Big Brother 16 Episode 33 – Recap and Discussion

The main thing that stuck out to me from this episode was the Jeff and Jordan proposal. I thought it was cool that he chose to propose in the place where their relationship started. I also liked that this season’s houseguests got to be a part of it. Before we get into the recap of the show, don’t forget that the schedule for the rest of the season has changed. Starting this week, the shows move to Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Now onto tonight’s recap.

The show comes back on after the Double Eviction when Christine was evicted from the house. The houseguests are shocked that Christine was booed and Derrick says that he never liked Christine and that was proven to the audience.  Cody doesn’t know what Christine did to make the audience boo her so badly. THe houseguests see the Golden Button on the screen and freak out. Caleb thinks it could be anything including a trip to Hawaii. Frankie doesn’t want Caleb to press it. Frankie is terrified of what the button will do but knows he’ll end up pushing it. The houseguests look for the button and Caleb knows it’s in the Have Not room, so they go there and find the button along with a note on the screen that says, “The Choice Is Yours.”  Frankie doesn’t think the button will be something good and is hesitant for it to be pushed. Derrick doesn’t want his game to be in jeopardy by pushing the button. The houseguests leave the room without taking action.

Once again, the guys debate why Christine was booed. Frankie brings up Cody and Christine’s “showmance” and puts the blame on Christine. Frankie thinks she was in love with Cody. Cody doesn’t like that the guys are bashing Christine without her there to defend herself. Caleb agrees with Frankie and thinks that Christine liked Cody as more than a friend. Cody thinks he could get booed too due to his relationship with her. Victoria goes in the Diary Room and the 4 boys celebrate making it far in the game. Frankie is suspicious that the guys could go after him if they don’t think they could beat him in the end. In the fire room, Derrick mentions that he still has Cody’s back. Caleb enters the room and the conversation stops. He mentions that Victoria won’t outlast them in the game.  Derrick, Caleb, and Cody decide that they want to take another shot at Frankie if Cody or Caleb win Head of Household.

Back from break, and it’s time for the Head of Household competition. The contest has a farm theme and is called “Seed Saw”. The houseguests must put seeds on their spade without them falling off a balance beam. When all they seeds are on the spade, they hit a button to signal they’ve finished. The 1st person to do this will win Head of Household.  If the seeds fall off or the houseguests fall off their balance beam, they must start over.  Frankie knows he has to win to guarantee himself safety for the week. Cody wants to win to keep himself and Derrick safe because he doesn’t trust Frankie or Caleb.  Once the competition begins,  Caleb struggles and falls off the balance beam.  Victoria wants to win to keep herself off the block and show the boys that she’s a good player. Caleb and Frankie take the lead and then water is dumped on the houseguests to make it more difficult. Victoria falls off and has to start over. Cody has to reset. Caleb and Frankie are neck and neck. Victoria has to reset again. Derrick wants Caleb to win because he’s easier to manipulate than Frankie.

Caleb and Frankie continue to be neck & neck, but one of Caleb’s seeds falls off his shovel. Cody wants Frankie to fall off or drop one so he would have a lead over him. Frankie lowers his shovel to the ground and wins Head of Household! Cody is upset that he didn’t win because he knows Frankie could possibly nominate him this week. Caleb wants Frankie to have his eyes on the right target, meaning Victoria. At the same time,  Frankie knows he might have to turn on the guys. After the competition, the houseguests go to the Have Not Room to see if they can push the button. Derrick is still not sure that they should do it. The houseguests push the button and a clock appears counting down to 5 days (Wednesday). Cut to the fire room–Derrick tells Victoria that the button will alter the game so she shouldn’t worry for the time being. Derrick and Frankie head to the storage room where Caleb joins them to talk about nominations. Derrick doesn’t want to see Cody on the block due to their alliance but also wants to look out for himself.

The doorbell rings. It’s Jeff and Jordan! The houseguests freak out. The couple tell the houseguests to get dressed and mrry them in the backyard for a competition. Jeff and Jordan head out to the backyard first. Jordan thinks they are just there to preview the set-up for the competition. However, Jeff tells her that there really isn’t a competition and proposes to her. Of course, she says yes. After the proposal, their families come out to celebrate with them and the houseguests bring out a big cake to help them celebrate. Country singer, Brett Eldredge enters the backyard to perform a new song as a backdrop to a video montage of Jeff and Jordan moments played on a big video screen. Caleb freaks out! After the performance, Jeff tells the houseguests that it is time to get their heads back in the game.

The show end with the nomination ceremony. Victoria knows she’s probably going on the block and has to win veto to keep herself safe for the week. Cody thinks he could be going on the block, as Frankie could be ready to make a big move. Frankie nominates Cody and Victoria for eviction and  tells them not take their nominations personally. However, now that the houseguests have pressed the gold button, these nominations could change come Wednesday during the live show. And with that, we end the episode.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used? What will Team America’s new mission be? Tune in Tuesday night to find out! As always, the comments are open to discuss the episode.