Big Brother 15: Power Rankings Week 6! (with Poll)

Eleven Players remain in the Big Brother 15 house this week. GinaMarie who is more known for her racist comments than her actual game play is in power this week, so I’m sure that means another week of WEAK moves…if you could even call them moves. I mean seriously, is anyone else as over this season as I am? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people who constantly are targeting players who are deemed as “strong”, but haven’t won ANYTHING! Nonetheless, we have composed our weekly rankings (even if it was like pulling our own teeth).


11. Candice

Ultimately this week her associate with Howard and her outbursts will come back to haunt her. Also other players hate her for reasons that are out of her control. Even for some strange reason she doesn’t go this week, she won’t last long because she nobody has true loyalty to her in the game. I think Candice needed HOH this week to grow a real true alliance, and she failed at that.

10. Spencer

Being the only one to vote to keep Howard kept a target on his back. He is also the strongest male left in the house in a season where strength is seen as a major threat even through Big Brother is mostly a mental game.

9. Jessie

Jessie has gotten under a few people skins who have more power in the house than she thinks. So Jessie’s eviction is now on the toungue of many…even Judd’s who she trusts the most.

8. Elissa

She continues to annoy the entire house which will get her when other targets are out of the way. I’ve been disappointed in Elissa as far as her winning competitions, I had hope for her. She is good for entertainment though, as she continues to stir the pot but not in her favor…

7. Aaryn

At this point she is just a number for the players in power. I feel like only a few people are willing to get her out, Elissa and Candice mainly.

6. Amanda

When America is against you, you might as well be counted out. If this MVP thing stays around, and America keeps continuing to nominate Amanda…I don’t see the houseguests continue to pass up the chance to vote her out. Or will they?

5. GinaMarie

GM is not a target, AT ALL. With her target being low, and her in power this week she glided into our Top 5. Is she a strong player, absolutely NOT. Even with a physical win under her belt, she doesn’t have the mentality or game smarts to win this type of competition.

4. Judd

Everyone generally loves Judd, even though a few people are seeing him as a threat. I think Judd has amazing potential, and I think he has enough people willing to protect him for him to get to jury…however with this Double Eviction coming up…who knows.

3. Helen

She can’t handle power well as it continues to go to her head but as long as the rest of the house let her control the game she will stay near the top.

2. McCrae

McCrae is starting to appear dumber, however he has a huge shield in Amanda in front of him. People will always want her out more than him, and he’s still generally liked among the house.

1. Andy

He continues to be overlooked. He’s the best social player in the house and I don’t think this cast is smart enough to realize how much of a threat he is. The only think that could hurt him in the end is he hasn’t won anything and could be seen as riding the coattails of better players. I have yet to hear ANYONE mention the idea of getting rid of Andy.

Our Top 4 remains the same for another week, however GM has eased into the Top 5 on our rankings list this week knocking Jessie in a lower position.