BBC “God Only Knows” Video Feat. One Direction and More (VIDEO)


Watch an all-star musical cast perform the classic Beach Boys song “God Only Knows.” The video celebrates the launch of BBC Music, while a downloadable recording will raise funds for Britain’s Children in Need charity.

Somewhere Only We Know Instrumental...
Somewhere Only We Know Instrumental Cover

Along with the Beach Boy’s legendary Brian Wilson, Pharrell Williams, Emeli Sandé, Elton John, Lorde, Chris Martin, Florence Welch, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder, Queen’s Brian May, Jools Holland, Jake Bugg, One Direction, Paloma Faith, Chrissie Hynde, Jamie Cullum, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, and more perform the song as the “Impossible Orchestra” with the Tees Valley Youth Choir and the BBC Concert Orchestra providing backup.

“All of the artists did such a beautiful job. I can’t thank them enough,” Brian told the BBC. “I’m just honored that ‘God Only Knows’ was chosen. ‘God Only Knows’ is a very special song, an extremely spiritual song and one of the best I’ve ever written.”

“God Only Knows” is a track off of the iconic 1966 Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds, arguably one of the greatest and most influential records of the era. Well, it’s definitely one of my favorites. “God Only Knows” is an exquisitely beautiful song, the artists and orchestra do a wonderful job. I’m also loving the psychedelic art direction.  Watch it below.

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  1. I know it’s for charity and all, but that was much too overwrought for me. I would have enjoyed the strings and Sam Smith just fine.

  2. This is terrific. My parents were huge, huge Beach Boys fans and I grew up listening to so much of their music as a result. The first album I ever heard was Pet Sounds. This is IMO one of the greatest songs ever. Gotta say though as much as I like this I would kill to hear Sam Smith on it alone as well. His voice would be amazing on this.

  3. Sam Smith on it alone as well. His voice would be amazing on this.

    I thought the EXACT same thing as I was watching!

  4. Love that. They go right into the Sistine Chapel and keep on going; it is a nice thought. That is lots of fun!

  5. Honestly, I liked it enough yet didn’t care for it that much? I’m not a Beach Boy fan to begin with and this version still made this song a whatever for me. Sorry, I know the Beach Boys are legends. It was nice seeing Brian Wilson make an appearance, though. Anyway, it was also nice seeing Emeli Sande and Sam Smith in all this, and Stevie and Elton was a nice surprise. :)

    With that said I could have done without One Direction. They are starting to irritate me more than ever.

  6. I know, I meant that Sam would sound amazing singing the entire song.

  7. I know it’s for charity so I guess that makes it ok but being a huge Beach Boys fan, this does nothing for me. Maybe SS alone might have made a difference. :)

  8. Watched this yesterday….I can’t say I really liked it….it was just too many styles of voices and musical styles trying to blend into one song , made it sound a bit of a mess to me. I think I would rather they had all just tried to sing the song together as one…

  9. The original singing (Beach Boys) did it the best. However, this is a nice attempt and it is for charity. Is it really less than 3 minutes?

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