Big Brother 16 Episode 22 – Recap and Discussion (VIDEOS)

Big Brother 16 Episode 22 Recap

What a crazy episode of Big Brother. This season has really kicked into high gear the past couple of episodes. I’m not surprised that Frankie decided to reveal his secret of being related to Ariana Grande to the other houseguests. He knew his back was against the wall so he had to pull out something to get them back on his side. I’m also not surprised that the other houseguests were not too impressed with his reveal. I think its smart that they know that they have to get rid of him because he might easily win because of who his family is. Also, the producers finally got their goal of seeing someone go from Head of Household to on the block. Let’s go to the recap of the episode.

We start the episode with a recap of previous episodes including how after Hayden was sent packing, Nicole threw Christine and Frankie under the bus over plotting to get Zach out of the house and how Caleb told  Frankie that he was starting to have doubts about him. This made Frankie very paranoid. When Nicole and Christine became the new Heads of Household for the week, Frankie turned his back on the Detonators and wanted to get Zach, Caleb, Cody, and Derrick on the block as pawns. We then saw that Nicole threw Frankie under the bus to Zach and the rest of the guys. Subsequently, they came up with a plan to get Frankie out of the house. At the nomination ceremony, Christine nominated Donny and Zach while Nicole nominated Frankie and Caleb as a pawn, in order to get Frankie out of the house. As a result, Frankie was forced to compete solo in the Battle of the Block competition, but was able to win it himself. This meant that Christine was the Head of Household for the week and Nicole was dethroned.

After the Battle of the Block competition, Frankie knows that the rest of the house is against him and that he has to tell the house about Ariana Grande. Meanwhile, Nicole hopes that Christine doesn’t backdoor her since they made an agreement the day before about not nominating each other. After the competition, Zach goes off on Frankie in the living room about how Frankie is a liar. Zach is still upset that Frankie was plotting to get him out of the house the week before. However, Frankie denies it, insisting that lying is part of Big Brother. Zach knows that but is still very mad at him. Eventually, Caleb gets Frankie to admit to the truth about throwing the guys under the bus to Nicole.

Derrick overhears the conversation and suggests they move into another room to not draw attention to themselves. Once they are in the fire room, Frankie reveals everything to the guys about his life including the fact that Ariana Grande is is his sister. Most of the guys don’t seem too impressed with the reveal and Derrick mentions that Frankie is doing this to get a lifeline in the game. Zach doesn’t know if he can trust Frankie again in the game after Frankie lied to him about something that big.

Frankie then tells the girls the same thing and they are equally stunned especially Victoria who thinks he just using this information as an “escape goat”. We then go to the kitchen where the guys are still talking about Frankie’s reveal. Derrick still thinks Frankie did it for strategic reasons and Zach breaks down in the diary room knowing that Frankie could easily win the game just because of who his sister is. We then go to commercial break.

Back from break, Derrick and Victoria are talking in the ice room about the Frankie reveal. Derrick tells the audience that he has been using Victoria as a vote in the game but has a Final 2 deal with her if he can’t get to the end with Cody. Derrick also assures her that people in the house will not be sucking up to Frankie just based on who his sister is and will still target him. Derrick doesn’t want her to worry about it anymore. Next, it’s time to pick players for the Veto Competition. The players competing are Derrick, Caleb, Nicole, Christine, Donny, and Zach. Both Donny and Zach know they need to win the competition because they could be the target for the week. When the houseguests enter the backyard, they see that the yard is set up like Hawaii and the competition they are playing is “Otev”.

This competition involves an “Angry Penguin”. In the competition, the Penguin will read them a clue relating to an evicted houseguest. They must then search the backyard for the drink that matches the  name of an evicted houseguest and climb up the waterfall to the stumps to present their drinks to “Otev”.  The last houseguest to reach their stump in each round will be eliminated and in each round there will be 1 fewer stumps then there are houseguests. The last houseguest standing will win the Power of Veto. Donny is the 1st 1 eliminated from the competition. Nicole is the next 1 eliminated followed by Christine. Derrick is eliminated next and the competition comes down to Caleb and Zach. Eventually, Zach wins the Power of Veto.

After the competition is over, we see Zach and Frankie in the ice room celebrating Zach’s victory. Frankie wants to make up with Zach and Zach goes along with it. However, Zach mentions to us in the Diary Room that he will take out Frankie the 1st chance he gets. We then go to Zach and Victoria talking in the hive room about Frankie. Zach tells Victoria everything about Frankie and his alliances including how Zach was in an alliance with Derrick. Victoria gets upset with Derrick because he had always told her that she was his only alliance. Nicole then goes to comfort her and doesn’t make the situation a whole lot better. Zach then goes to talk to Victoria about what he said and tries to backtrack. Zach then tells Derrick what he told Victoria and Derrick tells Victoria that he’s never been in an alliance with Zach. Derrick then holds a house meeting in the Head of Household room to talk about what Zach said to Victoria and Derrick eventually gets Victoria back on his side by making her feel like she betrayed him.

Next, we see that the Team America mission for the week is to get a pawn on the block and evicted. Derrick doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do the mission since Donny is on the block and tells Frankie and Donny his concerns. Team America then decides not to do the mission for the week. Next, we go to Derrick, Cody, and Caleb in the living room talking about the replacement nominee. Derrick wants Nicole on the block since he trusts the other possible replacement nominees. Caleb then decides that he wants to make up lies about Nicole to make sure Christine puts her on the block. The guys go to Christine and the Head of Household room to try to persuade her. Caleb mentions that Nicole said she was going to put Christine on the block last week which seems to get Christine’s mind thinking.

It’s time for the Veto Meeting. Zach takes himself off the block and Christine nominates Nicole in his place, saying that Nicole put a knife in her back. Donny knows that he might not have a great chance to stay in the house against Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole breaks down in the Diary Room saying she hates Christine and doesn’t want to be in the house any longer with the other houseguests. And with that we end the episode.

Who will evicted tomorrow night? Donny or Nicole? Who will win Head of Household? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!