16: Frankie’s Rape Joke Angers Victoria’s Family (VIDEO)


Welp. This happened. And it’s pretty gross. Yesterday afternoon on the Big Brother feeds, (If you subscribe, rewind to 8/30 2:21 pm), Frankie, Cody, Christine, Derrick, and Caleb joke around about getting Victoria drunk and raping her.

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Frankie gets the ball rolling when he suggests that Cody and Caleb “double team” Victoria and “take all her virginities.” Much joking ensues, including Caleb remarking how “there would be blood all over the place.” Derrick suggests that her father is watching. “I wouldn’t even know what I would do.”  Nevertheless he doesn’t stick up for Victoria, who considers Derrick her best friend in the house. Frankie proceeds to make several gross sexual gestures and the entire room laughs. Christine, the only female in the room, isn’t bothered in the least.

Frankie is the worst offender in the clip. As soon as I think I can’t dislike him any more, he tops himself with behavior that is even more annoying and gross than before.

As it turns out–Victoria’s family WAS watching. Her mother. Lizabeth,  had a chat with TMZ and said she definitely took Frankie’s comments to be a “rape joke” and feels her daughter is now a “target for rape.”

Mom wants an apology from Frankie’s parents, and his sister, pop star, Ariana Grande. She also wants Frankie to apologize to her daughter.

Could you imagine Frankie’s reaction if anybody in the  house directed crude sexual references to his precious Ariana?  Victoria is vapid and needy, but she’s also very sweet.  She’s like Derrick’s puppy dog, reporting back to him, voting the way he tells her. You’d think he, at least, would have had his friend’s back.  Just. UGH.

ETA: Victoria is wrong about Frankie’s family. There is no reason to drag Ariana into this.

Watch the clip below.

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