Anoop Desai Performs An Original – North Carolina State Fair – VIDEO

Anoop Desai performed more than a dozen songs at the North Carolina State fair Wednesday night, including an original song, “Give In To Her Love” co-written with David Mikush.

21 October 2021
21 October 2021

Anoop’s set included Idol favorites, “Always on My Mind, ” “True Colors, ” “Everything I Do” and “Caught Up”, plus an eclectic set of covers including “For All We Know, ” by Donny Hathaway, “Battlefield, ” by Jordin Sparks, “Let Me Love U” by Mario, “Carolina in My Mind, ” by James Taylor, “Down” by Jay Sean and “With You” by Chris Brown.

Check out Anoop’s original song above.   If a better vid comes in overnight, I’ll replace it.

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  1. too tired to adequately gush at the moment tbh. just want to say that i really like this song..& am pleasantly surprised in Good ways…nicely done!

  2. wow i’m really digging this song! It would be cool to see him keep exploring this sound, and working with David Mikush

    Totally agree! I’ve been listening to it over and over.

  3. ah so that’s what he means by like.. neo-soul or whatever.

    It’s kind of slow, but I like the vibe. It actually sort of reminds me of Adele.

  4. nice. I thought he was going to go straight up contemporary r&b (meh) but I much prefer this musical route. the song’s a little slow for my taste, but yeah I like the vibe too, and he sounds amazing.

  5. Yeah, I’m liking this song! I hope it’s a work in progress however, it seems a little bare bones for current pop music. But, the bone structure is lovely.
    Continuing on the bone wavelength… oh nvm.

  6. Go Anoop! His voice sounds great in that song, sort of a retro sound like Duffy and Adele, as others have pointed out. I always liked his voice, especially at the concert. Hope he has a chance at a record deal with that sound.

  7. I like it. A bit slow but he sounds good. Did I miss the name of the ‘original’ song somewhere?

  8. new thread for anoop! woo hoo!

    loved his vocals and nice song…he sounds great…hope he gets signed soon

  9. Oh well, the video is gone now…..hopefully I will catch it later. I would so love to hear his smooth voice again.

    ETA: It’s not gone……and it’s beautiful. I would buy a cd of stuff like this. Like a smooth Marc Broussard. Sexy.

    ETA p2: Does anyone have Carolina In My Mind….I would love to hear that too.

  10. Anoop’s voice sounds great. I hope a label takes a chance on him.

  11. abbysee:

    ETA: It’s not gone’ ¦’ ¦and it’s beautiful. I would buy a cd of stuff like this. Like a smooth Marc Broussard. Sexy.

    ETA p2: Does anyone have Carolina In My Mind’ ¦.I would love to hear that too.

    I said in the concert thread that Anoop is showing his influences. The first half of this reminds me so much of a Donny Hathaway song. It sounds like the title may be “Give In To Her Love.”

    Hope more videos surface today. I still think I heard Anoop sing “Used To Love U” by John Legend on the cellcast. I’d love to see that too.

    abbysee, you’re killing me talking about Marc Broussard. He played The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA last week and I couldn’t get anyone to go with me on a weeknight. Still pouting about that.

  12. This is good. Its almost like a Norah Jones jazzy feel infused with smooth R&B. I like.

  13. I love this. Not crazy about the ending by oh well, I love the rest of it. I wasn’t a fan of Anoop, but if he’s going to put out music like this, i’ll buy it.

    Of course, by the time they get done producing it i’ll probably lose all its warmth. I love stripped down music like this. If I could buy all my favorite music in acoustic format I would be a happy camper.

    I recently preordered a new CD by a favorite of mine and as a bonus he sent a link to a download of an acoustic version of the CD and a download of the fully produced version while you wait for the new release in CD form. All i’m listening to is the acoustic version, it’s so good!

  14. abbysee
    October 23, 2009 at 8:42 am
    Oh well, the video is gone now’ ¦..hopefully I will catch it later. I would so love to hear his smooth voice again.

    ETA: It’s not gone’ ¦’ ¦and it’s beautiful. I would buy a cd of stuff like this. Like a smooth Marc Broussard. Sexy.

    ETA p2: Does anyone have Carolina In My Mind’ ¦.I would love to hear that too.

    I just love Marc Broussard – his cd SOS is all covers except for one song and I loved his versions…very fresh.
    Anoop’s voice is buttery smooth…wish I could have seen his show.

    This is a fan video done to him singing it with his a capella group…

  15. I’m loving this. Anoop has a beautiful voice and I like this song.

    This reminds me of what I would hear at a Hollywood restaurant/club I used to hang out at in the 80s – Simply Blues (which I can find no record of :::sigh:::). This place was a little known treasure where musicians would go and was only known by locals it seemed. Open mic nights were the best with studio musicians and singers just kicking back … along with some extremely famous artists getting up to perform.

