Betting Site Pulls American Idol Odds After Judges Save Rule

Here’s an interesting consequence of the new Idol “twist”. stopped all wagering on American Idol after the new “Judges Save” rule was introduced last Wednesday., an online betting web site, has been forced to remove betting odds on American Idol as a result of the recent change in rules granting the judges “veto” power. The site announced today that all wagering on American Idol would be suspended as a result of the rule change.

“We were forced to suspend betting on American Idol in order to protect both the betting public…and ourselves, ” says T.J. Kendrick, spokesperson.

One concern, says Kendrick, is the possibility of the entertainment industry version of “insider trading” – industry insiders placing bets on a contestant and later lobbying contacts within the show to have them remain, even if the public votes them off – via a judges’ veto. While Kendrick says has not yet been the victim of this sort of insider trading, some competitors have. “A few years ago, several betting sites were forced to suspend wagering on Survivor and other reality series due to strong suspicions of insider trading, ” Kendrick said.

As if this so-called “insider trading” is something new.   You’d think these betting sites would be paying attention. TPTB have always tried to manipulate the outcome of the show.   The “Judges Save” simply makes the manipulation easier–and more obvious.

This cracked me up:

Kendrick says may not offer odds on American Idol next season, either.  “It’s a shame that it has come to this, but we must feel confident in the credibility of any event for which we offer public wagering, and Idol’s new veto rule has the potential to turn what used to be a democratic contest into an industry A&R, “ Kendrick says.  “We don’t feel the new rule is fair to the public.”

What is American Idol if not one giant industry A&R? Democratic contest? In an alternate universe, maybe.

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