Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [MVP Nomination, Veto Competition Spoilers, and FIGHT During the Competition!]

Yesterday, GinaMarie nominated Jessie and Candice for eviction.

This afternoon, players were picked for the Veto Competition and the MVP nominee was named. America selected Amanda as the MVP nomination…AGAIN…OVER AARYN. 

The players in this weeks veto competition were as follows:


The feeds returned after a long break, and we learned that Jessie has won the Power of Veto.

In addition to this,  Judd won a frog and 5000 dollars, Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas, GinaMarie is forced to wear a plastic dog cone for 48 hours, Amanda must tan every hour when music goes offand Candice is forced to wear a clown suit for a week (which means that if she’s evicted this week, she’ll do her exit interview with Julie in the clown suit).

Also, during the Veto competition, a fight arose between Amanda and Candice, in which Amanda called her Shaniqua (a name that Aaryn would call her during BullyGate). Afterwards, Aaryn comforted Amanda (go figure) and said that all the drama that happens in the house is always Candice’s fault and that she’s glad she’s going home in a clown suit because she’s a mean girl and she deserves it. (This can’t be real.)


GinaMarie was upset with Spencer because he took the trip over the POV, which allowed Jessie to win. Now, it’s looking like the likely evictee will be Candice. Aaryn is afraid that Helen and Elissa will not evict Candice, but Helen is aware that if they fight to keep her, they will look shady to GinaMarie and Aaryn, so they may just go with the tide and evict her.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days. It’s become clear this season that three days is more than enough time to turn the house over. Also, I wonder how CBS is going to handle the fact that the two black houseguests may be evicted back-to-back with the racists still in the house. Maybe they’ll try some of their producer manipulation and save Candice…who knows.