    I have high hopes for Anoop if this is an example of what he will be putting out there.

  16. His voice is so smooth… I wish there is a place for him in the industry but I’m trying not to be too optimistic.

  17. I’m in love with the “Give in to her Love” song. If he goes in that direction with music, I’d be extremely satisfied. Better than all the auto-tune junk all over the radio in my opinion.

  18. Anoop should get a record deal. He is such a great singer!

    Anybody know the attendance number of this event? Ballpark. Just wondering.

  19. WOW! I really like this song! It is indeed a bit ‘bare’ at the moment, but for right now it certainly serves it’s purpose in getting Anoop’s fans to understand what his musical direction will be. I LOVED IT! His voice is so pure and honest, and this is a song (performed just this way even) that I would put on my I-pod today. Good job Anoop!

    Also from what I could hear from the anoopcast this whole concert was awesome! can’t wait for more videos!

  20. Way to go ‘Noop! An impressive performance! Great song too, it seems like it was just made for Anoop. Also love the smooth jazz R&B sound.

    This is the first time I have heard Anoop since the end of the AI summer tour, and I am even more impressed with him now than I was during Idol, and he had some pretty decent performances on the show.

    Sure hope Anoop gets signed. With a voice like his, he should…

  21. Whoa. Nice job, great song. If this is the direction Anoop’s headed musically, he has a new fan. And more original music please.

  22. Sweet.

    I liked the white shirts and ties on the other “boys.” Has anyone found a Battlefield video?

  23. Excellent. I like this song a lot. Solid bet: When he finally puts out an album of his own stuff, the critics are going to love this guy.

  24. So much more interesting than he was on tour. Pleasantly surprised. If he pursues this kind of heartfelt stuff might not make a zillion, but get a solid niche of long-term fans who would keep him employed.

    Is that his college group buddy singing with him?

  25. Overall-good. He has got a smooth wonderful sweet voice. Need proper coaching to improve stage presence, show confidence and project energy. If he can do that he will gain more fans.

    He has the potentials be a great singer.

  26. Whoa. Nice job, great song. If this is the direction Anoop’s headed musically, he has a new fan. And more original music please.

    I’ve always liked Anoop, but I’m an even bigger fan after listening to this. This is definitely the sort of R&B path he should follow IMO. Very nice-I’m impressed! I’d love to see Hidden Beach (Jill Scott’s record label) get a hold of him. Hopefully he’ll get a deal with someone soon. Keep pluggin’ away, ‘Noop!

    If he pursues this kind of heartfelt stuff might not make a zillion, but get a solid niche of long-term fans who would keep him employed.

    Couldn’t agree more, FifthHouseSun.

  27. I agree cmc25 and cannot wait for that to happen. I love his beautiful voice and cannot see him just fading away. He needs to sing the National Anthem at a football game. More exposure, the better!

    Yep, happy with that. Easy listening nice for the office.

    Now see, I was thinking perfect music for cuddling!

    I agree, I want the sideburns back and clean shaven. That’s my favorite look for Anoop!

  28. I had to delurk to comment on Anoop’s song. I must admit I was a skeptic about Anoop, but this original is amazing! I absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe what I was hearing…beautiful! I hope he continues in this direction, and if this is what he has in mind, he could really be on to something. I had my daughter listen without knowing who it was, and she guessed Justin Timberlake. I’m wishing Anoop much success!

  29. It cracks me up seeing “‘For All We Know,’ by Donny Hathaway.” His is definitely not the best-known version of that song, which was written in 1934 and done by lots of people. I had no idea Donny Hathaway even covered it. Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Dinah Washington, Billie Holliday, Bette Midler, Barbra… My mom loved it — it was one of her favorite WWII songs, along with “I’ll Be Seeing You.” And I saw Joel Grey do it in concert in 1974! It was his encore song.

  30. His set list is impressive.I think it shows the direction he want to go–definitely the soul R&B route/pop R&B(more emphasis on soul R&B than pop side)–and that’s definitely where he should go—

    B.U.D.D.Y. – Musiq Soulchild
    What You Do – Chrisette Michele
    True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
    With You – Chris Brown
    Let Me Love you – Mario
    I Need A Girl – Trey Songz
    Go On Girl – Ne-Yo
    Always On My Mind
    Down – Jay Sean
    Give In To Her Love – ANOOP DESAI featuring David Mikush and Pablo Vega
    Used to Love You – John Legend
    For All We Know – Donny Hathaway
    Carolina In My Mind – James Taylor
    Battlefield – Jordin Sparks

    This page has links to almost all the songs he did…I would recommend

    B.U.D.D.Y. – Musiq Soulchild
    partial—would love to see full video of this

    What You Do – Chrisette Michele
    full vid, great sound
    –Anoop sounds great-despite maybe one sharp note–he can definitely do this type of songs
    –love this

    True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
    partial vid, audio’s not that great

    With You – Chris Brown–no vid

    Let Me Love you – Mario
    partial vid, okay sound
    He made the song bare and a bit slower than the original….but again, this is definitely him…makes u swoon…

    I Need A Girl – Trey Songz
    partial, audio is not so good
    not really a fan of Trey Songz but this is one of his better songs..

