Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [VETO CEREMONY SPOILERS]

Three days ago, Aaryn upheld her end of the deal and nominated Spencer and Howard. The next day, Spencer won the Power of Veto. Thus, it was pretty much certain that the veto would be used this week, as it has been every other week this season.

As of today, Spencer used the Veto on himself. The replacement nominee was not a huge shocker either. Aaryn nominated Candice as a replacement.

All week, members of the Goof Troop have been incredibly paranoid that Howard has a special power, specifically the Coup d’État, which allows one to replace one or both of the nominees JUST before the live vote and eviction. Of course, we at home know this is not the case, but the paranoia tends to persist in that house for a while, so they’re taking steps against it. Amanda wants Judd and Jessie to tell Howard they’re trying to keep him. That way, at the end of the week, he will feel safe enough to NOT use his “special power.”

Aside from that, Elissa and Helen have minimally discussed evicting Amanda, but they feel like it’s no the time. Unless something really changes in the next three days, Howard’s probably gone. But we’ve seen big changes in three days before, so don’t count him out just yet.