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X Factor

Who Should Win the X Factor?

Ali Fazel is back with some thoughts on who HE thinks has the best shot to earn back that 5 million dollar X Factor prize money.

Out of the X Factor Top 4, who do you think has the best shot at being a successful, contemporary pop star?

I’ll be posting the results from the poll and my power list a little later today.

X Factor

X Factor: Can Any of These Contestants Sell Records?

Ali weighs in on the post X Factor prospects of the Top 7.

Ever since I started watching these televised talent competitions, I’ve noticed a glaring flaw in the system. A majority of the time, contestants who win over America on TV are not the same contestants who win over America’s record-buying public. Sure, every once in a while, America will strike gold with a delightfully loveable Carrie Underwood, who endears herself to the voters and goes platinum many times over once the show is done with. With all of the pyrotechnics, backup dancers, and futuristic technology (i.e. Steve Jones) that X Factor USA brings, it’s sometimes hard to tell what these contestants will be like after the show.

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X Factor: The Trouble With Girls is…MOMS?

X Factor airs tonight at a special day and time to accommodate the American Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s your weekly analysis from Ali Fazal who puts forth an opinion on voting that might be a little controversial.

If you’ve got an opinion on the subject, make sure to leave it in comments!

X Factor

Are the judges missing the X-Factor?

Now that we’re three weeks into the X-Factor USA live shows, several things have become clear. First, someone needs to check the expiration date on Steve Jones’ warranty to see if we can trade him in for a newer model without circuit damage. Second, Paula Abdul has, for reasons unknown, retired her infamous seal clap, making her appear motor skills appear far too developed for my liking. And third, that the judges as a whole (Normal-clapping Paula included) are doing a piss-poor job of taking a show that has enraptured the United Kingdom for seven years and making it enjoyable for an American audience.

(Welcome Ali to the team! He’ll be writing weekly articles on X Factor)