    Go On Girl – Ne-Yo
    partial, audio just okay

    Always On My Mind
    okay audio
    Anoop seems to know this song by heart already so he sounded great…

    Down – Jay Sean
    partial,okay audio
    I think this kind of song works better with better production(I understand that they do not have access to top of the line high-tech computer stuff so it was just okay)….it’s not a very deep song so ….it was okay…..

    Give In To Her Love – ANOOP DESAI featuring David Mikush and Pablo Vega
    great audio, full
    love this song….it’s heartfelt, definitely not cheesy…this is quiet storm….soul….it could do worn on the arrangement maybe and maybe add some more stanzas bec. it’s kind of bare……but I think this definitely has potential…

    Used to Love You – John Legend
    no vid

    For All We Know – Donny Hathaway
    full, great sound, visual very blurred

    I know there have been a lot of people covering this but I DEFINITELY THINK ANOOP DID JUSTICE TO THIS SONG…I think it was great that they stripped it down to showcase the emotion of the song—it has rather simple lyrics and melody so w/o the ability to emote the song properly–this could be a dud—-but I think this is the most emotional I have heard Anoop sing—I couldn’t see thru the blurred visuals but the emotions got to me—I cried 1st time I heard his rendition—truly cried….

    LOVE, LOVE THIS ONE….don’t watch , just listen…

    Carolina In My Mind – James Taylor
    okay sound
    kind of out of place song choice but understandable…it’s his homage to his beloved homestate…he sounds lovely…

    Battlefield – Jordin Sparks
    full vid, very good audio
    I think Jordin and Anoop can do a duet together….he sounds great in this too….

    I would recommend the highlighted ones…

  31. OK I’m biased because I’ve always loved this type of music, but…

    I like Anoop’s new original song much better than Allison’s 1st (FIBOY), Kris’s 1st (LLWD), or Adam’s 1st (TfM)… despite being a Kradison fan.

    I hope he gets to release it, even if he does so himself!

    I also think Anoop’s shown here that he’s much much more interesting doing an original song than the covers he did for Idol, or even for the acapella college group, for that matter.

    Agree with others that he needs to work on stage presence and audience interraction… but give him time, he will!

  32. I just listened to “For All We Know”. I also was in tears, soooo emotional. His words right before he sang was very moving as well. I hope MJ posts this video.

    @jga94 There’s a clear version on you tube. It’s from Tawneej, I think. You’ll just die when you see him clearly singing this song, Oh my gosh, just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

  33. I think I highlighted everything…I meant I recommend seeing these videos as interpreted by Anoop:

    1. What U Do-Chrisette Michele

    2. Let Me Love U -Mario

    3. Give In To Her Love -original co-written by Anoop with David Mikush

    4. Battlefield-Jordin Sparks

    And I saved the BEST for last….(warning visuals are very blurred so just listen…and feel….)
    5. For All We Know

  34. For All We Know (cover) by Anoop…clearer version…

    ^I agree with everyone saying he needs a bit more vocal coaching(just to probably give him pointers on how to sustain and power through the high notes)…not a major issue though because Anoop’s DEFINITELY got the voice…and tone isn’t something any amount of vocal coaching can teach..

    And improvement on stage presence and audience interaction because although he moves around and talks and has spiels…it seems he doesn’t LOOK TO HIS AUDIENCE all that much….like he’s shy or something….maybe he is kind of shy….

  35. Anoop’s “For all we know” is also very pretty. i remember he mentioned, being interested in pursuing this type of bluesy neo-soul. it would be so cool to see him keep exploring this

  36. There is something quite good here . Never paid much attention to Anoop during Season 8. Even if I am partial to rock music, this is quite an impressive vocal performance. Hope he is able to take this further and has the opportunity to record his compositions.
    Good luck ,Anoop.

  37. WOW, just WOW!!!! During AI, I liked Anoop but was never totally
    blown away. This original song is sooooo gooood!! I’m thinking Idol did not do him justice or he was, also, hit by nerves, or lack of confidence, like Matt was.
    He is showing where he intends to go musically and I like it for easy
    listening. Put this kind of line up out with at least 1or 2 more originals,
    and I too, think he will likely have some hits.
    I am so thrilled that S8 has been so full of incredible talent!!!!

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